Top [2023] 10 Best Aquarium Water Pumps – Strong Power & Ultra-quiet Operation

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Choosing the Best Aquarium water pumps for your aquarium is important to provide your fish with an exceptional habitat.

Because your fish spend every day in the same aquarium and are exposed to the same water every day.

Comparison Table

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Top PerformanceFREESEA Submersible Water Pump4.2/5.0Check Price
cheapestSimple Deluxe LGPUMP400G Submersible Water Pump4.4/5.0Check Price

You need the best aquarium water pump you can find to keep the water moving through the tank and reduce the chances of bacteria growth and the accumulation of harmful waste along with the tank.

These hazards must be addressed to ensure that your fish are provided with the cleanest and most natural environment in which to thrive.

As a water sports enthusiast, your main goal is to create and maintain a healthy environment for the inhabitants of your aquariums.

And to do that, you need the right water pump for your aquarium.

In this article, you will learn what you need to know so that you can choose the best aquarium water pump for your aquarium.

At the end, we will discuss some of the best and quietest aquarium water pumps available today.


Top 10 Best Water Pumps for Your Aquariums

Finding a water pump that meets all of your needs can be tricky, especially if you are new to the aquarium world. Fortunately, the table below took a lot of guesswork and research to find the best and quietest water pumps on the market.

Best Aquarium Water Pump Reviews


1. KEDSUM Submersible Ultra Quiet Water Pump

Best Aquarium Water Pumps

First we look at the KEDSUM submersible pump. This pump is suitable for both fresh and salt water tanks and can be mounted with suction cups vertically or horizontally on the sides of the tank or on the pond walls.

Despite its small size, this pump definitely packs a punch, it runs at a powerful 660 GPH or 3,000 liters per hour. The KEDSUM water pump is also very energy efficient and is ideal for tanks and ponds as its small size means it can be easily hidden or placed out of sight.

The only thing that goes against the KEDSUM water pump is the fact that it may not be suitable for sensitive fish in your aquarium or pond as it needs a little lubrication to function properly.

If your fish are very young or just naturally more sensitive, you may want to keep an eye on them for the first few days of using this water pump.


  1. Silent operation
  2. Can be mounted quickly both vertically and horizontally
  3. Conservation of energy


  1. The inner shaft of the pump needs lubrication; not suitable for sensitive fish
  2. Needs maintenance from time to time
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2. VicTsing Submersible Water Pump

Best Aquarium Water Pumps

The VicTsing Submersible Pump is also a good candidate for an aquarium pump. This pump offers more customization to the amount of pressure you want to have on the water flow through the filter. There is a user-friendly dial that allows you to control the water flow.

The VicTsing water pump is also very small and easy to conceal in your aquarium, and it operates very quietly, adding to the easily concealed nature of the water pump. It is a good pump to start with if you have a small tank as it is easy to install and understand.

It is important to mention that the VicTsing water pump has a low speed of 80 GPH so if you have a larger aquarium this may not be the pump for you.

It also requires monthly maintenance, so it’s important to keep this in mind if you’re busy and don’t have extra time to clean the pump.


  1. Very small design, easy to hide.
  2. Its simple design makes it ideal for new fish owners
  3. Adjustable water flow function


  1. Low GPH rate
  2. Monthly maintenance
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3. FREESEA Submersible Water Pump

Best Aquarium Water Pumps

With an extremely powerful flow of 660 GPH, the FREESEA submersible pump. This pump may be small, but it definitely has the power and functionality of any larger pump with its GPH speed.

It is perfect for use in all kinds of environments, be it a tank or a pond.

As the FREESEA submersible water pump has a bottom suction training, it is very easy to submerge and can adhere to almost any surface. Plus, it’s backed by a reliable 12-month warranty, so you can always fall back on it if you discover a defect or problem of any kind.

While the FREESEA submersible pump has a lot, it is important to note that it will not perform well if it runs dry.

You really have to be careful to add enough water for this pump or it won’t work as well as it should. It’s important to have enough water to run any pump, but especially for this one.


  1. Very strong GPH rate
  2. Comes with warranty
  3. Bottom suction


  1. Running in dry or very little water is not recommended
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4. Simple Deluxe LGPUMP400G Submersible Water Pump

Best Aquarium Water Pumps

The Simple Deluxe submersible pump has an aluminum oxide ceramic drive shaft that is three times harder than stainless steel and resistant to corrosion.

In addition, the main internal parts of the motor are epoxy coated, making it one of the most durable pumps available.

No tools are required to disassemble the pump to clean it, and the pre-filter prevents large chunks of debris from entering. In addition, the reliable motor is submersible and suitable for dry use.


  1. This pump is easy to install horizontally or vertically using the supplied suction cups.
  2. The power cord is 4.5 meters long, so it is easy to position the pump correctly and you don’t have to worry about reaching for an outlet.
  3. You can use this pump in salt or fresh water.


  1. This pump can lose power over time.
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5. Aquastation Silent Swirl Controllable DC Aquarium Pump

Best Aquarium Water Pumps

This pump has multiple settings including wave mode, feed mode and flow mode. It also features ultra-quiet operation and variable speed control with 20 different options, so you can tweak the settings to get the look and feel of your tank just right.

Making adjustments is easy too. The smart controller has an LED display and simple plus and minus buttons that speed up and slow down accordingly. The same controller is used to switch between modes. Press the fish button and the movement will stop for 10 minutes so your fish can eat undisturbed.


  1. This pump has many modes and speeds to choose from and can be submerged or used externally.
  2. You can put this pump in fresh and salt water.
  3. The low-voltage design consumes 65 percent less energy than other pumps.
  4. The fan shaft is ceramic and made to last.


  1. The power drops when the pump is used higher than 1.80 meters.
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6. Uniclife Submersible/Inline Water Pump

Best Aquarium Water Pumps

Last but not least, there is the Uniclife submersible pump. This water pump runs at a good maximum speed of 400 GPH.

It is very versatile in its use and works well both indoors and outdoors, such as tanks, ponds, fountains and other hydroponic systems.

The Uniclife water pump is very easy to use, with easy to install and disassemble headers, as well as easy to understand cleaning and maintenance instructions and an adjustable water flow.

This pump is another one that simply cannot function without the right amount of water. Running this pump dry can cause premature failure and shorten the life of the product.

If you travel often or are not at home to supervise your water pump a lot, consider another product that can still withstand dry running.


  1. Silent design
  2. Adjustable water flow
  3. Easy to use


  1. Not good with dry running
  2. Needs routine maintenance
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7. Eheim Compact Water Pump 600

Best Aquarium Water Pumps

If you don’t like having big, bulky equipment around your tank, this might be for you.

Measuring 3.3 x 1.8 ″ x 2.6 het inches, it is easy to hide.

And despite its size, it packs an impressive 158 GPH and consumes just 7 watts. Making it very energy efficient.


  1. Its small size makes it easy to hide.
  2. Silent and energy efficient
  3. Flow is adjustable
  4. 3 year guarantee
  5. Use with fresh and salt water tanks


  1. Exposed steel parts can rust when used for a salt water tank
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8. Super SunSun Aquarium Power Head

Best Aquarium Water Pumps

Another quiet and energy efficient water pump, it pumps 158 gallons per hour at just 8 watts.


  1. Quiet
  2. Adjustable flow
  3. Suitable for fresh and salt water tanks


  1. Many reports of poor durability.
  2. Hoses can be difficult to install
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9. Aquatop NP-302 Water Pump

Best Aquarium Water Pumps

With a GPH of 130 it is more suitable for smaller aquariums.

However, due to its size, it is energy efficient with only 6 watts. And the flow is also adjustable.

If you want a compact water pump that is very quiet this might be for you.


  1. Compact
  2. Very quiet and energy-efficient
  3. Suitable for fresh and saltwater tanks
  4. Adjustable flow


  1. The installation and attachments can be complicated and cause problems
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10. EcoPlus 728310 396 Water Pump

Best Aquarium Water Pumps


Now this water pump can be used in-line and completely submerged. So if you’re in doubt or want options, this might be for you.

It is also available from 75 to 7400 GPH and the wattage changes accordingly.

However, if you’re looking at watts usage at 158 GPH (same as the others we’ve reviewed), use 26.5. A big difference from the others that only consume 8 and 7 watts.

It is extremely reliable, quiet and beginner-friendly. If you want it to be as quiet as possible I recommend using the inline submersible setting.


  1. Extremely quiet
  2. Durable and Reliable
  3. Suitable for fresh and salt water tanks
  4. Available for a wide variety of tank sizes


  1. Use more watts
Check Price On Amazon

How to Choose an Aquarium Water Pump?


When choosing an aquarium water pump, you need to think about the features that your fish need in their aquarium.

Water pumps are used for a variety of reasons such as draining and filling your aquarium, moving water through the tank’s filtration system and can even be used to create waves in your aquarium so that everything moves well for the fish.

Once you have decided what features you need in your aquarium, you can move on to other details of the pump.

GPH flow rate

You need to consider the size of your tank and the amount of water you need to pump before choosing a water pump.

In general, your water pump should be able to turn the water in your tank about five times an hour.

This means that if you have 10 gallons of water in your tank, ideally your water pump should be running at a minimum speed of 50 GPH to ensure efficient and thorough cleaning.

Submersible pump or in-line pump

You can also decide whether you prefer an inline or submersible pump for your water tank.

Inline pumps are external pumps that come out of the water, while submersible pumps run underwater in your filter sump. Thinking about these properties in advance is essential to find a good water pump.


How Does an Aquarium Water Pump Work?

Now that you have found a good starting point for what you are looking for in a water pump, it is a good idea to understand how the water pump works. The exact operation of your water pump depends on the type of pump you have.

In general, all water pumps have the main function of sucking water in and out of the filter system of the tank. This can be done magnetically, with the force of air, with propellers or with the help of rollers.

The components of your water pump work to create a pressure that pushes the water through the filter, and to create a pull to pull it out.

If your pump is working properly, you should be able to complete this process several times an hour with all the water in your tank.


Where Do I Put the Water Pump in My Aquarium?

Where you place the water pump in your aquarium will depend on the type of pump it is.

If you’re using a submersible pump, you can place it anywhere in your water supply as long as it’s completely submerged. Since these types of pumps use suction cups, you can place it just about anywhere the suction cup will stick and it can remain submerged.

For in-line or remote pumps, you must keep the pump dry and out of the water to function properly. An in-line pump often requires additional installation services because it must be installed above the water without the use of suction cups, as with submersible pumps.

In-line pumps can also be installed by drilling a hole in the main filter sump, allowing systems to be connected and run independently. You can use the services of an installation technician to get a good idea of where to place your pump in line if you are unsure of how to proceed.


How Do I Install the Aquarium Water Pump?

This leads to the topic of how exactly to install your Best aquarium water pump. Again, this depends on the type of water pump you have.

Submersible pumps are quite easy to install as you only need to stick the suction cups in a place that can hold them. These should keep the water pump submerged and in place, and once your suction cups are in place, your water pump is installed!

When it comes to external water pumps, you need to find a place to securely connect your water pump so that it does not come into contact with water. You can do this by installing a suction cup and pump tray near the water. Alternatively, you can install the pump directly into the filtration system by drilling a hole in the sump filter if you are experienced.

If all else fails, you can hire an installation technician, especially for larger filters that require more prep work, to perform this service for you. Unless you have a large amount of water that you are trying to filter, your technician can complete this service for you in a day or two.


Aquarium Pump FAQs

Where should I place my aquarium pump?

Where you place the pump is determined by the type of pump installation and its function.

If you don’t think about it carefully, it can ruin all of your plans and you will run out of space.

How Loud Are Aquarium Pumps?

Loud noises are one of the biggest problems associated with aquarium pumps and many manufacturers have been working to address this issue. The noise can be not only irritating to the owner, but also harmful to the inhabitants of the aquarium.

The noise that an aquarium pump makes again depends on its function, size and type of installation.

However, expensive pumps make less noise on average and generally turn out to be more environmentally friendly in terms of disturbance.



Keeping the water your fish live in clean is the most important way to keep them healthy. Now that you know a little more about what to look for in a good water filter, as well as some good contenders and how / where to install them, you are on your way to getting your own water pump that meets your needs. and ultimately give your fish the best possible environment.

Keeping the water clean and providing your fish with a nutritious diet will likely help your friends have a long, carefree life ahead of them. It all starts with the Best Aquarium Water Pump and the love and time you spend taking care of them.

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