[Latest 2021] Top 10 Best Pendant Lights For Your Home Use

When it comes to living space, atmosphere is everything, making lighting an important part of creating a comfortable environment. Ceiling lights cast the brightest, but are often an unfortunately overlooked component when it comes to aesthetics and decor. Fortunately, pendant lamp not only illuminates a room from above, but also serves as a design element that combines form and function, adding to the overall look and feel of a room.

When it comes to lighting your home, you want to focus on options that look good. You also want the light to be bright and clear. Often this means choosing something that hangs from the ceiling.

The best pendant lights are the ones that match your decor and have the desired height. Also consider the mounting options and the size of the lamp. This will help you choose something that suits your home.

It can be difficult to find the Best Pendant Lights for your needs. That’s why we talk about 10 products and give you our opinion about the winner.

Pendant lamps have a lot of visual appeals. They are often the focal point of a room and are the key to setting the mood, both in terms of lighting and design. Fortunately, there is a style for every room. Whether you crave a bold statement piece or something more modest and sophisticated, there are plenty of options. Here Best Pendant Lights that adapt to any room!

What Is a Pendant Light?

A hanging lamp is also called a hanging lamp or drop. Regardless of what it is called, it is considered a solitary light fixture. It hangs from the ceiling and is suspended from a metal chain, cord or rod.

You usually find these lamps in multiples. They hang in straight lines over dining areas or kitchen countertops. You can also find them in bathrooms.

Pendants come in many sizes. You will also find different materials with which they are made. These include concrete, plastic, glass and metal.

Modern pendants tend to have low voltage characteristics. This can save energy and money. Often these versions use fluorescent or halogen lamps.

Often an odd number of pendant lights is used to avoid a low light situation. The amount you need is based on how many centimeters the meter is in length.


The 10 Best Pendant Lights to Use For Your Home


Best Pendant Lights Reviews


1. Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Island Pulley Pendant

Best Pendant Lights

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If you’re looking for something vintage, the Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Island Poley pendant might be ideal. It is a three-light product with a pulley system. This means you can lower or raise the light depending on your needs or where it’s going.

The light measures nearly 32 inches long, 40 inches wide and 12 inches deep. It has a total suspension length of 58 15/16 inches, although it can be adjusted to 31 15/16 inches.

You will find that this type of light works well as downlighting. It can be hung above a breakfast bar, kitchen island, dining table or pool table.

This lamp also suits a variety of decorations and house styles. These can be bungalow, arts and crafts, art deco, modern and artisan.

The industrial and vintage design comes with an oil rubbed bronze finish. In addition, there are reflections and wide tones. These work to create a rustic look.

This extraordinary lamp uses 60 watt bulbs, which are not included. However, if you want to keep the vintage feel, consider Westinghouse filament LED bulbs.

2. CLAXY Ecopower Pendant Glass Hanging Light

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For those who prefer a single pendant lamp, the CLAXY Ecopower glass pendant lamp may be ideal. It is also in the retro and industrial style.

You will get a hand blown clear glass dome display. The rods are made with an antique bronze finish. That way, you get a vintage and industrial accent.

Basically this light is designed to go over a kitchen island. However, it can also be used in an office, dining room, home bar, and more.

With the ability to adjust the height, you can shorten it based on your specific needs. The hanging bar is actually a 47.2 inch black cord. You can tie it at the base to the desired length.

It is important to note that this product is only listed and approved for dry locations. Therefore, it is not recommended for bathrooms or over sinks. You will also find that it is wired.

Of course, you will get all the hardware you need to make installation easy. Also, it works well with low or sloping ceilings. Just keep in mind that you need to hire a professional to install the light for you.

3. KingSo Industrial Metal Pendant Light

Best Pendant Lights

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If you are looking for something unique and surprising, the KingSo industrial metal pendant lamp is for you. Features an adjustable hanging line with a maximum length of 51 inches. You can determine the correct length of the cable before installing it.

What impresses the most, however, is the geometric design. The lamp is in four rings. Plus, they rotate so you can move it around to suit your needs or use it as a conversation starter.

You will see that this product is wired to be safe. In addition, the exterior design protects the lamp and maximizes light output. The protective rings reduce the chance of bumping or breaking the lamp.

It is possible to use dimmable lamps and a dimmer switch with this lamp. However, neither is included with the purchase.

Make sure the product fits in the space you have allocated for it. Note that the ringed balloon is between 11 and 81 inches in diameter. This is great for the dining table, kitchen counter and more.

4. Effimero Medium Hanging Pendant Light

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This modern style hanging lamp is made of glass. So it works well as rustic, industrial or country kitchen island lighting.

You only need one E26 lamp with a maximum of 60 watts. Please note that the lamp is not included with your purchase. You can also use a dimmer switch and dimmable lamp with this product.

Of course, this lamp is also compatible with smart lamps. As long as it’s 60 watts or equivalent and the base fits, you’re safe to use.

The dimensions of this light are five centimeters wide by 14.5 centimeters high. You will see that the screen itself is five centimeters in diameter and eight centimeters high.

There is a minimum hanging height of 14.5 inches, but it can be hung up to 58.5 inches tall. This product is also wired and does not come with a switch to turn it on and off.

5. ZHMA Classic Spider Pendant Lamps

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If you’re looking for something unique, ZHMA Classic Spider pendant lights are for you. Features a DIY adjustable shape. Brackets and cable adjustment clips help you find the right options for your needs.

You will also receive a 1.7 meter cable with accompanying bracket. So it is long enough to decorate the entire ceiling as you see fit.

This style of light is called Edison. It is mainly used in hotels, kitchens and bars. You can also find them in showrooms, cafes and other places that need decoration and spice.

The hanging line is also humanized. This means that you can adjust the hanger cord to the specified length. Depending on how you arrange the light, it can be retro or modern in style.

It is important to note that there is no plug for this lamp; it must be wired. You will find the correct mounting screws and an installation guide included. However, professional installation by an electrician is highly recommended.

Everything is made of high-quality metal or glass. So you don’t have to worry about breakage or damage over time.

6. Unitary Hanging Multi Pendant Light

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Are you looking for something unique and impressive? Perhaps the multiple hanging lamp hanging lamp is suitable for you. It has metal chains and a wooden “base”, making it ideal for a variety of decorative styles.

Modern homes will love the vintage feel, while older homes will love the fantasy this light creates. It is wired, of course, which means it requires professional installation. It also means it will be a fixture in your home once installed.

The product is 31 inches long and 3.3 inches wide. However, you can adjust the height to suit your specific needs. This light works well in dining rooms, kitchens, porches and living rooms.

Please note that this lamp requires eight 320 watt bulbs. These are very small lights and are not included.

You can make this product dimmable. Just use edison, incandescent or dimmable LED bulbs and a compatible dimmer switch.

Although it doesn’t seem that way, this product gives off a lot of light. However, if you’re using it in your kitchen, you’ll probably want other light sources as well.

7. NUVO Warehouse shade 150-watt pendant light

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The most versatile lamp works for a variety of spaces, whether it’s above a kitchen island, hung from a breakfast nook, or tucked away in a sideboard. The best multi-room pendant light will also direct light downwards and outwards, not directly in a single task, to function as both surface and ambient lighting. And when it comes to style, the best pendant light for most people will have a design that goes very well with many decorating styles, including rustic, modern, and industrial.

That’s why our picks for the best overall pendant light come in a classic warehouse style – a popular style that you can make your own through slight variations in shape, finish and size. It has clean lines and is available in six different finishes, including kelly green and cherry red, along with classic neutrals, to suit almost any space.

8. Globe Electric Nate 3-Light Vintage Pendant

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In the kitchen, you need pendant lights not only to provide style, but also to function as dedicated surface lamps for everything from chopping vegetables to paying bills at night. Since kitchen islands are usually long and wide surfaces, you’ll probably need more than one lamp. Usually two large ones can do the trick, or a set of three or smaller will work just fine too. These can be hung individually or they can all be hung on a rail to keep them perfectly aligned. Make sure the lights are at least 28 to 34 inches above the counter so you have room to work, and consider climbing a little higher if you’re a taller person or have kids who might think those pendant lights are toys.

This 3 light set combines the classic farmhouse style with clear glass shades and is height adjustable up to 45 inches. It is also available in a 4-light version for larger cooking islands.

9. Linea di Liara Primo Industrial Kitchen Pendant Lighting

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While many sinks have windows, many of us wash our dishes after dinner in the dark rather than while the sun is shining. Enter pendant light, an easy solution to add lighting where you need it without wasting the energy of a room full of lights.

Usually, if you have flashing lights above the island or a breakfast nook, the pendant lamp you place over the counter will work with other lamps in the kitchen, but it doesn’t have to match exactly! While you may want to keep some items the same, such as the overall style or metallic finish you use, it can also be an opportunity for contrast or drama. In general, a smaller-scale pendant will suffice, and especially if your sink faces a window, consider a lamp with a clear glass shade that won’t obstruct your daytime view. This small, clear globe comes in three metal finishes to work seamlessly with your other lighting and hardware.

10. Rejuvination Conical Drum Pendant

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If you are looking to add some design elements to your space, a pendant lamp is a great place to do so. The rejuvenation has a lot of lighting that feels contemporary and on-trend.

This tapered drum pendant comes in six different shades and finishes, as well as three different sizes, so you’re sure to find something to suit your aesthetic. Hang it over your dining table, in the center of your living room, or even use it as a night light. Whatever your needs, you are sure to fall in love with this advanced design piece for years to come.


What Is the Best Height for Pendant Lights over an Island?

If you plan to use the pendant light on an island, make sure it is hung at the best height. To do that, you need a tape measure.

Ideally, you want the pendant light to hang about 28 to 34 inches above your countertops. Alternatively, you want it to hang 72 inches off the floor.

It’s a good idea to have someone else with you. Stand on a ladder with your tape measure. The other person can hold the tape and keep it flush with the floor or counter, depending on how you want to measure.

Once you have that highlight in mind, you need to adjust the wire rope or metal bars. For example, the light hangs from the ceiling and stops where the tape measure stopped.


How Far Apart Should Pendant Lights be over an Island?

In general, you should place your pendant lights according to the length of the island. If it’s only six to seven feet wide, you’ll need two pendant lights. These should be spaced about 30 inches apart and equidistant from the center of the island.

A good rule of thumb is to measure how wide your island is and subtract that number from 12 to find the maximum width your lamps should hang. If the island is 36 inches wide, the lights should be about 24 inches apart (with only two pendants).

Keep in mind that you should not install a pendant light directly flush with the ends of the island. Make sure it is six inches from both edges. When you get your number, you have to charge that 12 inches as well.


How Many Pendant Lights over an Island?

Ideally, you want three pendant lights above an island to create a balanced space. However, this also depends on how long and wide your island is. You will also need to consider how bright you want the area to be.

For example, some people prepare food on the kitchen island. This requires a lot of light. With three luminaires you get more lighting.

If you opt for a lamp with three lamps in one bulb, this may not be sufficient to illuminate the entire island. However, it can also produce too much light in one room. Therefore, these styles are often best suited for hallways and living/dining rooms.



When it comes to choosing the Best Pendant Lights, we wanted to give you plenty of options. While they were all great items, we have a particular favorite.

We were surprised and impressed with the Indoor Pulley Pendant from Westinghouse Lighting. You can easily adjust the length of the lamp after installation. All you have to do is change the pulleys.

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