[2023] How Long Can a Turtle Go Without Eating?

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If you keep a pet turtle as a friend, there will be a limit on how often you should offer food. The eating habits of these little creatures differ from those of a turtle. There was a problem when baby turtles lacked food, especially animal protein. Typically, a mature adult turtle survives weeks out of the water without feeding on anything; however, they differ significantly from juvenile turtle and baby turtle. These animals usually have a slow metabolism, and their long-term survival depends on getting enough calories.

How long can aquatic turtles go without eating food?

How long can a turtle go without eating manages to go without food varies according to the turtle species and how it is handled. Unlike warm-blooded animals, turtles can use all available energy to maintain their comfortable indoor temperature. Turtles kept as pets never hibernate when kept indoors; when outdoors turtles hibernate, without eating anything. It is unlikely that you will go without food during the hottest days of the year.

How long can a juvenile turtle go without food?

food per day to live comfortably. Adult turtles are more resistant to live without food than juvenile turtles, who cannot survive without food for long. Most people have turtles that eat animal foods every day. Vegetable protein is vital in the baby turtles’ diet, but it is unnecessary to provide it daily. If good quality water is not available, your growth rates will also decrease. When they cannot reach the maturity stage, water quality and parameters or food quality are essential daily tasks to be maintained by you. If the turtle does not have good quality water and food available, survival can become difficult.

How long can turtles live without food?

Healthy turtles that have been given adequate food throughout their lives are likely to go without enough food for several weeks. The juvenile turtle mainly needs more protein than adult turtles. During hibernation, turtles have minimal activity and are poorly metabolic. Most commonly, this happens during the cold or winter months. Pet turtles, when not adequately fed, may not survive.

How Long Can a Turtle Go Without Eating

How long can turtles go without eating?

Adults feed less food than juveniles and young mammals. In cases where turtles are less than one week old, they hardly survive without food. The metabolism rate is minimal during hibernation, so turtles conserve calories by reducing all of their metabolic activities. Turtles can survive without food for about six months if the temperature is mild and the other parameters are suitable. In periods of hibernation, turtles can last up to 5 months without food.

How long can a turtle go without eating?

An adult Slider Turtle can go without food for at least a month without significant problems. At the very least, a turtle could survive for a short period of a few months without eating. No turtle should be premeditatedly left uneaten; this can cause future animal problems, which will also reduce turtle development rates. I recommend that you keep reading this article to know the correct dietary requirements for different types of turtles. Turtle owners always want our turtles to enjoy excellent health.

How long can a hatchling turtle go without eating?

Newborn turtles generally consume little food and have difficulty learning to eat. Most survival begins with proteins from egg yolks, which feed newborns for a few days; because of this, baby turtles at an early stage of growth can survive several days without food. Newborn turtles eat insects and other invertebrates more voraciously than any different turtle age. They also need the presence of insect larvae, which include ground worms, cricket worms, and mosquito larvae. You might want to try frozen bugs. Generally, a small turtle’s lifespan extends when it undergoes a correct diet, as well as water quality and well-being.

What about the Box Turtle?

Like the Sliders, Box Turtles can last a long time without food. But you will need a good quality water supply to ensure your bath and your well-being. This water should have its temperature reduced and stable, to help the animal to survive the period without food, reducing its hunger. Low temperatures increase the amount of oxygen available to the water, decreasing the need for extra aeration in the tank. When the animal cannot hibernate, it means that there is adequate heating in its aquarium. A cooling element (such as chillers or coolers) can lower its temperature by about 50% for good results. This temperature relationship with the animal’s metabolism is very important for us to understand how long turtles can go without food.

How long can Red Eared Sliders go without food?

It is possible that red-eared sliders could live without food for months. Wild Red Eared Slider turtles often go into hibernative situations. Therefore, during the known hibernation phase, turtles remain inactivated, losing their metabolic rate and adapting to cooler temperatures. If the turtle is in the owner’s possession, you must provide enough food or water in the pre-hibernation phase. Likewise, the owner can cut the sleep period by keeping the temperature in the water tank high. Turtles need access inside and outside their tank and good quality drinking water to survive. Even when not being fed, the turtle must receive the UVB light correctly and constantly.

What should I do with my tortoise when I go on vacation?

Tell me everything I need to do to get my favorite animal to take off on this trip. Sometimes people may be reluctant to see an escaped or dead turtle after a short trip. Therefore, your pet turtles need you to provide everything a pet turtle needs. The turtle owner is also concerned about the availability of good water, as any opening from above causes the water to evaporate. The water becomes dirty when a tank is set aside, as turtle keepers often change the water and clean the filters.

Tell me the best way to feed turtles while on vacation?

When they leave their homes temporarily for short periods, people often forget to take care of their pet turtles. These turtles will not have ingested enough food to withstand periods of hunger or deal with polluted and highly acidic water, or even lack water. Your turtle is likely to be relatively healthy if you feed it correctly for a long time before you travel, so there is no reason to worry. If the aquarium is of good size and with a well-dimensioned filtration system, leave some small live fish in the aquarium to feed the aquarium inhabitants. Remember that turtles will consume live food when you have to go out. If you want help, make sure you have a friend to watch and care for your turtle friend.

How often should I feed my turtle?

Turtles require enough protein when they are younger to develop appropriately. When a parent ages, this need for food decreases as adolescence begins. When the turtle matures, it needs very little protein. You can always get extra protein in your diet by adding chicken or shrimp pellets to your diet. If the tortoise is less than a year old, feeding can be done for a shorter period; offer food every two days, for example. Mix vegetable proteins with animal protein at feeding time; so that the turtle consumes fruits and vegetables consistently.

How Long Can a Turtle Go Without Eating

Can turtles survive without water?

On average, healthy adult aquatic turtles generally do not stay in their burrow for more than five days. Depending on the ambient temperature, they survive without water for two to three weeks. As we go further, we get more dehydration, which means it’s getting worse, and our health is getting worse as a result. Turtles are species of reptiles that use external factors to change the physical temperature in a. Typically; the turtle will likely be away for 1-3 days without water. The turtle might be a little uncomfortable, but it could probably stay in the water. We will list it in the section below the bask section.


Turtles have the behavior of basking in the sun. UVB rays provide crucial energy for the reptile to metabolize vitally valuable vitamins and minerals and help the body obtain vitamin D3. Without direct sunlight or ultraviolet light, the turtle can no longer produce vitamin D3, thus inhibiting calcium in a way that ends up causing metabolic bone disease in some animals. Typically, a turtle stays awake for an entire morning and sleeps for about nine hours. The default light schedule for basking is the 12-hour day-night cycle. Using a hot light/light resistant for 12 hours a day will give the turtle some time to choose where and when to position itself.


Age influences the lifespan of the turtle when without water and food. Depending on the period, the animal can be less or more fragile. Therefore, as long as adults, puppies can’t stand to go without water. The older turtle has less energy than the young turtle. If the turtles remain submerged, they will need more power to survive. A tiny newborn turtle may not survive a few days without water, and a healthy turtle may live a few weeks in the dry season depending on some future factors discussed above and its size.


As a rule, reptiles can take a long time to start the digestive process before stopping a period from hibernating during the winter months and using up the energies of their last nourishment. During different phases of its life and metabolism, a water turtle may stop eating for some time. Turtles do generally not go without food for more than two months, even though they are in an active breeding period. As much as an animal can never get food when in a place with perfect water, it will feel healthy. Dehydration can occur in turtles because it is a danger to leave them without water without their habitat.

Temperature & humidity

Changing the pet turtle diet can suddenly hurt a turtle’s reproductive and digestive capacity. The higher the temperature, the longer it takes to evaporate the water in the room. We need to control the rate of water evaporation; otherwise, the turtle’s environment could become dry, causing problems. On the other hand, moisture in the air is very beneficial for turtles, even without being absorbed by their skin. Moisture in its body is one of the reasons the turtle switches from a dry place to water.

How long can snapping turtles go without eating?

The Snapping turtle is a turtle that captures its prey through an ambush, usually decapitating it. They often attack, bite and scratch when someone approaches their territory. Turtles have an abundant supply of fat in their bodies. In hibernation/brumation, reptiles have a reduced caloric intake as they are inactive in this phase. As your pet, you cannot allow this turtle to remain alone without food for more than a month. This varies by age and environment.

How often should I feed my turtles?

Turtles are reptiles and are cold-blooded. In other words, the turtle’s bodies must expend a lot of energy trying to maintain its temperature.

How long can a turtle survive without food and water?

It has sometimes happened that turtles have not received enough food in some cases. You don’t want an unprotected turtle to go home for weeks or months without eating. Adult pets often require feeding more than once a week in a supportive environment. A good source of clean water can also help regulate digestion and regulate the climate. Without all of the above, turtle kills can occur over several days.

How long can red eared sliders go without water?

Red-Eared Sliders spend much of their life in water. Several of the turtle species try to migrate overland to other places and die for lack of water and food. Just provide a little water, and the turtle will stay alive. The turtle can survive for more than one week without water.

How long can turtle go without eating?

Turtles can live for about three months without eating anything, but this may take longer. Water becomes much more important than food. It is difficult to determine how long this can go without food, although our estimate is based on the behavior of a few species in particular.


Turtles are cold-blooded animals. Likewise, they regulate body temperature through the environment, heating themselves through solar energy or hot water temperature. Their metabolism rates vary with temperature differences.


The quality of the water and the environment will decide how long the pet turtle will go without food. If you have clean, pure water, even if you don’t have food, there is a chance that you won’t lose fat for a few days.

Factors that Influence How Long Can a Red Eared Slider Turtle Survive Without Food?

Red Eared Slider turtle can survive for a while even if they don’t eat a meal. But each animal is unique and everyone is different.

Temperature in the environment

The wild turtle population begins to retain fat before the breeding period. In safe conditions in their aquarium, turtles tend to miss specific cycles that occur in nature.


The turtle can survive for many months without eating anything but a few weeks without water. Without adequate food and water quality, the turtle may never survive more than a few weeks, as it cannot hibernate for a short period. Like humans and other animals, reptiles need water for hydration, digestion, and other things. All types of turtles, including land animals, need an abundant supply of water for their daily life.