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Testing your water at home is a great way to find out how safe it is to drink. Even with built-in filters, it is difficult to tell which minerals and bacteria are present. While these types of filters are useful, some people have a hard time keeping up with them. Changing screens or filters now and then can be annoying. With a home water test kit, you can quickly and efficiently find out how safe your water is.

Water always runs the risk of being contaminated with harmful bacteria. Whether you use it to wash, drink, bathe or swim clothes, there is always a risk of coming into contact with contaminants. Therefore, water quality is a concern for many people.

Did you know you can test the quality of the water you use? There are Best home water test kits that can help you check if your water is good or not. There are also different types of kits, and they are priced at different prices to help people use healthier water.

In this article you will learn more about water tests and how they work. We’ve also prepared some home water test kit reviews for you. It’s important to avoid dangerous water at all costs so that you don’t get sick. You can find the best water test kit for you at the end of this post.


The importance of testing the water quality in your home

Many people simply assume that clean, filtered water will be delivered to their homes. A quick test of bottled water compared to tap water can tell you how fake that is. Most of the time, the built-in filters don’t work that well.

Although filters help a bit, a lot of bacteria can still get in. It is easy to tell the difference between water treated with the highest level of filtration products.

Filtering your water is important for several reasons. First of all, this water enters your body! Small amounts of toxins become big problems over time.

Another reason to filter your home water independently is because of the area you live in. While your water is being treated by your local water treatment facility, it’s just doing a general cleanup.

It does not go into a detailed inspection of what your water needs to be properly treated. This is important because even if you live in the same area, your water may be different.

People who live near streams or lakes have certain contaminants in their water. On the other hand, those who live near oil rigs or gas stations have other concerns. And all these people can get their water from one water tank!

This shows that it is not a good idea to rely on city water tanks and filters to get the job done. You need something specific to your neighborhood and even your home.

Yet another reason you should test your water at home is because it helps you understand your water. Knowing which minerals and bacteria are too many can help you combat them accordingly.

Some people complain of a bitter taste in their water and simply attribute this to poor filtration. But no amount of filtering will remove the flavor. In this case, learning what your water contains can help you see what you need.

By adding minerals and substances to the water, existing flavors can be counteracted. The composition of each water source is different, so testing this composition is informative.

In short, testing your home water is important to your health. It also helps you become more informed about your home’s water system.


The 10 Best Water Quality Test Kits for Your Home

There are many different types of water kits out there. They all test different things, and some are just better than others. With this table, you can understand the differences and find the best one for you.


Home Water Test Kits Reviews


1. Test Assured Drinking Water Test Kit


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First on the list is the Test Assured drinking water test. This test is the perfect way to start examining contaminants in your water. For starters, it meets all EPA standards.

Knowing that your water testing kit has been approved is a huge relief. You don’t have to worry about false tests or inaccurate results.

The Test Assured Drinking Water Kit analyzes 10 different elements in your water. Look for bacteria, copper, chlorine, iron, pesticides, and many other substances.

In other products, these are all presented as independent tests. This product saves money because it does it all in one go.

Another great feature of this product is that it is a home test kit. You don’t have to take it to a lab or send it to an outside company. All you need to do is take a sample yourself.

Another good quality is that the supplier has an excellent return and refund policy. You get a 100% money-back guarantee.

The only negative quality is that the bacteria test can show false positives. It’s easy to mess up the instructions for that test. So if you are not very good at testing this may not be good for you.


  • 10 tests on one product
  • No participation from outside laboratories
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Easy to do at home


  • The instructions are not easy
  • Possibility of a false positive



2. Total Hardness Water Test Strips Kit


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The following test is the full hardness water test kit. This test is intended to compare the hardness of the water. It can tell you if your water has too much calcium or magnesium.

A positive feature of this product is that it has 100 strips. Therefore, you can test different samples of the water hardness.

To test the hardness of the water, simply compare the colors with the product colors. Once you know the hardness of the water, you can easily add a water conditioner.

Alternatively, you can use the strips to test your water periodically. These test results are also available within seconds thanks to the test strips.

A negative quality of the full hardness water test kit is that it is difficult to know the results. Some users found it very difficult to distinguish the colors of the strip. While the process is simple, the actual results are difficult to understand.


  • Simple design for testing
  • 100 test strips included
  • Fast results


  • It can only test the hardness of the water.
  • It is difficult to tell the difference between colors.



3. Lead Iron Copper and Mercury – Home Water Test Kit


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This is another Health Metric product. This one is different because it tests for heavy metals. The main things it analyzes are lead, copper, mercury and iron.

A great feature of this product is its very responsive design. Unlike other versions, the strips measure in very small steps. Small changes in the water make it easy to add specific amounts of conditioner.

Another great feature of the Health Metric product is individual results. This tells you exactly which metals are in your water. Other products give water a general appearance, but do not specify metals.

While it is good to know the different metals in your water, that can also be a problem. It comes with just four tests overall, and it significantly limits the number of things you can test.


  • Tests for specific metals
  • Take a closer look at the amount of metals.
  • The water test strips are easy to use


  • Limited amount of evidence
  • It does not analyze more than four substances



4. HoneForest Digital TDS Meter


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The HoneForest TDS is probably the easiest way to test the quality of your water. This device uses a high quality titanium probe and automatic temperature compensation to obtain results.

The design enables precision at different temperatures. The probe uses LCD illumination to facilitate reading when results are obtained.

HoneForest TDS has an auto-lock feature to keep the results locked on the screen. The probe device also conserves power by turning it off when not in use for two minutes.

The great quality of the HoneForest TDS product is that it comes with a three-year warranty. There is also a 90 day money back guarantee if the product does not meet the standards.

A negative quality of this product is that there is no way to replace the batteries once they run out. You should buy a new product. That costs more and adds to the total price.


  • Thanks to the electronic design, the results are easy to read
  • Large, bright screen also helps with images
  • Energy-saving design
  • Includes a three-year warranty


  • No battery replacement
  • Not like normal tests; can take some getting used to



5. Bulk Water Hardness Test Strips


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This is another great product for testing the hardness of your water. This uses the usual test strip method. In this product, you get a total of 35 strips.

Although 35 is enough for a sample, it is still a small amount. You can buy many more for the price they have.

On a positive note, these strips have very sensitive readings. They can test 0 to 30 grains of water hardness in a single use. Its resealable design also maintains freshness and quality.

A negative trait of these strips is that they are a bit expensive. The company also does not have an associated return policy.


  • Comes with 35 strips
  • Very sensitive readings
  • 0-30 grain hardness tests.


  • No return policy
  • More expensive than other products for fewer items



6. Best Overall: Safe Home ULTIMATE Drinking Water Test Kit



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If you are concerned about the safety of your drinking water, a water test kit is an easy way to find out if there are contaminants in your water. According to Rick Andrew of NSF International’s Global Water Program, the main contaminants found in drinking water are lead, arsenic, bacteria (coliforms), cysts and viruses, chlorine, chloramine, chromium, fluoride, nitrates and nitrites, PFOA and PFOS, total trihalomethanes (TTHM) and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Consider Safe Home’s Ultimate Kit for one of the most comprehensive water testing kits on the market. This Post Water Test Kit will test your sample for over 200 contaminants and provide detailed results. The kit analyzes 6 inorganic substances, 12 physical properties, 32 toxic metals, 20 semi-volatile organic compounds and 130 volatile organic compounds. It also includes a home test for coliforms (bacteria) and instructions on how to complete it.

Safe Home’s parent company is Environmental Laboratories, one of the largest EPA-certified drinking water laboratories in North America. Therefore, when emailing your sample, you can rely on the quality of the analysis performed. And while everyone loves immediate results, most people receive their results within 10 days of submission. This kit is expensive, but offers in-depth testing you can rely on to make important decisions about the safety of your water supply and what type of household water filters to invest in.



7. Best for Lead: Health Metric Heavy Metals Test Kit



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Lead is a troubling substance, especially in the wake of community-wide health problems related to lead contamination in drinking water. In addition, other heavy metals such as mercury and copper pose additional health concerns. The Health Metrics Heavy Metals test is an informative way to exclude or confirm the presence of lead and other metals.

This lead, mercury, copper and iron water test kit takes less than 15 minutes. Although the kit includes a lead test, you can test the other three metals twice and receive quantified results for the presence of these metals. For lead, the test is a pass / fail type, which is the case with almost all household lead water test kits. The EPA has set a limit of 15 ppb for lead in municipal water supplies, and this test kit indicates whether your water contains lead above or below the 15 ppb threshold.

According to users, the test kit is easy to use and gives peace of mind if your lead is below the EPA limit. If not, knowing that you need to do a more in-depth analysis and implement steps to improve water quality and reduce lead exposure is a small investment.



8. Runner-Up, Best for Well Water: Watersafe Well Water Test Kit



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Another option that provides reliable results is the WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit. This easy-to-use kit gives you information on 10 different containers without having to hand in water samples and wait for results. It tests for copper, iron, lead, nitrates, nitrites, bacteria and also toxins from fertilizers or pesticides, a common concern for spring water.

Using this kit is easy as it comes with easy to read strips that provide ranges for each contaminant tested. Users noted that since the results are only provided within a certain range, it is not as specific as lab testing. However, those who compared their test results to laboratory results found that the Watersafe kit values were in line with the laboratory findings, increasing the reliability of this kit.



9. Best for Homes: Simple Water Tap Score Professional Home Water Test



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If you are looking for a water testing kit for your home, the Tap Score Activated Home Water Test is an expensive yet informative option. This mail-in water test kit tests your sample for over 100 different contaminants using a network of EPA, ISO and ELAP laboratories. You will receive the results in about 10 days and the contaminants are quantified so that you have more information about the quality of the water in your home.

One of the main benefits of the Tap Score water analysis kit is the fact that the analysis includes advice on water treatment and the support of a team of engineers and water experts. The company certifies that it is not affiliated with any water treatment company and provides objective advice on how to address problem contaminants or improve the overall quality of your drinking water, cooking, bathing, washing and more. Reviewers who have benefited from tailored recommendations from the Tap Score team have found the experts helpful, and this service is what really sets this home water testing kit apart.



10. Best for Well Water: Health Metric Well Water Test Kit for Drinking Water



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Water testing in spring water is particularly important because the EPA does not regulate private wells and bacteria, as well as nitrites, nitrates, and hydrogen sulfide that can easily corrode your water source. This spring water testing kit includes all the bases to give you peace of mind about the quality of your spring water. Provides information about the presence of bacteria, nitrates and nitrites, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and a guide to the total alkalinity, total hardness and pH of your water.

Reviewers say this test kit is simple, straightforward and provides users with lab results. It also takes less time to process the results compared to other test kits on this list.


How do you choose water test kits for your home?

When choosing a test kit, first consider which area you live in. Depending on the elements your water is exposed to, it will need several tests. Some elements have a greater impact on the water, so you need a stronger test.

Another way to choose your testing kit is to determine which bacteria to test. You can ask a local lab or water treatment plant that you want to test for.

You cannot just say that you want to find all the bacteria or substances in the water. No test is so complete. Specific results are most effective in treating the water properly.

Also take into account the age or damage to the pipes in your home. This plays a big role in polluting your water supply. Depending on how old everything is, you need stronger evidence.


How to test the water hardness at home?

Testing water hardness at home is a simple process. Most of the DIY kits you use come with instructions, but they are generally the same.

First, start by collecting a small sample of the water you are testing. Store in a labeled vial if testing multiple water sources.

Once you have the water ready, attach the test strip and let it sit for a few minutes. You should notice some of the strip changing color.

Take this color and combine it with the colors included in the set. This tells you how hard your water is. You can then use this information to purchase the conditioner accordingly.


How to test well water at home?

Well water tests can be done by yourself or by a professional. It is recommended that spring water be tested by a professional at least twice a month at home and annually.

DIY projects cost less, but are generally less effective. However, they will still give accurate results when done correctly.

Since well water is different from tank water, testing it is a bit more complicated. You need a full test to rule out all possible contaminants before drinking.

As a rule of thumb, you should test your well with a general mineral analysis. This tells you about the iron and manganese content in your water.

A general mineral test also looks at the hardness of nitrates, sulfates, iron, copper and water. This is a pretty good basis for understanding what’s in your spring water.

You should also test your well for coliform bacteria. These types of bacteria live in the soil and on vegetation. Since you are testing a put, make sure these things are not in your stash.

The tests are more complex, but they give you peace of mind. You can take advantage of crisp, fresh water this way without worrying about pollution.



Since we drink water every day, it can easily build up in our system. Testing your water with the best water testing kits is an easy way to keep you and your family healthy. A simple test can prevent years of damage and the high costs of restorative care.

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