Best LED Recessed Lighting – Top 10 Reviews & Guide 2023

Top 10 Best LED recessed lighting: LED lights, or ‘light-emitting diodes’, have slowly taken over from other lighting devices. Gone are the fragile filament bulbs and fluorescent lights. LED lights are efficient, inexpensive and look great. They come with many features that way outclass old lighting systems. 

The lifespan of an LED light is unmatched by other types of lighting. LED lights are designed to last (up to 50 times longer than conventional bulbs), resulting in less maintenance, time and expense replacing burned-out bulbs.

LED recessed lights produce less heat, are energy efficient and are effective at directing light than other traditional lights such as incandescent.

Recessed lights have become popular for a variety of reasons, one of which is that LED recessed lighting makes a room feel bigger. This makes them especially popular for smaller rooms needing to feel more spacious.

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Recessed lights, or sometimes referred to as downlights, are the popular choice for home improvement as they provide inviting lighting. The lighting bodies can be installed in the cavity of the false ceiling. However, if you select the wrong one, the whole interior design will be spoiled. If choosing the best LED recessed lights for you is a tough decision for you, here’s a review of the 16 best-selling models. Also, we share buyer guides with you. So you can use them like a PRO!


Top 10 Best LED Recessed Lighting on the Market


Pros and cons of recessed LED lighting

Recessed LED lights has a lot to offer users. More and more people are switching to LED bulbs to take advantage of them.


  • Energy Saving: LEDs save more energy than incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, and fluorescent tubes. An LED light requires 85% less energy to power a light bulb than
  • incandescent bulbs. Likewise, it uses 50% less energy than a CFL to run.
  • Less Heat: Because LEDs use less energy, they don’t overheat like other bulbs do. This reduces the stress placed on the air conditioning systems and the bulb itself.


  • Quality: One of the major drawbacks of LED lights is quality. Many people complain that LED lights look very unnatural compared to other bulbs. While this isn’t a problem for everyone,
  • LEDs tend to look bluish compared to other task lighting devices.


Best LED Recessed Lighting Reviews


1. TORCHSTAR Ultra-Thin Recessed Ceiling Light

Top 10 Best LED Recessed Lighting

The first review is about the ultra-thin Torchstar downlight. This light is very fine, as the name suggests, and is perfect for narrow ceiling light. In fact, it only takes two inches away from the ceiling for installation.

Speaking of installation, the Torchstar recessed light takes very little time to install. A junction box is provided, so most of the work is done.

The bulb itself has a matte LED lens and is also scratch-resistant. There is also a sponge gasket that seals the bulb to prevent corrosion while it is in place.

A disadvantage of using Torchstar is that the junction box tends to open from time to time. This problem could be solved with a screw application, but the clip spring is not very strong.

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2. Hyperikon LED Downlight – Top Rated Retrofit LED Recessed lights for Kitchen

Top 10 Best LED Recessed Lighting

Reviewed April 2022- This product is currently not stocked in Amazon Stores

A white coating gives this lighting system a clean, standard look. The most important feature of this product is its ability to adjust from a five to six inch cutting opening. This is achieved by changing the position of the screws used to secure the housing to the spring mechanism. This feature can be useful for new or refurbished installations.

Hyperikon offers a five-year warranty on these LED recessed light, an offer that can be important for those who want consumer confidence.

Another interesting design element is the E26 plug adapter, which allows the light to screw into a socket for power. This product line is available in warm white, soft white, daylight and crystal white color temperature options. Works well with modern Energy Star certified blackout equipment.

The adjustable opening and E26 adapter make it an indulgent accessory during the installation process. These traits make it a good choice for a home owner looking for a quick installation. We recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve their home.

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3. SANSI 15W LED Recessed Lights – Best 6 inch Dimmable

Top 10 Best LED Recessed Lighting


Reviewed April 2022- This product is currently not stocked in Amazon Stores

SANSI offers quality and elegant recessed luminaires for the kitchen and bedroom. The peculiarity is that it has a flower-shaped front panel to hold the LED bulbs, which will embellish your home. It has a relatively high output of 15W and produces an illumination of 1800 lumens. You can feel its high brightness after updating your CFL or halogen lamps.

It is a 6 inch downlight suitable for both residential and commercial spaces such as restaurants and shopping malls.

Since its color temperature is 4000K, it produces a welcoming natural white light for activities around the house such as cooking and reading. Recessed lights also support dimmer function, so after using the dimmer switch, the brightness of the lights can be reduced.

Another feature is that it has an incredibly long lifespan, if you turn on the lights for 5-6 hours a day, the lifespan is approx. 23 years.

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4. Globe Electric 4″ Swivel Spotlight Recessed lights Kit Dimmable Downlight

Top 10 Best LED Recessed Lighting

This is a 4 “LED recessed lights kit (10 pack) that comes with eyeball gimbals, which can offer more flexible lighting for gallery and decoration in living room and bedroom. For example, it is You can adjust a row of recessed lamps to focus the beam at a particular point.

It also features a “Push-N-Click” design that allows for easy installation. No special tools are needed during installation.

The “rugged construction” technique includes the efficient heat dissipation design that protects the lamp housing and LED chips.

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5. Sunco Lighting Remodel LED Can Air Tight IC Housing LED Recessed lights

The second review is about Sunco’s IC housing LED light. This LED light is IC-rated, which means it has been rigorously tested to ensure quality.

It is a very safe LED light to use in all areas of the home.

The design of this specific Sunco light makes it perfect for home use. It goes great in the bathroom, bedroom, basement or even office.

The layout takes up minimal space, so you don’t have to worry about clutter or crowding.

A negative point of using Sunco light is that the maintenance level can be high for these lights. The installation process is fairly straightforward, but many users have complained about the fit on the sides.

The product was difficult to assemble securely and it took many attempts to stay in place.

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6. Lithonia Lighting WF4 White LED Ultra-Thin Recessed Light – LED lights with Thin Profile for Low Ceilings

This lighting product is very subtle, a feature that makes it a possible choice for new builds, renovations and upgrades. The light is classified IC, which allows it to adapt to confined and isolated areas. Its housing is airtight and watertight and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

The company offers a variety of high and low-lumen styles in residential and multipurpose designs.

Requires Lutron, Leviton or Synergy switching dimmers and can be reduced to 1% wattage. The four-inch opening means this recessed light will only require a two-inch deep 4.2-inch hole for proper installation. Its LED design is CSA, Energy Star and UL certified for safe and compliant installation.

This product only requires a small distance for installation. With an indoor/outdoor rating, we recommend it as a good accessory for covered outdoor patios.

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7. Parmida LED Technologies 12W Dimmable Square Recessed Retrofit

Save up to 88% on your electricity bill with this energy efficient downlight from Parmida LED Technologies. It only features 12W LED power but powerful lumen capacity to ensure your space is adequately lit without sacrificing your money. With durable construction and smart design, the LED light can last up to 50,000 hours. The innovative polycarbonate coating is extraordinarily robust and impact resistant, even over a wider temperature range. This helps soften the light, reduce hot spots and eliminate reflections.

The advanced heatsink is made of high quality aluminum to allow for optimal heat dissipation and long life. As this light is ETL listed, you won’t need to worry about any fire or electric shock hazard. The custom brightness and dimming features allow you to easily set a specific mood and appearance according to your needs or preferences. This recessed unit can also be compatible with most wireless dimmers and LED dimmers.

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8. Brizled Recessed lights Fixture (5″/6″)

The color temperature of 5000K is the most popular item on Amazon. Like the previous products, it has an LED output power of 13W, 1150 lumens definitely illuminate the entire living room and kitchen. This recessed downlight achieves ETL certification, which is one of the best safety certifications in North America.

It is also compatible with most LED dimmers. It has a unique dimming function from 1% to 100% which offers greater flexibility. After replacing traditional 100W lamps with 13W LEDs, more than 80% energy can be saved.

According to the product description, this LED spotlight can be applied to dining room, kitchen, restaurant, supermarket, hotel, bar, etc. Inside the Amazon description page, there is a complete user guide.

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9. Ensenior Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light

Next up is the Ensenior recessed downlight. This LED light is Energy Star and ETL certified. It met their standards and as they are both regulatory bodies it is very safe to use.

The Ensenior recessed light burns at 1050 lumens. Therefore, this is an excellent option for those places that need bright and clear light. It is perfect for bathroom mirrors and cellars, where light makes the difference.

A great feature of the Ensenior recessed downlight is that it can be customized. You can control how bright or dark it is, from 5 to 100% brightness. It allows for more flexibility where you put it, as you can always change the brightness level.

The Ensenior built-in comes with a five-year warranty. This warranty is unlimited and covers everything within the first five years. This is something not all brands offer, so it’s definitely a bonus.

A disadvantage of using the Hyperikon downlight is that there is a slight hum during use. When the product is on, some customers complain about the hum. Other LED lights don’t have this problem, but it might be a problem for you.

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10. TORCHSTAR Gimbal Recessed LED Downlight

At the bottom of the list is the recessed downlight with Torchstar gimbal. This product is ideal for those who want a durable object. It can work well for more than 16 years with six hours of daily use.

The Torchstar gimbal LED light is fully adjustable. Not only can you change the direction of the beam, but you can also switch from one light to another. Directional lighting, spots and sloped ceiling light are possible with this LED.

One problem you may encounter when using the Torchstar gimbal LED light is flickering. After a while, these lights may start flashing when turned down. It doesn’t happen every day, but over time they definitely begin to lose their quality.

When you turn the lights on to a setting lower than the default, you may notice them flashing. This is especially true for lower or more muted settings. They blink especially often during this time.

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How to choose LED recessed lighting?

Best LED Recessed Lights Reviewed

Now that you have an idea of the different types of LED recessed lights available, what’s the next step?

How can you choose the LED lights that fit your home well?

Here are some things to consider before buying an LED recessed spotlight.

Types of recessed LED lighting

  • Deflector Adjustment: The edge of the flap has a ribbed interior that helps minimize glare against the frame. This is the most common type of finish used.
  • Reflector Trim: This trim uses a mirrored surface to reflect light and add more brightness. There are options for coloring with this type of finish.
  • Gimbal Trim: This setting is ideal for focusing light. The lamp does not detach too much from the socket and rotated the housing can block the light.

In addition to these ornaments, there are many other built-in bright LEDs that you can control.

IC classification

The IC classification is an important factor when deciding whether or not to purchase light.

This determines the type of areas you can use your light bulb in. You can consult an electrician to fully understand what types of light bulbs you can use in your home.

If a bulb is classified as IC, it means that it is configured so that it can be used around the insulation. Since bulbs naturally heat up when in use, insulation can become a problem with this heat. IC rated light bulbs have an insulated contact rated device that keeps heat away from the rest of the home.

If a light bulb is not classified as an IC, it means that it is not a good choice to use around insulation. Sometimes this isn’t a problem. If you place the bulb in an area where the heat has enough empty space to escape, there shouldn’t be a safety concern.

The cost of purchasing and installing

It is also important to think about how much it will cost to install the lights.

It depends on the number of lights you buy and whether they are installed or repaired yourself. You also need to consider the energy saving costs that can be achieved by using LED lights.

Space, position and functionality

The type of lights you buy depends on the look you want in your room. Some lights look best in certain types of room locations. The design of your room plays an important role in the type of lights that are effective.

It is also important how you want to use your lights. Do you want a focused light or something larger?

Take some time to think about the functions of the lights and what you want them to do.


Best LED Recessed Lighting

How to install recessed LED lighting?

1. Begin by removing the old appliance and the junction box. Be careful not to cut or damage the cables for safety reasons.

2. Measure the hole in the old appliance to estimate how much you need to have for the new one. This is usually about 4-6 inches in diameter. Cut out the new hole.

3. Next, connect and secure the new harness. Match the wires from the junction box attached to the wires from the ceiling light. Be careful to connect the color-coded cables correctly.

4. Now you can insert the housing or “can” for the lamp. Once this is done, install the corresponding deflector and trim. Make sure both are flush against the ceiling to avoid holes.

5. You are finally ready to insert a light bulb and use your LED recessed lights review!


FAQs About Your New Recessed Lighting

1. Why choose LEDs over incandescent?

At the moment it makes no sense for incandescent lamps to opt for recessed LED lamps. You only save some money in the short term. On the other hand, LED lamps are better at stopping heat loss, run cooler, look better and give off a more pleasant light.

2. How do you install LED recessed lighting?

Many of today’s LED recessed lights are DIY friendly and have pre-labeled slots for entering color-coded Romex cables. However, working with electricity always involves some risks, so if you are not familiar with wiring, hire an electrician.

3. Canned lights or wafer lights? Which one is better?

In terms of installation, wafer lamps are a better option than cans as LED technology has made can lighting obsolete. All you need to do is drill a hole and put them in.

4. How far should recessed lights be placed from kitchen cabinets?

To fully illuminate countertop work areas, recessed LED lights should be installed an average distance of 14 to 16 inches from the edge of the wall cabinets. This provides the best lighting angle.

5. Should I buy more lights than necessary?

Yes, always buy some extras just in case. For safety reasons, be careful with the circuit breaker.

6. Do you need an electrician to install recessed lighting?

If you have working knowledge of wiring and are simply replacing an existing lamp with a new recessed lamp, you can choose to install it yourself. If you’re installing an entire ceiling full of new recessed lights and you need to run a wire through the joists, it’s a good idea to have it done by an electrician. Your local building authority may also have regulations requiring the installation of LEDs by a licensed electrician.

7. Does recessed lighting add value to a house?

Well-lit rooms are more attractive than dimly lit rooms, and while installing recessed lighting may not add monetary value to your home, if your home is well-lit, potential buyers are more likely to bid.


Final Thoughts

Best LED Recessed lights is useful for many reasons. In addition to saving you money, these lights are easier to install and last much longer than others.

With proper research, you can also take advantage of these bright bulbs and add them to your home.


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