[Updated] Best Aquarium Media Reactor in 2023 (REVIEWS)

[Updated] Best Aquarium Media Reactor in 2023 (REVIEWS)

If your aquarium filter cannot keep up with your aquarium, you have probably tried several solutions. But believe it or not, flushing or replacing the filter media can hurt more than it can help. It can be difficult to recover from disrupted colonies of beneficial bacteria.

A media reactor (also called a phosphate reactor) is an advanced type of chemical filtration method, which you can use for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. They are generally cylindrical in design and you can fit any filter media you like before submerging it in the water. Your pump then allows the water in the tank to flow through the pipe so that the water is properly filtered.

Comparison Table

CustomSiteStripe ImageTitleReviewBuy
Top PerformanceAquaMaxx Fr-Se GFO Carbon And Biopellet Hang-On Filter Media Reactor4.5/5.0Check Price
cheapestInnovative Marine Minimax Pro Series Media Reactor4.4/5.0Check Price


One way to combat this is to use the best aquarium medium reactor, a tubular configuration that uses upflow for effective and efficient filtration. A media reactor may be just the boost your aquarium needs to get back on track.

They can remove valuable bacterial deposits and you will not be able to restart after such an error. Therefore, one way to deal with this is to use the best aquarium media reactors, a tube-like structure known to perform efficient filtration.

Top 8  Best Media Reactors for Your Aquarium

Best Aquarium Media Reactor Reviews

1. Two Little Fishies Phosban Filter Media Reactor

Best Aquarium Media Reactor

This reactor from Two Little Fishies is an efficient way to use PhosBan or any other chemical filtration media.

Water gets pushed up from the bottom and through the dispersion plate and evenly forces the water through the filtration media for more effective treatment.

There are connections for ½-inch hoses and the inlet out outlet have flexible fittings that can rotate 90-degrees to fit any installation. The recommended flow rate is 20 to 30 GPH which is ideal for a tank up to 150 gallons.

The reactor itself is constructed entirely of plastic and acrylic materials and can be used in either freshwater or saltwater. It’s well made and a good bargain for the price.

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2. AquaMaxx Fr-se GFO Carbon and Biopellet Hang-on Filter Media Reactor

Best Aquarium Media ReactorThis AquaMaxx reactor is a great multi-purpose filter made for smaller tanks. How much you filter depends on the media.

You can use it with 150 gallons when using GFO, 75 gallons when using activated charcoal and up to 50 gallons when using BioPellets. Simply adjust the flow rate for the medium of your choice.

Upflow design keeps media suspended for maximum contact time and more effective filtration. It comes with a bracket that helps hold the intake and exhaust pipes securely in place for easy positioning and placement.

It is made of high quality acrylic that holds up well and can be used with fresh or salt water. Although it is specially designed to be hung on the tank, you can also easily install it indoors.

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3. Innovative Marine Minimax Pro Series Media Reactor

Best Aquarium Media Reactor

This reactor fits all Innovative Marine Fusion all-in-one aquariums. It also has an all-in-one design. You can use it with biofilters, GFOs and carbon filter media and its unique design is user friendly and easy to customize.

An innovative dual chamber design gives you fast and responsive flow control at the turn of a knob without the need for ball valves, inlet or outlet lines. An internal chamber acts as a removable cartridge that simply slides out and quickly drains water without tools or screws.

Although it is designed for all-in-one aquariums, you can also use it directly in wells. It is one of the smallest products out there, but it is combined with sensitive power control, low power consumption and easy maintenance; is something important.

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4. AquaMaxx Fluidized GFO and Carbon Filter Media Reactor

Best Aquarium Media Reactor

A reactor specially designed for use in reef and marine tanks is the one from AquaMaxx. It’s versatile enough to be used with any medium you choose to clean your tank of contaminants, odors and discoloration.

Upflow design keeps filter media floating and evenly distributed to ensure long contact time for best results. That’s not all, this reactor can be placed directly on the tank or hung outside with a separate adapter so that you have the configuration that best suits your tank.

These reactors are thoroughly tested in saltwater environments for quality and reliability. The Grade A polished acrylic material is strong and durable, and the precision-cut, computer-engineered construction is built to last.

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5. AQUATOP MR-20 Reactor

Best Aquarium Media Reactor

AQUATOP MR-2O is the best aquarium reactor on the market. The brand is known for producing reliable and efficient reactors with multiple functions. They also have different types of media filters to use with the reactors.

This device is all in one reactor because it includes a sediment release filter, a submersible pump and all the other components you need for plumbing so you don’t have to buy things separately.

The reactor is acrylic and measures up to 15 inches in length and 2.5 inches in diameter. It is suitable for fifty to seventy-five gallon reef tanks. The kit is also quite easy to set up as it works with tank or sump fittings.

With this reactor you get two pieces of connector. It also includes a suction cup mount on the bottom and a hook on the top to hold the device securely. Despite all these features and components, the product is still quite cheap.

This reactor uses the upflow mechanism, which is good because the filtration process will be efficient. In addition, the device has an easy-to-remove cap.

This is made possible by a recessed O-ring. Another item that makes this product worthwhile is the SWP-230 flexible water flow pump, which maintains a quiet filtration process. It is known to work with different filter media.

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6. Accel Aquatics Filter Media Reactor FR-30

Best Aquarium Media Reactor

If you are looking for a reactor designed explicitly for biopellets, the Accel Aquatics FR-30 Filter Media Reactor is for you. Although you can use this device to fluidize GFO and remove phosphate from your tank.

The reactor is designed to be able to fluidize the bipellet media even without using a high flow rate. This is done by a unique flow stimulator known as an eductor which is placed in the reactor and which increases the turbulence.

The robust movement of the water continuously drives the biopellets. It also has an inverted cone-shaped bottom, which prevents media from sinking or clumping to the bottom.

In addition, the equipment is quite easy to install and manage. You can adapt the flexible inlet to your preferred tank setup. It is also easy to add the media.

All you need to do is open a small screw cap at the top, unlike other reactors it is not necessary to remove the cap completely. As mentioned above, you can use other filter media in this reactor.

This includes carbon and granular ferrous oxide (GFO). You can use the water pump which can manage the flow specifications of your chosen filter media.

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7. AquaFX Reactor Dual Chamber

Best Aquarium Media Reactor

You must purchase the pump separately. But it does have dual media capabilities, which should go without saying, as it has two 10-inch cameras side by side.

You also get a stainless aluminum bracket, a 10-inch filter wrench for changing media, and several lengths of hose, including a half-inch coupling for pumps like the MJ1200.

You can also get carbon filters and GFOs from AquaFX.

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8. Reef Octopus Beginner Media Filter 4 Inch Chamber w/ Pump

Best Aquarium Media Reactor

This is another complete media reactor kit. Including feeding pump, various hoses and all necessary accessories.

It is suitable for GFO and carbon media and can be used externally or internally. This can be used for tanks up to 180 gallons.

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What is a Media Reactor?

Everyone knows that filtration is one of the most important parts of aquarium maintenance. Poor water quality can have a profound effect on your fish and plants, but maintenance can be difficult.

Filters need to be rinsed every few weeks and the filter itself needs to be replaced every month. The problem with this is that it disrupts a significant portion of the beneficial bacteria colonies that are needed to maintain the nitrogen cycle in the tank.

Most beneficial bacteria live in the substrate in your tank, but filter media is your next favorite place to grow. Rinsing and replacing removes these colonies and takes time to reestablish.

A simple way to avoid this problem is to use a media reactor. A media reactor is an advanced filter with a tube-shaped design. The water moves through an inlet to the bottom of the reactor and then rises through the filter media before returning to the tank.

This upward filtration is much more effective than a typical filter mainly because there is more surface area, which means more contact between the water and the filter itself.


Are Media Reactors Necessary or Not?


If your regular filter seems to work fine, you may not need a media reactor. It all depends on the size of the tank and what it contains.

Sometimes it’s helpful to start with a regular filter and add a media reactor if you feel you need one. You can always start with a standard filter, see how it works, and make the necessary changes in the future with a media reactor.

That said, if you have a large reef tank, media reactors are often worth the investment. Any tank with many needs and a variety of plants, corals and fish can benefit from the increased filtration media reactors provide.


How to Install Media Reactor?

Installation varies slightly from model to model, but there are a few basic things they all have in common.

1. Find a suitable location for the reactor. Some can be placed inside and others can be hung on the back of the tank, but you should place it in an easily accessible place.

2. Make sure the hose is properly connected and the cable is secured in place. Some of these reactors come with tubes, some don’t, but it’s a good idea to have extra tubes on hand regardless of the different installation scenarios.

3. In particular, connect the inlet hose to the pump and place the pump in the tank.

4. Then connect the outlet hose to the reactor. If using a sediment filter, place it at the end of the exhaust tube.

5. Remove the cap and fill it with your preferred filter media. It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for aquarium size, flow rates and other precautions for each type of medium.

6. Place sponges and strainers on and under other media.

7. Replace the cap and turn the pump on.

Once your reactor is up and running, regular maintenance is important to keep it running efficiently.

Some maintenance services are:

  • Disconnect the power supply and then remove the pump from the tank for cleaning.
  • Rinse the sponges and strain.
  • Only clean the impeller with water. Never use soap or detergent.
  • Use a small brush to clean the inside of the motor housing.
  • Clean the pump, impeller and inlet every three to four weeks.


Factors to consider before choosing the Best Aquarium Media Reactor

Size / Capacity

There are many sizes to choose from, so you should choose the one that is compatible with your tank size. Since most manufacturers design different sizes for different types of tanks, it is easier for you to select.


This is one of the essential parts of an aquarium reactor. Therefore, you should choose a brand that produces a reliable and stable pump. You can also buy a reactor that does not contain a pump, and you can buy the pump separately.

The pump is like a vital organ because it does all the work to bring the water directly into the reaction chamber. So before you buy the pump separately or together with the reactor, you should read the reviews carefully.

In this way you also know the meaning of the pump and you get an idea of ​​which brand you should choose for a stable pump.

Design and quality

As we mentioned before, reactors are a chamber, a pump and some valves that will help you catch the water flow in the chamber or enter the chamber to charge or change the medium.

Therefore, one of the most important features when choosing a suitable aquarium reactor is to see if it is made of quality materials and built with a solid finish.


When it comes to choosing the best aquarium reactor, in addition to its features, you should also consider its cost. However, an essential factor to verify is to see if the desired model includes a pump.

This is because buying an expensive aquarium reactor that does not have a pump will cost you more in the future because you have to buy it separately. But this also does not mean that you should select an overpriced model with a pump.



Sometimes a normal aquarium filter is just not enough to meet the requirements of your aquarium. If so, a media reactor is a quick and easy way to make sure your water is clean and balanced.

There are plenty of great options out there whether you are looking for the best nano medium reactor for a nano tank or something that will fit in your 150 gallon saltwater tank. We hope the information in this guide helps you choose the best option for you.

10 Best Aquarium co2 Diffuser For Your Aquarium Plants

Best co2 Diffuser

Getting enough CO2 in a planted aquarium is a vital part of having a thriving aquatic environment. We’ve put together a list of the best aquarium CO2 diffuser to help you choose the right one for your tank.

To have a live, densely-planted freshwater aquarium, you need to fertilize your plants with carbon. Carbon is not easily replenished in liquid or solid form like other fertilizers and is generally supplied as gas. To mix carbon dioxide gas into your aquarium water, you need an efficient aquarium CO2 diffuser.

Comparison Table

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

They are designed to add the right amount of CO2 quickly and easily and are generally inexpensive and easy to install.

Top 10 Best Aquarium co2 Diffusers for Your Aquariums

Best Aquarium CO2 Diffuser Reviews

1. Pm0606 Micro CO2 Bubble Diffuser

Best Aquarium co2 Diffuser

The Pmo606 Micro Co2 Bubble Diffuser is a good choice if you are looking for something that produces micro-fine bubbles, which help disperse CO2 quickly, making it readily available to your plants.

This diffuser is made of sturdy glass that does not break easily. It’s washable and can be used over and over again without having to replace it.

Part of the reason this diffuser is so effective is because it is so light and airy, the reason it can produce so many fine bubbles. It is cup-shaped and has a large surface ceramic disc for greater effectiveness.


  • Produces micro bubbles
  • Sturdy glass


  • None that we can see
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2. JARDLI Pollen Glass CO2 Diffuser with Bubble Counter

Best Aquarium co2 Diffuser

The JARDLI Pollen Glass CO2 diffuser is a great choice if you are looking for an aesthetic match to your aquarium. It creates little bubbles that look lavish in your display tank, while giving your plants an easy way to absorb what they need to grow. The ceramic membrane has a large surface area and is therefore able to create so many bubbles.

This is a small diffuser, only 0.8 inches, and is designed for use in tanks under 20 gallons. It is compatible with 4/6mm CO2 tubes and is made of high quality materials like glass and ceramics.

To make sure everything is working properly, wet the glass tube before attempting to connect any tubes. This acts as a lubricant and the tube slides without risk of damage.

It’s also important to ensure that the ceramic disc, tube and other surfaces are soaked for at least 30 minutes before use.


  • Large bubble production
  • Aesthetic look


  • Only designed for tanks under 20 gallons
Check Price On Amazon


3. fibst CO2 Diffuser for Aquarium

Best Aquarium co2 Diffuser

The Fibst co2 diffuser is a little different from the others we tested as it is made of stainless steel instead of glass. Stainless steel does not rust or corrode and can last a long time in your aquarium.

It also adds a simple and elegant piece of art to the environment. Produces fine, round bubbles as opposed to partial bubbles created by other diffusers.

Cleaning is easy, just turn the stainless steel mug to remove the ceramic blade cover. Installation is also a breeze, just hook the diffuser over the edge of the tank and use the stainless steel fitting to secure it.

Another great thing about this one is that it comes with a pretty impressive warranty. You get 6 months for the ceramic plate and 24 months for the other parts.


  • Stainless steel make
  • Simple and elegant
  • Easy installation
  • 6-24 month warranty


  • None that we can see
Check Price On Amazon


4. JARDLI Music Glass CO2 Diffuser for Aquarium Plant

Best Aquarium co2 Diffuser

The JARDLI music glass CO2 diffuser is designed for large tanks of 75 gallons or more. The unique, artistic look isn’t obtrusive and doesn’t detract from the aesthetic of the tank, yet still adds a bit of movement and visual appeal.

The large 2-inch diameter and ceramic membrane create a broad mist of tiny CO2 bubbles. This is very important because it is much easier for the smaller bubbles to diffuse into the water, making the CO2 usable for your plants.

It comes with two suction cups for easy installation and the diffuser itself is made of high quality borosilicate glass which is very strong and durable. The construction is excellent and makes a great addition to any large plant aquarium.


  • Unique visual appeal
  • Creates small bubbles
  • Strong, durable glass


  • None that we can see
Check Price On Amazon


5. STARSIDE Aquarium CO2 Diffuser

Best Aquarium co2 Diffuser

Made of high quality material, the STARSIDE aquarium CO2 diffuser features a U-shaped design to match any countertop. Because it is made of resin and not glass, it is more resistant to bending and extremely durable.

It uses a ceramic disc that produces a steady stream of tiny bubbles that easily diffuse into the water to benefit your plants. Installation is also easy, simply using the suction cup to attach it to the side of the exhaust and adjust the U-bend as needed.

One of the best things about this design is that it’s very understated. The U-shaped section fits easily over the side of most rimless tanks and some tanks that also have a rim. If the U-shaped part does not fit, the rest of the diffuser still works with a simple tube.


  • Resin, U-shaped design
  • Durable and adaptable
  • Easy installation


  • None that we can see
Check Price On Amazon

6. Yosoo U-Shape DIY CO2 Diffuser

Yosoo’s U-shaped DIY CO2 diffuser is easy to install and operate. Use the included suction cup to attach it to the side of your tank and connect it to your CO2 source. The small see-through design is easy to hide so it won’t distract from your tank setup.

This diffuser is multifunctional. Not only is it an atomizer, but it also acts as a check valve, bubble counter and U-shaped air inlet. The U-shaped gasket makes it very easy to set up the tube and the bubble counter works well with accuracy.

The check valve is always handy and the aerator produces bubbles of the correct size for diffusion. This is a simple design that is highly effective and ideal for small to medium sized aquariums.


  • Small and inconspicuous
  • Multifunctional


  • None that we can see
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7. Hagen Fluval Ceramic CO2 Diffuser

The Hagen Fluval Ceramic Co2 Diffuser has a round plastic housing around a ceramic disc. It looks like a little black donut or tire. A small nipple protrudes from the top of the donut to which the CO2 pipe connects.

Everything can be attached to the side of the tank with a suction cup, leaving installation and use super simple.

It’s nice that this diffuser is easy to install and doesn’t break easily, but if we’re honest it doesn’t have an appeal visually. Most diffusers look great, but this one looks like an odd piece of plastic in the tank.


  • Simple installation and use
  • Durable


  • No aesthetic appeal
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8. Aquario Neo CO2 Diffuser L

The Aquario Neo CO2 diffuser is a unique addition to this list because it is the only diffuser that works with a do-it-yourself system. The membrane is so porous that it will bubble even at low pressure.

The diffuser housing is made of clear acrylic which is much more resistant to breakage than glass. The folks at Buce Plant even threw the diffuser on the floor and it still didn’t break.

Since there have been reviews of people complaining that their glass diffuser broke after a 6-inch drop, this is a huge advantage.


  • Sturdy acrylic material that won’t break easily
  • DIY system


  • None that we can see
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9. Fluval Ceramic CO2 Diffuser

If you are using the Fluval brand pressurized CO2 system in a small aquarium with a capacity of less than 30 gallons, the ideal replacement is this small Fluval Ceramic CO2 Diffuser. With its large ceramic disc, this diffuser produces a constant stream of fine bubbles.

It’s easy to install, and while it’s not the prettiest device, it gets the job done. It is also a very cheap replacement part, which is handy. It is perfect for Fluval systems and will work with most pressurized CO2 generators as long as they produce at least 30 psi (pounds per square inch).

This is a very basic diffuser and comes with some protection for the ceramic disc and a suction cup to hold it in place.

However, the diffuser is not very easy to clean and the ceramic disc cannot be removed from the housing. While you can soak everything in bleach or hydrogen peroxide to remove any stains or algae, the fittings seem to wear out quickly and this diffuser needs to be replaced regularly.

The Fluval is harder to break than glass diffusers, so for some users it may be a more durable and cost-effective option. Even if you have to replace it more often because of its marginal quality, it probably won’t break if you remove it for maintenance.


  • Cheaper option
  • Durable
  • Easy to install


  • No aesthetic appeal
  • Not easy to clean
  • Needs to be replaced regularly
Check Price On Amazon


10. Sera Flore CO2 Active Reactor 500

If you want the best CO2 reactor, the Sera Flore CO2 active reactor 500 is considered the top model for smaller aquariums. It is the ideal size for a planted tank under 160 gallons and works with pressurized and low pressure CO2 injectors. With two impeller blades, the Sera can spread up to 500 CO2 bubbles per minute in your aquarium.

The Sera can be installed in-line as part of your container filtration system, or you can use it with a pump in your aquarium. This flexibility allows you to position it in the optimal location based on your tank flow patterns and the location of your inlet and outlet lines.

CO2 reactors are significantly more efficient than other designs, so if you want to ensure that most of the CO2 in your system is available to your aquatic plants, this is the way to go.

Like all CO2 reactors, the Sera makes a lot of noise immediately after installation or maintenance, because air bubbles need time to escape. This isn’t the easiest diffuser to install either, but Sera has top-notch customer service and they are very helpful if you have any problems.


  • Location adaptability
  • Efficient bubble production


  • Difficult installation
  • Noise during installation and maintanence
Check Price On Amazon


What is a CO2 Diffuser and What is its Purpose?

Aquarium plants absorb carbon dioxide and give oxygen to the water. That said, they need more carbon dioxide to thrive then what is available in most freshwater aquariums. That’s where a CO2 diffuser comes in.

Since CO2 is a gas, it takes some effort to dissolve it in water. Just bubbling won’t provide the levels that plant life need to thrive. Diffusers work in part by increasing the surface area of water exposed to the gas.

This is generally achieved by passing CO2 through a ceramic disc. This agitates the water and keeps it in contact with the CO2 for longer, allowing it to be absorbed more efficiently.

How to Choose the Best CO2 Diffuser ?

Start with your tank size

Size matters when it comes to CO2 diffusers. A diffuser designed for 10 gallons is not big enough for 55.

The surface of the ceramic disc needs to be large enough to suck up the amount of gas you need for that much water and a smaller diffuser is not designed to handle the higher pressure required for a larger tank.

On the other hand, when using a diffuser designed for a larger tank, lower CO2 pressures may not be able to push the gas through the ceramic disc.

That is why it is important to buy a diffuser that is appropriate for the size of your tank.

Think about the overall quality

With a lot of aquarium equipment, you get what you pay for. CO2 diffusers are no different. Yes, it seems that some diffusers cost a lot more than others when you’re shopping.

A cheaper diffuser could be less efficient and may need to be replaced more regularly. CO2 is not free, so having a diffuser that doesn’t distribute it well through the water is a waste of money.

Sometimes you need to consider usage costs over time rather than just price.

What does the kit include?

Some diffusers come with additional equipment such as U-turns, bubble counters and/or check valves.

If you base much of your choice on price, it’s important to consider whether you need to purchase additional equipment.


Best Place to Put a CO2 Diffuser in Aquarium

Best Aquarium CO2 Diffuser

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to fitting a CO2 diffuser for optimal results.

First, it should settle near the bottom of the tank. The longer the bubbles stay in contact with the water, the more it will be absorbed. However, avoid placing it under the ground where the bubbles can be disrupted or blocked.

Avoid placing it between plants. While it may seem like this would be a good place to do it, as it benefits plants in the first place, it can cause unnecessary problems. You could run into the same problem as with the substrate, where bubbles to collect on the plants and mix into larger bubbles that are absorbed less effectively.

Remember that the goal is to circulate the CO2 bubbles as much as possible so they have more time to be absorbed. A good place to place it is under the filter return. That way, the water returning to the tank will push the bubbles down and they can circulate longer.

If you can’t place your diffuser that close to your filter, try placing it in a location where air bubbles are trapped in the flow created by the filter return.

Another thing to remember is that you may need to move the diffuser as plant life begins to grow. Don’t be afraid to adjust to your tank environment as you need to.


How to Install a CO2 Diffuser?

There are many different CO2 diffusers on the market and the installation of the varied models may be unique to each one. But here are some general guidelines:

Follow along the line from the CO2 tank to the aquarium.

The first device after your CO2 tank should be your check valve. This prevents water from flowing back into your CO2 tank when the pressure drops, for example when the power is turned off at night.

The next device should be your bubble counter (if you are using a separate device). This lets you know how fast gas is being fed into the system and allows you to increase/decrease the pressure and amount of CO2 pushed into the aquarium.

Next comes your U-bend. This is important because CO2 hoses can harden over time and bend where it bends over the edge of the tank.

The diffuser is the end of the line. You want to place it as low towards the bottom of the tank as possible. It’s totally fine if it’s just above the gravel. You want the bubbles to spend as much time underwater as possible.


Final Comments

In order for freshwater plants to thrive, most aquariums need extra CO2. By choosing the Best Aquarium CO2 Diffuser, carbon dioxide can be added effectively and your plants will have everything they need to thrive.


Best Goldfish Filters for Your Tank (Review & Guide) 2023

Best Goldfish Filters for Your Tank (Review & Guide) 2023

If you are a new pet fish owner, you may feel a little confused about which filters are best for your fish and which ones to avoid.

Famous for being absolutely lightweight, it is essential to have the best filter for your wave so that your water is not contaminated and does not harm your fish.

Comparison Table

CustomSiteStripe ImageTitleReviewBuy
Top Performance Marina Power Filter4.5/5.0Check Price
cheapestTetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter4.3/5.0Check Price

You may even be wondering if you need a filter for your tank. It sure is.

Making sure your goldfish tank is sparkling is one of the best ways to ensure they live a healthy life. Keeping the water they live in clean is an easy alternative to paying later with vet visits and expensive medications to help them feel better.

In this article, I’ll show you how to choose your Best goldfish filter and take a look at the best options on the market today so you can choose the Best gold fish filter for your needs.

The 10 Best Filters For Your Goldfish Tanks

Best Gold fish Filter Reviews

1. AquaClear Fish Tank Filter

Best Goldfish Filter

First up is the impressive Aqua Clear filter. This filter is a small but efficient product, ready to use almost straight out of the box. It is ideal for use in tanks that hold 5 to 70 gallons of water.

Despite its small size, this filter has approximately seven times the capacity and volume of comparable filters. This filter also comes fully loaded with many different layers of filter media inside to fully filter your tank every time.

The only problem with this filter is that the level of maintenance required is higher than with other filters. Due to the different layers of filter media, you will have to replace all these filters once every two to three months. That can be time consuming if you’re looking for a filter type to set and forget.

Check Price On Amazon

2. Marina Power Filter

Best Goldfish Filter

Third on the list is the Marina Power filter. This filter is the most profitable in this list. It has a slightly below average of only 20 gallons, comes with a multi-step filtration process and has four filter cartridges.

A great feature of the Marina Power filter is an adjustable water flow option, making it perfect for increasing or decreasing the flow depending on the needs of your fish.

This is a good starter filter as it is easy to install and has customization options until you know what works best for your fish.

One thing that goes against the Marina Power Filter is that it has a pretty low maximum gallon capacity.

While it’s good for the price and size, it’s still a little on the low side when it comes to this list. If you have a tank that is larger than 20 gallons, you will definitely want to choose something else.

Check Price On Amazon

3. Tetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter

Best Goldfish Filter

Tetra is a well-known brand when it comes to aquarium supplies and this multi-stage power filter is a prime example. The simple design is easy to use and maximizes oxygenation and agitation in the water while filtering impurities from the water.

This product uses a continuous flushing action to prevent the build-up of debris, so water continues to flow through the system unimpeded. The filter system uses different densities of yarn, carbon and a bioscrubber to provide mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.

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4. Whisper IQ Power Filter

Best Goldfish Filter

Tetra’s Whisper IQ filter uses StayClear technology, making maintenance a breeze. It uses a noise barrier between the motor and the filter and has anti-vibration technology for quiet operation.

This filter uses a bio scrubber to remove ammonia and nitrates from the water and has a special overflow to oxygenate the water coming out of the return nozzle and get the water moving. Maintenance is simple and the filter cartridges are easy to change.

Check Price On Amazon

5. Whisper In-Tank Filter with BioScrubber

Best Goldfish Filter

For those of you who prefer an in-tank filter to one that hangs from the back of your tank, this Tetra product is a great option. Installation is easy and the aquarium clip is included. With this pump, your tank can be placed against the wall, which is very useful if you have limited space.

This filter uses a double-sided dense mesh filter to trap large chunks of debris and debris, also providing the perfect place for beneficial bacteria to grow. Because the filter is located in the tank, it is much quieter than other types of filters.

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6. Fluval C Power Filter

Best Goldfish Filter

The Fluval C Power Filter Clip-on Energy Filter holds up to 70 gallons, but the recommended size is for 40 gallon aquariums. Power filters are generally designed for smaller filters, so the fact that it has a throughput of 264 gallons per hour is pretty impressive.

Its relatively small size, measuring 9 long, 6.5 wide and 8.5 high, makes it easy to fit in your tank without any problem with the space available.

Now, for the technical aspects, the filter has an innovative five-stage filtration: two mechanical, two biological and one chemical for crystal clear water.

The first two mechanical stages comprise a double layer of foam and polyester with a large surface area, which can be easily removed for quick cleaning. That layer works to trap large particles and fine debris.

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7. MarineLand Emperor Bio-Wheel Power Filter

Best Goldfish Filter

Last but not least is the MarineLand Emperor filter. Another great option from MarineLand, this filter packs in at an incredible flow rate of 400 GPH, and is also one of the largest on the list, with twice the filter cartridge capacity of most other filters.

It also has an oversized BIO wheel filtration system, meaning you can rest assured that the water in your tank is thoroughly cleaned and treated with every use.

A common problem that users encounter with this filter is that it is also a bit noisy. Usually this isn’t a problem with these types of filters, so it’s quite unusual to see this in this one.

However, if you don’t mind having some extra background noise, this is still a great option.

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8. Seachem Tidal 75 Aquarium Filter (Top Pick)

Best Goldfish Filter

I personally use this filter and can assure you that it is highly customizable and makes maintenance a breeze. Features a corrosion-resistant self-cleaning impeller suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The self-priming pump has adjustable flow using the rotary knob on the front, which also allows you to easily control the inlet flow.
Another point is that an adjustable spirit level on the bottom of the filter allows you to provide a suitable environment for your fish by controlling water movement and oxygenation.

When the water flow is stopped, most filters usually deal with some kind of problem where debris falls back into the filter. This filter solved this problem by designing the basket with raised slots that trap debris.

Still, the filter media tends to clog over time, eventually preventing water from passing through. When this happens in the Tidal 75, the water is routed around the filter and back into the aquarium. This water then pushes a maintenance monitor on top of the filter, letting the aquarium owner know it’s time to clean the filter media.

The bottom-up flow, through which water is pumped through the bottom of the basket and pushed out, ensures that the water meets all the filter media. This type of flow sets this high-performance filter apart from other hanging filters with a back-to-front flow. When using it, make sure that the water cannot circulate or bypass the filter media.

With a capacity of up to 75 gallons, it features an innovative design, with vent slots in the filter cover and vent slots in the exhaust stream that maximize gas exchange during filtration, ensuring fully oxygenated water is returned to the tank.

Check Price On Amazon

9. Penn-Plax Aquarium Canister Filter

Best Goldfish Filter

The Penn-Plax Aquarium Canister Filter is recommended for aquariums up to 150 gallons. Not only that, but container maintenance is easy thanks to two 360-degree swivel valve taps that can be easily removed while the hoses, inlet and outlet remain in the aquarium. Push button autoprimer provides quick and easy filter priming.

The filter is equipped with four large media baskets that allow for a wide range of aquarium filtration needs, suitable for all aquarists, while also allowing longer periods between replacements.

Installation is quick and easy with flow control shut-off valves, pool style hose clamps and self-priming push button for quick and easy filter filling.

Check Price On Amazon


Best Goldfish Filter

Goldfish naturally live in ponds, lakes and other standing waters. So in your aquarium you want a low flow filter.

With that in mind, we have chosen the Hikari Bacto-Surge High Density Foam Filter as the best goldfish filter.

The filter meets all our requirements and is very easy to use, install and maintain, while providing excellent biological and mechanical filtration for a healthy goldfish aquarium.

Check Price On Amazon

Does a Goldfish Tank Need a Filter?

Is it important to purchase a filter for your tank?

Yes, because changing the water every now and then can only do so much, but a filter that constantly turns the water on does so much more. Filters are an affordable and easy way to keep water moving and prevent bacteria from building up in your aquarium.

In addition to preventing water from stagnating, an aquarium filter also removes dirt and food debris from the aquarium. If these things were simply left in the water, they would quickly become a buffet table for harmful bacteria.

Not only that, but this type of waste also increases the ammonia content in the water. These rising levels of harmful ammonia can cause a host of problems for fish, including skin burns, swim bladder problems and general malaise.

Finding a good filter can be difficult, but it is an effort you must make to help your fish live happy and healthy lives.


How to Choose a Filter for Your Goldfish Tank?

Now that you understand a little about the different types of Best Goldfish Filter tank, you can turn your attention to finding a filter that meets your specific needs.

There are a few different things to consider when buying the right filter.

Goldfish Tank Size

The size of your aquarium is one of the first things to consider before purchasing a filter. A goldfish tank is measured by how many gallons of water it can hold at one time.

This amount is important when buying a filter because if the filter does not have a good maximum flow rate, your aquarium will not be cleaned properly and you risk making your fish sick. Figuring out how many gallons of water are in your tank is the first step in buying the right filter.

Water flow rate

The next thing to pay attention to is the flow rate of the water in your tank.

This is related to the size of your tank, so if you have a tank with 30 gallons of water, you should get a filter that can dump about five times that amount, or 150 gallons, in an hour.

Good water flow will keep your tank from cleaning too fast or too slow.

Types of Aquarium Filters for Goldfish

There are many different types of aquarium filters that you can try, such as sponge filters, power filters, and canister filters.

A sponge filter is usually used in breeding tanks and is powered by an air pump that pushes water through a spongy material. This also allows beneficial bacteria to take root and promote the health of the water.

An energy filter uses electricity to draw water through the different types of filter cartridges. These types of filters are also called HOB or trailing filters because they usually hang over the edge of your aquarium.

Finally, there is the bus filter. Canister filters use electricity and use a “water rod” to spread the stream of clean water along the length of the rod. This type of filtration is good for planted and saltwater aquariums.

Filtration technology system

There are three main types of filtration that occur in a healthy aquarium. Mechanical filtration is when water is forced into a filter designed to trap debris during transfer.

Chemical filtration refers to when toxic chemicals pass through a filter. This filter is specially designed to attract and remove these molecules from the water.

Finally, biological filtration takes place when different bacteria dissolve with the help of good bacteria. A biological filter promotes the growth of good bacteria and stops the appearance of harmful species.

All three filtration methods are necessary for a healthy aquarium, so a filter with equipment for all three is the best option.


Which Filter Is Best For Your Goldfish?

That is a difficult question to answer. In the end it all comes down to two options depending on the size of your aquarium.

If your aquarium is 100 gallons or more, the Fluval FX6 High Performance Aquarium Canister Filter is your best option. With an astonishing flow rate of 925 GPH it is more than sure to do the trick. Customizable features make it easy and hassle-free to use.

For smaller aquariums, exactly 55 gallons or less, the Seachem Tidal 75 Aquarium Filter is best. It has an internal motor that eliminates both noise and the need to fill the filter. Overall, it is a powerful filter with good water flow that provides excellent filtration.


Can Goldfish Live and Survive Without a Filter?

Goldfish are surprisingly hardy and will survive in an aquarium without a filter. However, fish can only live in poor water conditions for a short time.

The quality of the environment has a major influence on the lifespan of a goldfish. Healthy goldfish have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, while stressed goldfish only live two to three years.

Goldfish are characterized by being dirty and messy, requiring a filter. Novice aquarists often think that water changes are enough to keep the container clean, but it’s impossible to keep up with goldfish waste production.

If you see your pet gasping for air on the surface, the water conditions in their aquarium are harmful to them and the oxygen level is insufficient.



After all this information, you may feel overwhelmed at the idea of purchasing a best goldfish filter for your tank. The good news is that you can enlist the help of the experts at your local aquarium supply store to find out the details you may be confused about.

Once you’ve found your perfect filter, you can continue to use the same make and model and keep your fish happy.

{Updated 2022} Top 10 Best Aquarium Starter Kits For Beginners

{Updated 2022} Top 10 Best Aquarium Starter Kits For Beginners

Keeping an aquarium is a great hobby, but when you’re just starting out, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are some essentials you need to get your tank up and running, but how do you know what works best together?

One of the best places to start is with an aquarium kit. This is generally the most cost-effective way to get all or most of the products you need to get started without having to go to the pet store ten times. But not all aquarium kits are created equal! We’ve put together reviews of our favorite aquarium kits, including our best overall pick, best pick, and best premium kit.

Comparison Table

CustomSiteStripe ImageTitleReviewBuy
Top Performance Aqueon Fish Aquarium Starter Kits LED NeoGlow4.5/5.0Check Price
cheapestMarina LED Aquarium Kit4.4/5.0Check Price

Fortunately, there are many great starter kits to get you started. The best aquarium starter kits include the tank itself, as well as a suitable filter, multi-stage filter cartridges, water conditioners, and more. You get everything you need to set up your aquarium and get it ready for fishing.

In this guide, you can learn what makes the starter aquarium best for a freshwater community. Find out how to choose the perfect fish to suit your new aquarium and check out our reviews and recommendations for the best beginner tanks on the market today.

The 10 Best Aquarium Starter Kits For Beginners

Best Aquarium Starter Kit Reviews

1. MarineLand Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

best aquarium starter kit

It is a standing glass tank from MarineLand that comes with everything you need to set up your first aquarium. Plus, it’s a beautiful tank that won’t take up too much space on your table or counter. The shape of the portrait is unique and the curved edges give it a sleek and modern look.

A five gallon tank is a great size for beginners and everything you need is included. A three-stage filter with adjustable water flow is hidden in the rear panel. All cables are also concealed and the filter works quietly. Filter cartridges are also included.

This kit includes a hinged light above the tank that uses white and blue LEDs. You can create a suitable day and night cycle: white for bright daylight and blue for soft moonlight. A sliding glass canopy keeps debris out of the water and fish jumping without distracting the style.

Check Price On Amazon

2. Aqueon Fish Aquarium Starter Kits LED NeoGlow

best aquarium starter kit

This Aqueon starter kit is a great way to get started. It’s 10 gallons, so it gives you a little more choice in terms of how many fish you can keep. In addition, the neon silicone edges create a really modern look. Choose from orange, pink and green.

It includes a black background, bright multicolored gravel and three plants so you can settle in right away. The unobtrusive hood keeps the tank from looking too bulky and the integrated blue light makes the neon colors shine.

This kit also includes a silent flow filter, a medium filter cartridge and a water conditioner to start cycling right through the tank. It comes with fish food and a preset warmer, so it’s all set for when you add your fish.

The black gravel, bright colors and blue light create a truly unique look that adds something extra that you don’t get in most aquariums. It will really become an eye-catcher in your home.

Check Price On Amazon

3. Marina LED Aquarium Kit

best aquarium starter kit

If you want a larger aquarium, this marine kit comes with a 20 gallon tank and includes everything you need to get started. With the clip-on filter and the quick-change filter cartridges you can immediately start circulating your water. It even contains conditioned water to make tap water safe for your fish.

An LED lamp is built into the canopy that provides a natural light effect and a simple on/off switch so that you can switch off the light in the evening. You’ll also get a soft mesh net, a biological supplement to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria, and an aquarium guide to get you started.

This is a simple design with a black cap that helps maintain water temperature and prevents fish from jumping. Since it’s a bigger tank, you also have a lot more options when it comes to what kind of fish you can have in it.

Check Price On Amazon

4. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

best aquarium starter kit

This five gallon acrylic tank is a great option for small spaces. Keep it in your office, bedroom or directly on your counter. The seamlessly curved front looks sleek and modern and the black frame and upholstery blend in with any interior.

The included filter uses a double-sided dense mesh cartridge for mechanical filtration and activates charcoal to remove odors and any contaminants to keep the water clear and clean. Also included is a biobag for beneficial bacteria needed to balance water chemistry.

This is a perfect size aquarium for up to three community tropical fish or a single goldfish. Hidden LED lights illuminate the tank without being too obtrusive and the lid is designed for easy cleaning and water maintenance.

Check Price On Amazon

5. Aqueon LED Aquarium Kit

best aquarium starter kit

Another great starter kit is this 15 gallon tank from Aqueon. It comes with all the essentials: a preset heater, thermometer, bell with LED light, a Pro Power filter and a filter cartridge, as well as fish food, a soft mesh net and water conditioner.

The great thing about the filter included in this kit is that it has an LED indicator that lets you know when it’s time to buy a new cartridge. If the light flashes, it’s time for a new one. This helps to maintain a healthy environment for your aquarium by ensuring that the water is as clean as possible.

This tank has a slim design that gives your fish plenty of vertical space to explore. It is an attractive and modern design that will become the center of attention in any room. It doesn’t take up too much space either, so it won’t be difficult to find the perfect spot for it.

Check Price On Amazon

6. Koller Products Panaview Aquarium Kit

best aquarium starter kit

This 5 Gallon Aquarium Kit from Koller Products is a great option if you’re looking for a small, simple tank for your desk or counter. It is made from a single piece of clear plastic and because it has fewer seams than a glass tank, there is less chance of leakage.

LED lighting comes in seven different colors to choose from: white, blue, amber, green, red, purple and aqua. There are also four different lighting patterns to choose from for that transition from one color to another.

This kit includes a powerful internal filter with a flow rate of 45 gallons per hour, keeping the water as clear and clean as possible. The hood is designed to tilt up to allow moisture to drip back into the tank, keeping your table or countertop drip-free while cleaning or feeding.

Check Price On Amazon

7. Tetra 20 Gallon Complete Aquarium Kit

best aquarium starter kit

This all-in-one aquarium kit from Tetra comes with a 20 gallon glass aquarium, LED bell, Whisper 20 filter, Tetra HT 20 heater and several artificial aquarium plants.
Available in four different sizes ranging from 10 gallons to 55 gallons and comes with additional accessories such as a digital thermometer, fishing net, water conditioner, filter media and more.

Check Price On Amazon

8. SeaClear 20-50 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium Kit

best aquarium starter kit

This aquarium kit may not be as complete as some others on the market, it has an acrylic aquarium that is much stronger and more impact resistant than a glass tank.

Available in sizes ranging from 20 gallons to 50 gallons, this kit comes with a 24-inch bulb and reflector, as well as a colored background.

Check Price On Amazon

9. Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light

best aquarium starter kit

Uniquely designed to hide tank wiring and equipment, the Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit is a very attractive option.
This kit includes a six-sided glass aquarium for 360-degree viewing, as well as an LED light, a Fluval flow filter, and all the necessary filter media. The tank looks great, runs quietly and is very easy to install and maintain.

Check Price On Amazon

10. GloFish 29236 Aquarium Kit

best aquarium starter kit

The GloFish Aquarium Kit is a good, inexpensive option for smaller fish and invertebrates. The kit comes in 1.5 and 3 gallon options and is made of plastic with a clear plastic fuel cap. The 1.5 gallon tank measures 7.25″ x 8.5″ x 11.5″ and sits on a black pedestal base. The tank is made of seamless plastic and has a solid black bottom.

This kit includes a 2-stage filtration system and an easily accessible hood that opens with a hinge and has built-in LED lighting. Like most GloFish tanks, it features blue LED lighting to bring out the bright colors of GloFish, but will create the same effect with goldfish, guppies, tetras, bettas and other types of colored fish and invertebrates. This lighting effect gives this tank a special interest and makes the tank small enough to sit on a desk, in a hallway or even in a bathroom.

Check Price On Amazon

What is the Best Aquarium Starter Kit?

All these kits are great and they are so different that it is really hard to pick just one, but we really love the Aqueon LED Aquarium Kit.

It comes with a large number of accessories, including a filter cartridge, heater, net, water conditioner and fish food.

The filter has an LED indicator light that lets you know when it’s time for a new filter cartridge, which is a great feature that can have a big effect on your water quality if you don’t always remember when it’s time to change the filter. filter.



There is a lot to consider when choosing a Best aquarium starter kit. Remember that the bigger the tank, the more fish you can have. First, figure out what type of fish you want and which tank size best suits your space and budget.

These kits have everything you need to get your tank up and running and some even come with water conditioners, fish food and other things you need to maintain your tank and keep your fish happy and healthy.

Top 9 Best CO2 System For Planted Aquarium [Updated 2023]

Top 9 Best CO2 System For Planted Aquarium [Updated 2023]

A CO2 system’s purpose is to inject carbon dioxide into an aquariums ecosystem to help plants absorb it more whilst dispensing oxygen throughout the tank. It helps aquarium plants thrive and create a better oxygen source for your fish. For aquarium enthusiasts who have had trouble establishing healthy planted tanks, finding the Best CO2 System For Planted Aquarium from our list below could be very beneficial.

Comparison Table

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:


Different varieties of aquatic plants can require specific levels of pH and CO2 to be at their healthiest. A complete CO2 system can properly monitor, maintain and adjust CO2 levels in your tank and maintain stable pH levels in the process.

We’ve listed our Best CO2 System For Planted Aquarium below.


Top 9 Best CO2 System For Your Planted Aquarium

Best Aquarium CO2 System Reviews

1. Rhinox DIY Pressurized CO2 System 

Best CO2 System For Planted Aquarium

The Rhinox DIY Pressurized CO2 System is great for those who like a light assembly option, and is cheaper than other conventional CO2 systems.

This system is DIY, allowing you to customize how you want to present and create it. The kit comes with all the equipment you need, including a needle valve, pressure gauge, check valve and tube.

This product does require quite a bit of maintenance. The setup is DIY, but it’s also necessary to change the liquid that generates CO2 regularly, unlike some other CO2 systems.

However, an interesting added bonus with the Rhinox system is that it can be used to create homemade beverages like beer and wine in addition to creating a healthy ecosystem in your tank.

3.8/5 STARS


  • DIY system
  • Cheaper option
  • Can be used to make beverages


  • Can be finicky
Check Price On Amazon

2. VASCA Hagen Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit

Best CO2 System For Planted Aquarium

The VASCA Hagen Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit is strictly not DIY, it just has the installation process.

This makes the system more ideal for beginners as everything is delivered pre-assembled. The kit comes with CO2 in small sealed tanks that plug into your aquarium. The valves and other parts are already set up, all you need to do is insert and open the seal.

Due to the ease and effectiveness of this product, the Hagen system is one of the pricier CO2 systems on the market. 2.2/5 STARS (6 reviews)


  • 3 replacement cartridges
  • Complete kit


  • Customer reviews rated product low
  • Quality issues
  • Overpriced
Check Price On Amazon


3. CO2 Art Pro-Elite Series CO2 Regulator  Best CO2 System For Planted Aquarium

CO2 Art Pro-Elite Series CO2 Regulator is a professional grade planted tank system. CO2 Art is a privately-held company based in Las Vegas. This top-of-the-line system comes with a 10-year warranty and a maximum working pressure of 80 PSI.

This regulator is built for aquariums up to 1000 gallons, and has a customized magnetic block with a high precision needle valve, check valve and bubble counter.

The company provides excellent technical and customer support even after you receive it. It’s also been endorsed by George Farmer, one of the most recognised aquatic landscape architects on YouTube.

4.7/5 STARS (4 ratings)


  • Dual stage prevents end of tank dump
  • Adjustable working pressure
  • Includes needle valve & bubble counter
  • 10-year warranty


  • None that we could see
Check Price On Amazon


4. FZone Aquarium CO2 Regulator  

The FZone Aquarium CO2 Regulator is a relatively high quality product set at a very reasonable price. The controller is able to run on DC power, meaning it consumes less electricity and is easier to operate in the event of a power outage.

This pack comes with a 1-year warranty and also comes with a bubble counter, allowing you to monitor the flow of your CO2 using a high-precision needle valve. The bubble counter has a check valve function and offers a three-stage regulator.

It won’t fit standard paintball tanks, but the accessory to house them isn’t that expensive. However, given its features and price, it is a good option to consider.

4.1/5 STARS


  • Dual gauge
  • Quiet
  • Alloy (won’t rust)
  • Fine precision readings
  • Inexpensive


  • Quality issues
  • Some reviews say fittings leak
Check Price On Amazon

5. NilocG Aquatics CO2 Mini Regulator with Solenoid

The NilocG Aquatics CO2 Mini Regulator is a good option for those with limited space or who want to use a paintball tank instead of a standard CO2 tank.

It is a high quality, compact aluminium design. This kit is a better consideration for those with smaller tanks or are wanting discreet machinery in their aquariums.

Due to the small size however, it does lack some features other CO2 systems wouldn’t, such as a bubble counter. But the needle valve is quite accurate.

4.1/5 STARS (4 ratings)


  • Fits full size CO2 tank
  • Aluminium (won’t rust)
  • Precision CO2 flow
  • US tank fittings
  • Small size


  • No bubble counter
Check Price On Amazon


6. CO2 Art Inline Diffuser 

Another CO2 Art product we recommend is the CO2 Art Inline Diffuser. Unlike standard diffusers, which are cheap and need frequent maintenance, this is an in-line atomizer.

This product is mounted in line with a filter, such as a canister filter, and are less affected by flow in the viewing tank. They produce a fine mist, making the bubbles in the tank less noticeable.

Similar to other products from this brand, it’s a high quality atomizer that only needs to be cleaned every 2-4 months and will last for a long period of time. They can withstand a lot of pressure and can service larger tanks.

4.6/5 STARS


  • Nano CO2 mist technology
  • Durable crack resistant metal body
  • Precision controls
  • Replacement ceramic membrane


  • None that we could see
Check Price On Amazon

7. Sera Flore CO2 Reactor – 66-160 gal

CO2 reactors, like the Sera Flore CO2 Reactor, capture CO2 and keep it in their chambers until it is completely dissolved. It’s a great option if you’re wanting a bubble-free, fog-free display tank.

They are a more effective choice than diffusers or atomizers, but require a little more touch to get right. You also need to buy the right size to handle your load.

The Sera reactor can work externally or internally, which makes them a great product for those with aquarium sinks.

3.9/5 STARS


  • Easy to install and clean
  • Acrylic
  • A reactor
  • Can be installed in an aquarium sink


  • Finicky
  • Quality issues
Check Price On Amazon


8. Mr. Aqua Turbo Diffuser 

The Mr. Aqua Turbo Diffuser is a great option for aquarium wells. It’s a modified power head that goes internally into your aquarium and works to dissolve CO2.

It’s a simple and effective product. It’s also a separate device, making it easy to disconnect and maintain instead of taking out pipes with an in-line reactor.

Cleaning is easy, and it’s an easy diffuser to take out and replace if it ever breaks. The design is simple and compact too.

2.7/5 STARS


  • Suit tanks up to 100 gallons
  • Small compact design


  • Noisy
Check Price On Amazon


The Fluval Pressurized CO2 System Kit is an all-in-one complete CO2 System that can be installed straight into your aquarium.

The kit comes with everything you need, including a holding bracket to keep it all stable once installed. Installation and maintenance is simple and easy.

This kit includes a bubble counter and regulator, and is suitable for tanks around 10-15 gallons.

3.9/5 STARS


  • Complete CO2 kit
  • Includes bubble counter and regulator


  • Quality issues
Check Price On Amazon

Benefits of CO2 Systems in Planted Aquariums

For a planted aquarium to thrive, the tank needs to be supplied with two things: light and carbon dioxide.

Tanks that operate in closed rooms can mean CO2 supplies can be quickly exhausted and your plants won’t be able to photosynthesize properly. Plants may wilt or eventually die, and oxygen that they produce as a result of photosynthesis will no longer reach your fish and other live animals in the tank.

Installing a CO2 system into your planted aquarium means you’re providing a consistent and reliable source of CO2 into the environment. Allowing your plants to complete their cycle of photosynthesis and live longer and healthier. Plants can then work to keep your tank’s natural environment healthy and be an active source of oxygen for your live pets.


How Does an Aquarium CO2 System Work?

Best CO2 System for Planted Aquarium

There are three main types of CO2 systems that can be operated with your aquariums; manual, semi-automatic and automatic system.

Regardless of the system, most of the features are the same and the main purpose is to replenish the carbon dioxide supply in the water.

Manual CO2 systems operate based on fermentation products. CO2 is produced as a by-product of yeast fermentation, which is stored in a separate bottle from the generator. The bottle is connected to your tank and the CO2 by-product is released through a diffuser or powerhead.

This type of system works best with smaller tanks, as they require some maintenance, but are usually the cheaper option compared to the other types of systems.

Semi-automatic CO2 systems operate with a specific configuration to transport CO2. The gas comes through a pipe connected to the CO2 tank and the water. The system automatically opens the CO2 valve based on a timer, making it semi-automatic.

Medium-size tanks are ideal for these systems, as maintenance is less prominent. You also don’t have to spend time to manually check and add CO2 to the tank.

Automatic CO2 systems are similar to semi-automatic, except that nothing more needs to be done after installation. The system can automatically measure the amount of CO2 in the water and adjust the levels accordingly.

This is a more accurate choice for your tank and is ideal for larger aquariums that require more CO2 for plants.


How to Set Up a CO2 System for a Planted Tank?

As with the methods of transferring CO2, the actual setup of your CO2 system depends on the type you buy. If you choose a DIY system, more time is required to set up compared to an automatic one.

For DIY or manual systems, you start by creating a liquid that can ferment, like grape juice. You then connect the fermentation bottle to a valve that leads the carbon dioxide to your tank. Once everything’s been installed, you can manually open the valve occasionally to let CO2 into the tank.

For both semi- and fully automated CO2 systems, you just need to connect the CO2 tank to your tank. This is done with tubing and valves. The specifics for your tank are in the instructions, but the main idea is to make a connection.

Once you establish the connection, all you have to do is monitor the CO2 levels in the water.


FAQS About CO2 In Planted Tanks

  • Is CO2 harmful to fish?

CO2 when used in moderation is not harmful to your live fish and pets. However, if your tank is saturated with high levels of CO2 for a long period of time, it could cause a danger to your fish.

  • Do planted tanks need CO2?

All plants need CO2 to complete photosynthesis. In closed tanks, your plants may be able to get small amounts of CO2, but it may be detrimental to their health in the long run. Added CO2 injections can make your plants grow faster, while also helping their color, health and shape.

  • Can a plant benefit from CO2 in low light?

Absolutely, CO2 is such a critical health component for aquarium plants. Plants in low light + low power + CO2 are actually a great way to grow more slowly but in a healthy way in it’s aquatic environment.


Final Thoughts

Finding the Best CO2 System for Planted Aquariums is beneficial on so many levels, from helping your plants flourish and thrive, to providing your fish and other live animals with stable sources of oxygen. CO2 systems can keep the levels of CO2 in your tank stable with little to no maintenance on your behalf, depending on what style of system you choose.


[Updated 2023] Top 10 Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner For Use On Glass & Acrylic Tanks

[Updated 2023] Top 10 Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner For Use On Glass & Acrylic Tanks

One of the undeniable joys of being a fish farmer is without a doubt the aesthetics of maintaining an aquarium, of being able to look through the glass and enjoy the sight of your fish, plants, and ornaments coexisting in harmony.

When it comes to maintaining an aquarium, one of the most annoying things to deal with is algae. Not only is it ugly, it can also be very annoying to clean properly.

Comparison Table

CustomSiteStripe ImageTitleReviewBuy
Top Performance Jasonwell Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Glass Algae Glass Cleaner4..4/5.0Check Price
cheapestGulfstream Tropical AGU125MED Mag-Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner4.6/5.0Check Price

Cleaning aquariums and regularly removing algae without disturbing aquatic life is a daily chore that everyone hates. It keeps coming back no matter how many times you fix or delete them. Sometimes it becomes a chore if you don’t have the right tools for it. But you can enjoy it because the Best magnetic aquarium cleaners make the job easier.

That’s why we recommend using the best aquarium magnet cleaner to clean algae growth quickly and easily to keep your aquarium healthy and looking its best.

Here is a list of some of the best aquarium magnet cleaners:

Top 10 Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner For Your Aquariums

Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner Reviews

1. Flipper Magnetic Aquarium Tank Algae Cleaner

Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner

The Flipper didn’t get its name for nothing. It has a cleaning pad to remove soft algae and a scraper to remove the most stubborn things.

All you need to do to switch from one to the other is simply turn the lever. It is perfect for daily maintenance or a deeper clean. Use the pad side to clean most of the tank and switch to the scraper when you get close to the substrate so nothing is left on the pad.

There are even helpful videos available from the company showing exactly how to use it effectively.

This cleaner is designed for glass or acrylic tanks up to 1 inch thick and the low profile allows you to reach hard to reach corners and work around any plant or decor in the tank. It even floats, so you hardly have to get your hands wet.

You can even replace the blade if it loses its effectiveness. Contains sheet steel glass tanks and a plastic tank for acrylic.

Check Price On Amazon


2. Jasonwell Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Glass Algae Glass Cleaner

Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner

This Jasonwell Magnetic Cleaner is designed for glass tanks and is available in a few different sizes. When choosing a size, keep in mind that the larger the cleaner, the stronger the magnet. The smallest is best for glass tanks less than 0.12 inches thick, while the largest can handle up to 0.5 inches.

The side of the scrubber is made of cloth with small hooks that scrape away the algae without damaging the glass. On the outside, the surface of the handle is lined with felt so that it glides smoothly during cleaning.

A large, thick handle makes it easy to hold while you move it and the non-slip grip is also very handy. One more thing, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for 2 years, so there’s nothing to lose!

Check Price On Amazon


3. Gulfstream Tropical AGU125MED Mag-Float Glass Aquarium Cleaner

Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner

The Mag-Float is available in three different sizes, just choose the one that fits the thickness of your tank. The thicker the glass, the bigger the magnet you need to clean as effectively as possible.

It floats so you don’t have to worry about reaching into the tank when you need to pick it up.

Inside, a Velcro-style scrubbing pad scrapes away the algae as you move it around the outside of the tank. This cleaner does not have a handle like some of the other products we cover.

Instead, it has a long, wide dumbbell shape that’s easy to move with your fingers. One of the best things about this particular item is that it’s made of non-toxic plastic which protects the magnets from rusting so you can leave it attached to your tank when not in use so it’s ready for next time.

Check Price On Amazon


4. KASAN Algae Scrapers Aquarium Glass Cleaner

Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner

This KASAN algae cleaner has a strong magnet that does not fall off when you move it over the glass surface. Its small, lightweight size and ergonomic design make it easy to maneuver even with wet hands.

The clean, soft fabric cover won’t scratch the surface of your tank and works on 4mm to 15mm thick glass or acrylic. It not only cleans algae from inside the tank, but also dirt and water stains from the outside surface.

Once you have attached the magnet to the aquarium, you can leave it in the tank without worrying about any damage. KASAN covers this cleaning tool with 12 months of 24/7 customer service and a one-year warranty.

Check Price On Amazon


5. Tunze Care Magnet Long Glass

If you’re looking for something that can provide some serious cleaning, check out this Scraper Magnet from Tunze. The powerful magnet works with tanks between â…œ and ½ inch thick and the magnets themselves don’t come into contact with the surface, just the cleaning sheets.

The great thing about this magnetic cleaner is that it comes with different blades. You get two short blades, two long blades and a stainless steel blade when it’s time to clean up the toughest algae. Follow the instructions to make sure you are using the correct combination for your tank.

While this cleaner is best suited for glass aquariums, the shorter blades are safe for acrylics. The stainless steel plate may only be used on glass. Again, be sure to read the instructions to make sure you’re doing it right.

Check Price On Amazon


6. Hygger Aquarium Strong Magnetic Cleaner

There is so much love for this Hygger product. There are two different sizes to choose from. Small is designed for glass aquariums that are inch to thick and Medium is designed for ⅜ to ⅗ inch thickness.

The handle is curved and ergonomic in design which makes it comfortable to use and the wood grain finish makes it look more natural so it will blend in with your aquarium plants and decor and not stand out like other products.

When the front is removed, the inside of the cleaner floats to the top, so you don’t have to put your arm in the tank and disturb the fish to retrieve it. Two blades are included, one made of metal and one made of plastic. Please note this is not designed for acrylic tanks.

Check Price On Amazon


7. Innovative Marine MicroMag Magnetic Glass Cleaner

MicroMag is the perfect name for this glass cleaner. One of the best things is the small size. It is designed for aquariums up to 12mm thick and less than an inch and a half in diameter.

This cleaner is designed for tight and small spaces that larger scrapers may not be able to reach. The soft pad protects the outside of the tank while the textured inside removes algae in hard-to-reach areas.

The magnets have an epoxy coating for corrosion protection, so you can use them in freshwater and saltwater tanks. As we said, this is great for getting into tight spots in larger tanks, but it’s also the perfect size for a nano tank. It works for almost everyone.

Check Price On Amazon

8. Odyssea OEM Aquarium Magnet Cleaner

This Odyssea OEM Power Magnet Cleaner features anti-scratch cleaning pads that quickly and easily remove algae from the glass while gently moving over the front. Plus, it comes with an extra scraper blade for stubborn spots that are hard to clean.

The sturdy design is really durable and the easy-grip handle makes it really easy to maneuver around your tank. There’s even a rubber grip in the center of that handle to ensure a good grip even when your hands are wet.

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9. 2-in-1 Magnetic Aquarium Tank Algae Cleaner

This 2-in-1 Flipper Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner is easy to use and will clean your aquarium in half the time. The unique design of a double-sided cleaner with polishing pad and scraper provides increased efficiency by reducing the chance of sand particles being trapped during cleaning.

The rare earth magnet provides durability and power to clean stubborn calcified algae. The cleaner stands upright and is easy to find thanks to its unique buoyancy, as it does not sink when the magnets are not in use.
Unique patented design supports glass and acrylic tanks up to 12mm thick. Thanks to the specially designed safety space, you can reach the most difficult and inaccessible places. It reduces the chance of sand getting stuck during cleaning, eliminating the chance of scratches.

The stainless steel scraper is best for cleaning hard algae deposits and saves a lot of time due to double use.

Check Price On Amazon

10. KEDSUM Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner

It is a compact cleaner and ideal for medium thickness glasses. The floating function of this magnetic cleaner is easy to use and can hit tight corners without sinking. It has a convenient handle with a user-friendly design.
The magnetic feature keeps the interior cleaner by following the exterior while cleaning the interior glass. It can be easily guided around corners, while keeping the sand free and avoiding scratches during the cleaning process.

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What is the Best Aquarium Magnet Cleaner?

The best magnetic cleaner for aquariums is the Flipper Magnetic Algae Cleaner. The cap’s simple design quickly switches from scrubbing pad to squeegee, so it can attack almost any algae growth in your tank. You can use it for daily maintenance and it is also really effective when it is time for a deeper clean.

It’s also great for many different tanks as you can use it with both glass and acrylic up to 1 inch thick. Because it floats, you never have to get your hands wet to get it off the bottom of the tank.

It is very easy to use and if you ever have a problem there are online tutorial videos available on Flipper.


How to Use Aquarium Magnet Cleaner?

While all magnet cleaners are designed a little differently, they all work in the same way. Each consists of two parts, an internal part and an external part.

The internal scrubber is the one that goes into the tank. It has a textured surface which is generally made of a material in the form of a Velcro fastener to remove algae from the glass in the tank. Sometimes it is also equipped with a scraper for things that are more difficult to clean.

The outer handle is attached to the scrubber with a powerful magnet. To attach to the tank, insert the internal scrubber so that the pad is against the inside of the glass. Then place the outer handle directly in front of the scrubber so that the magnets are stuck together with the glass panel in the middle.

Then when you remove the handle from the tank, the internal scrubber follows, which moves against the inside of the tank and removes algae.



Hopefully you are now provided with sufficient knowledge and advice to easily remove all those annoying algae from your own tank and you can now look at your work with pride.

With the Best aquarium magnetic cleaner, you can quickly and easily remove unsightly algae. We recommend Flipper Magnetic Algae Cleaner as our top pick.

The scrub pad and scraper combination can handle almost anything. We’ve also included other great options in our reviews so you can find one that works well for your aquarium.

(2023) Top 10 Best Aquarium Power Filter for Fish Well-being

(2023) Top 10 Best Aquarium Power Filter for Fish Well-being

Not many people understand the importance of a good quality best aquarium power filter and in most cases, a filter is essential for fish to live a happy and healthy life.

Fish are best for people of all ages. Not only do they require exceptionally low maintenance, but they also come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Comparison Table – Best Aquarium Power Filter

CustomSiteStripe ImageTitleReviewBuy
Top PerformanceMarineLand Emperor Filter Systems4..5/5.0Check Price
cheapestTetra Whisper Power Filter4.4/5.0Check Price

Having an aquarium with a variety of fish is akin to owning a beautiful living piece of art.

Keeping fish can be an amazing experience and they all start with a simple tank and power filter. The best aquarium power filter will adequately cover the most important stages of the nitrogen cycle and keep your fish and other inhabitants healthy.

Since they are the heart of your system in a basic aquarium setup, it is very important to choose one that is reliable and within your budget.

To keep your aquarium looking beautiful and, most importantly, keep your fish healthy and prosperous, it is important to use the right aquarium filter. For these reasons, it is essential to choose the best aquarium power filter.

The 10 Aquarium Power Filters Best Suited for Your Aquarium

1. AquaClear 110 V

Best Aquarium Power Filter

The AquaClear power filter is one of the most versatile on the market. It comes in five different models and is compatible with the most popular aquarium sizes.

You can control the flow rate of the filter without changing its efficiency. This is a great feature because different aquarium fish and plants need a smoother flow. When you set the speed low, the water in the filter system is processed several times. This patented refiltration system ensures optimal results.

Some filtration systems remove beneficial bacteria through cartridge changes. This can strain the aquarium environment until bacteria have a chance to recolonize and get back to work. The AquaClear Energy Filter was designed with that in mind.

Actually, this filter uses three different media for filtration. At the bottom of the bowl is a foam insert, which removes debris and provides an ideal surface for beneficial bacteria to thrive and keep the water colonized. The middle layer is activated carbon which absorbs the impurities in the water.

The top layer consists of BioMax, designed with a pore system that provides a perfect home for beneficial bacteria. These layers together provide six times as much media as other filters.

Check Price On Amazon

2. MarineLand Emperor

Best Aquarium Power Filter

MarineLand Emperor filter systems hang from the back of your aquarium. It has 2 separate water pumps for exceptional flow and filtration. It comes in one size and is suitable for aquariums up to 80 gallons.

The filters are placed side by side and are designed in the same way. They work together to combine 400 gallons per hour.

The water is pressurized by the Bio-Pump and filtered by fast-acting Black Diamond Carbon which has 45% more mechanical filter surface. Each side filter has two slots where you can place a filter.

After being filtered, the water passes through five different holes that rotate and supply water to the Bio-Wheel. The Bio-Wheel is specially designed to provide a perfect environment for good bacteria to thrive.

While this filter is extremely effective, one drawback is that it is quite large and requires 9.5 inches of clearance along the back of your aquarium. This isn’t a big deal if you have a large tank, but it can be a bit unsightly if your tank is smaller.

Check Price On Amazon

3. Tetra Whisper Power Filter

Best Aquarium Power Filter

Tetra is a well-known and respected brand in the industry and has been around for over 50 years. The Whisper Power filter is a great option if you don’t have a lot of money to spend.

While this is an inexpensive filter, it is still a great option. It has a simple design that hangs from the back, an easily adjustable flow rate and is minimal maintenance. This is a perfect choice for someone who has just bought their first aquarium. They are not overly fancy, but they have been around for years and have proven to be reliable.

There are 5 different models for aquariums from 10 to 60 liters. The filter comes with everything you need to get started right away, but the included filter media leaves a lot to be desired.

Your best bet is to invest in something of a higher quality. This is a bit negative, but it gives you the opportunity to try different things and decide which medium works best for your aquarium environment.

Check Price On Amazon

4. Marineland Penguin

Best Aquarium Power Filter

Marineland’s Penguin Power Filter is perfect for a beginner or someone who has had an aquarium for a while. It is available in 4 different sizes for aquariums from 20 to 70 gallons.

The filtration system consists of 3 phases and provides biological, chemical and biological filtration. The Bio-Wheel is designed to help good bacteria thrive and is effective at removing ammonia and nitrates.

The Rite-Size cartridge provides mechanical and chemical filtration, removing dirt, debris, impurities and discoloration with a floss and activated carbon strainer. It has an extraordinary contact between the water and the medium, which contributes to a clean and transparent tank.

One of the reasons this is a good option for a beginner is because it is so easy to set up. Just plug in a few pieces and hang it in your aquarium, make sure to fill the tube with aquarium water first.

The flow can be easily adjusted. Maintenance is as simple as changing the filter cartridge once a month and cleaning it if necessary.

Check Price On Amazon

5. Penn Plax Cascade Hang on Power Aquarium Filter

Best Aquarium Power Filter

This powerful option from Penn Plax is a hanging aquarium filter with poly-fiber floss cartridge media to remove debris and a carbon cartridge to eliminate chemicals and odors from the water.

It also utilizes an internal sponge to help colonize the helpful bacteria that the aquarium needs to clear ammonia and nitrates. Maintenance is generally light and the filters are easy to change.

Another feature of this filter is the external Bio-Falls which helps the bacteria clear impurities from the water. The water output can be adjusted from high to low so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your fish with the cascade.

Penn Plax is a family-owned business that’s been around since 1959 and specializes in making quality, reliable pet products for an affordable price. This filter is available in different sizes to fit a range of different aquariums and filters 175 gallons per hour. It’s a good choice for tanks up to 50 gallons.

It’s made of high-quality plastic and gives you the option of placing it on your tank vertically or horizontally. This is a great design feature because it lets you work around any ornamental items you have in your tank.

Check Price On Amazon

6. Aqueon Quiet Flow E Internal Fishtank Power Filter

Best Aquarium Power Filter

Aqueon is a pet supplies manufacturer that cares about fish health and safety. This Power Internal Power Filter is also designed with the same goal – to keep your fish safe and happy.

You can use this Aqueon Quiet Flow Internal product with absolute ease in framed and frameless aquariums as it comes with suction cups and hanging clips for careful positioning. While the 10-gallon unit provides detailed chemical filtration, the 20 and 40-gallon units also provide the other two filtration modes (biological and mechanical).

You will love the fact that this product comes with a self-priming feature that significantly eliminates manual effort.

Check Price On Amazon

7. AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine Internal UV Sterilizer Power Filter

Best Aquarium Power Filter

The UV lamps are placed in chambers designed with patented technology, to give you maximum comfort and eliminate any type of contact with the lamps during installation. The LEDs on the control box serve as a warning to warn you when it is time to replace the bulbs.

If you are looking for a small tank cleaning system that can hold up to 50 gallons, then this is the one for you as the operating flow is reasonable at 220L per hour.

Check Price On Amazon

8. Fluval C Power Filter

Best Aquarium Power Filter

If you are looking for a powerful filter to maintain the overall health of your wall aquarium, you can rely on a product from the stables of one of the most reputable companies in the pet supplies market, Fluval.

This filter is ideal for you if you have an eye for detail as it offers a detailed 5 stage filtration process including mechanical foam and Polyfoam (stage 1 and 2), chemical activated carbon filtration (stage 3), biological filter biological screen. (Phase 4) and biological Node Cs (Phase 5).

This filtration kit comes with different types of filter media such as foam, carbon inserts, screens, O-rings and the like. If they do get damaged, don’t worry, replacement parts for these media are readily available. This filter provides enough bubbles in the water to clean the water of all impurities as it has an operating flow of 264GPH.

Check Price On Amazon


9. Aqueon Quiet Flow LED Pro Aquarium Power Filter

Best Aquarium Power Filter

This power filter, sourced from the Aqueon stables, is very easy to use and gives excellent purity to your tank water. For small tanks that can hold up to 20 gallons, this is considered one of the most effective and easy to use filters on the market today.

The LED indicators on this filter flash to alert you when it is time to replace the cartridges. You can be sure to have crystal clear water in your aquarium when you install this unit as it comes with special media such as activated carbon cartridges and ammonia filter pads. Thanks to this function, you can also easily use this device in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

The self-priming feature and excellent 100GPH operating current make this a very affordable yet effective filter for your aquarium.

Check Price On Amazon


10. Marina Power Filter

Best Aquarium Power Filter

Looking for a sleek and stylish power filter to purify your water and enhance the visual appeal of your tank? Then the Marina Power Filter is a good option for you.

Due to the sophisticated design, it does not take up too much space in your house or backyard. You can adjust the water flow according to the capacity of the tank when you buy this filter. You are assured of excellent biological filtration of your tank water because this device comes with 2 Bio Carb and 1 Bio Clear filter cartridges. These contain Ceramitek, a porous medium that improves the tank’s ability to remove biological waste.

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What is a Power Filter?

A power filter is a hanging model that uses a pump to circulate the aquarium water through the system and then return it to the tank.

It uses a riser to pull the water out of the tank and into a filter chamber where it is pushed through various filter media. Filtration stages vary by model.

However, there are usually mechanical, chemical and biological filters that remove toxins and debris from your aquarium.


What is the Best Aquarium Power Filter?

The AquaClear Power Filter is the best aquarium power filter we’ve tested. It is very versatile and comes in 5 different sizes, so it will fit in almost any tank. This allows you to adjust the flow in case you have plants or fish that require a lower flow.

The three different filter media used in this filter are really effective. The foam insert removes large debris, the carbon middle layer absorbs invisible impurities and the BioMax filter provides the perfect home for all the good bacteria you need to keep your tank nitrate and ammonia free.

What makes this the best potency filter is the way it is designed to maintain natural bacterial colonies. With most filter systems, replacing the cartridges or cleaning the filters removes good bacteria and can take a while to grow back. During this time, the environment in the aquarium will be stressed, which will affect your fish.

Because it maintains these colonies, the AquaClear Energy Filter is a bit ahead of the pack.


How Does a Power Filter Work?

A power filter hangs on the back or side of your aquarium. While each model looks a little different, they all basically work the same way.

A riser sits in the water that the pump uses to draw the water out of the tank. The water then enters a filter chamber where it is pushed through different types of filter media. Filtration stages vary by model. Some offer up to 5 different stages. In general, however, mechanical, chemical and biological filters will always be present.

Mechanical filters remove larger particles and dirt particles. Chemical filters remove impurities, odors or cloudiness from the water. Biological filters allow good bacteria to thrive so they can remove nitrates and ammonia from the water.

These good bacteria are essential for the health of the aquarium. It is beneficial for water, plants and fish and does not change the appearance of the aquarium. The water will remain clear and the plants and animals that live in it will thrive.


How to install an aquarium power filter?

Once you’ve got a power filter for your aquarium, the next step is to install the device: FYI, the power filter is usually placed on the back or side of the aquarium. But before sharing the steps with you, it is important to indicate which (items) you need to consider in the package. Items must contain:

  • A filter chamber in which biological, chemical and mechanical means must be incorporated.
  • Lift tube extension
  • Filter pump and cord
  • Cartridge and its holder
  • power wire

Now to the installation itself:

  • Connect the pump to the filter chamber and make sure it is firmly in place.
  • Attach the lift tube to the pump.
  • Now take out the cartridge and rinse with water to remove dust. The cartridge must then be placed in the cartridge holder and placed in the chamber.
  • Now you can place the assembled power filter in your aquarium using the suction cup or other fasteners from the manufacturer.
  • After that, you need to fill the aquarium with water, making sure that the [water] level is close enough for the filter to absorb the water easily.
  • After completing the above steps, you can plug in the power cord to turn on the aquarium power filter.

How to Clean Aquarium Power Filter?

The specific way of cleaning and maintenance depends on the model and brand. You should be able to find detailed instructions in the manual that came with your filter.

Regardless of the type of filter media you use, you must clean it by rinsing it to remove any accumulated residue. Ultimately, you will need to replace any filter media.

If your filter contains a sponge, you should be able to rinse it in the aquarium water if necessary. Only when they start to show signs of defect or wear should they be replaced.

Charcoal media should be changed regularly to keep the water toxin free. If you need to add medication to the water to treat your fish, remember to remove the carbon filter first.

Leaving it will filter all the medication, meaning the tank will not be treated and the filter will need to be replaced much sooner.

You should also clean the hoses and pump from time to time, as they cannot function properly if too much dirt builds up.


Final Thoughts 

Finding the best aquarium power filter will keep your aquarium water healthy and clear. They provide the essential mechanical, chemical and biological filtration your plants and fish need to thrive.

Top 25 Best Aquarium Decorations

Top 25 Best Aquarium Decorations

Best Aquarium Decorations: It’s hard to define what the best aquarium decorations are, with so many to choose from, including rocks, caves, driftwood, coral, and more.

Regardless of the type of decoration you are looking for, it is important to choose a high quality product.

Comparison Table

CustomSiteStripe ImageTitleReviewBuy
Top Performance DRIFTWOOD By DRIFTWOOD4.5/5.0Check Price

Make sure your water chemistry is not affected so your fish can enjoy it as much as you do.

If you are looking for good options, we have found some of the best decorations and have divided them into different categories so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

If you, as an in-house designer, don’t go out and play, choosing your tank decor can be a frustrating process.

That is why I created this guide to make it easier for you.

In this article you will learn:

Seven simple things to consider before choosing your decorations.
We will talk about 10 types of decorations that you can use as inspiration.
At the end I will present some of my favorite ideas for decorating aquariums.

Regardless of which form of the best aquarium decor you are looking for, it is more important to carefully select the highest quality products that are safe for your aquarium residents. In other words, only consider aquarium decorations that are specifically designed for this purpose.

Actually, it might be difficult to determine which decorations are suitable for aquariums as many of them are available in the market and generally consist of corals, caves, rocks, floating woods and the like. That’s why you may end up buying a worthwhile investment if you choose a credible brand.

Whatever you choose, always make sure the decor doesn’t negatively affect the chemistry of the tank water, so that your pet fish enjoys a safe, clean and natural haven. In short, go for those made just to hold and beautify aquariums.

The good news for you today is that the following aquarium decorating reviews and some buying guides covered in this article can provide you with informative information so you get exactly what you fish for.


Top 25 Best Aquarium Decorations – Aquarium & Tank Decor


1. Aquarium Ohko Dragon Stone Rock Mixed Sizes

The dragonstone gets its name because it resembles dragon scales. It has an interesting green-brown color and a layered appearance with lots of cracks and crevices.

This is a great decoration because it is light, durable and stackable without affecting the chemistry of the water.

They come in different sizes and shapes and each pack is different. Since it is 100% natural stone, there may be differences in color and size.

Check Price On Amazon

2. Driftwood

Natural drift wood is a popular addition to many aquariums and can help create a natural and simple feel. It is also a great hiding place for shy fish.

Driftwood can be bought in many stores and is generally very safe. However, you can fish floating wood from rivers and streams and add it to your tank without spending money.

You should be careful and make sure to quarantine wood from wild sources. If you don’t, you risk adding harmful microbes and parasites, which could seriously make your fish sick.

Check Price On Amazon

3. Penn-Plax Nickelodeon SpongeBob Aquarium Ornament

Are you looking for unique aquarium decorations that don’t have a big hole in your pocket? Then you are absolutely right with us. Try this cool decoration and give your pet fish a great place to hide and enjoy life in the tank.

This ornament is harmless for marine and freshwater applications. It is built on a solid base, so it will not tend to float when immersed in water. Its size is good enough to fit almost any home aquarium right away. This does not require a lot of maintenance since you only need to clean it thoroughly and wash it with warm water.

What makes it a smart choice is that it specifically serves as an ideal accent for any aquarium, regardless of size. Please note that the use of chemical based detergents is not recommended when cleaning to avoid damaging the fish.

However, some disadvantages of decorating this aquarium are the slightly faded color. The edges of these jewels must be sanded thoroughly to avoid damaging your pet fish.

Check Price On Amazon

4. Marina Naturals Rock Outcrop

This large and beautiful piece simulates a natural environment for your fish. It is made of a safe, non-toxic material that does not change the chemistry of the water, looks like a natural rock, and is suitable for any aquarium environment.

At 20cm in size, this piece works well as a standalone decoration, but it can also be useful for adding texture and interest when combined with other plants and decorations.

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5. Aquarium Stones And Rocks

There are many attractive stones, pebbles, and stones on the market that serve as a great addition to many aquariums. They are also ideal for natural themed tanks that comfort fish by mimicking their natural habitat.

You can also add wild stones to your aquarium. However, before doing this, it is important that you cook the stones for an hour before adding them to avoid the introduction of harmful substances / organisms.

Also note that some stones, such as spike rocks, are sharp and can harm your fish and should be avoided.

Attractive rock options include glass rocks, ice rocks, river rocks, zebra stones, and rainbow rocks.

Check Price On Amazon

6. Penn Plax Squidward Easter Island Home Aquarium Ornament

Large aquarium decorations are definitely a must-have if you have a large tank in which your most valuable fish swim, play, and move. It’s nice to know that the decor on this fish tank is a decent size where your fish can comfortably move around and enjoy their new incubator.

This is fairly easy to set up and will not shake when positioned correctly. It is a point of attraction that all children will love. In fact, this may be one of the best gifts you can give a child interested in keeping fish or aquariums.

Interestingly, its price is quite cheap considering its fresh and distinctive appeal. This is a great center when you have a Betta fish.

Be that as it may, the safety of this decoration is somewhat questionable since the paint seems to be toxic and peel off easily, which can be dangerous for fish. The eye holes and inner edges of these jewels must be properly polished to avoid injury to fish or entrapment.

Check Price On Amazon

Aquarium Decorations Castle

7. uxcell Aquarium Resin Turtle Ramp Rock Basking Stone Decor

This giant stone is not only the perfect match for a turtle shell, but can also be used for aquarium design.

It comes with suction cups so you can place it anywhere on the tank and rest assured it stays in place. Because this stone looks so realistic, you may be surprised at how light it really is.

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8. Caves

Caves can give your aquarium an interesting and natural look and give fish an ornament under which they can swim and interact.

In keeping prey, many hobbyists recommend adding items under which these fish can hide for safety reasons: caves serve as an attractive hiding place for such species.

While natural stones in the wild can be used as caves, you should cook these stones for at least an hour before adding them to your aquarium to kill harmful microbes and parasites.

PVC pipes can also be used. Make sure all plastics are quarantined before adding them to your tank to ensure they are safe and that there are no chemicals leaking.

Check Price On Amazon

9. Marina Décor

This is a little expensive aquarium decoration, but it looks elegant and real. It appears to be more ideal for turtle and reptile setups where it would not be completely submerged in water.

Aquarium holders should lightly sand this decor, especially around the edges to avoid damaging the fish. It can serve as the center of the aquarium and your pet fish would love to play and swim through this cool decor. This could be best seen under a bright LED lighting system.

This decoration can immediately sink and anchor at the bottom of the tank and may bubble a little for a while. However, it appears impeccably organic when immersed in water. This is useful for larger tanks as it can be a fascinating piece and a lovely addition to the aquarium.

Two minor issues that you should watch more carefully when you decide to buy this tank decoration are the strange smell once you have unwrapped it and put it in the tank. This jewelry also seems to be more prone to fungal problems.

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10. Penn Plax Castle Aquarium Decoration Hand Painted

If you want to add something to your aquarium that really creates an underwater kingdom for your fish, take a look at this hand painted castle.

The great gray castle sits on a rocky hill above a flowing waterfall and offers its fish plenty of hiding places.

This castle has a conical roof, arches, and stone accents that make it look surprisingly realistic. It is a large decoration that measures more than 20 cm in height.

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11. Ships

Sunken ships can be purchased from most commercial retailers. If you want to create a natural, sea-like theme, sunken ships are a safe and fish-friendly option that complements most tank structures well.

The boats also offer excellent hiding places for fish, so types of prey can be hidden for safety and comfort.

Check Price On Amazon

12. Penn-Plax Wizard’s Castle Aquarium Decoration

Have you stopped looking for realistic aquarium decorations? Well, there is no reason for you to frown when you look at the exciting design and features of these aquarium jewelry. It is large enough and can add a standout attraction to the aquarium.

As you can see, you can see that this decoration could promote visual interest for you and your pet fish. This could add a very exquisite piece of jewelry that you, your fish, and your guests would like to look at. If you want your fish to stay active and happy, this castle can help them combat boredom as they might have a place to play, move and swim.

In fact, you need to pay attention to the sharp edges found in the openings of this decoration and which need to be gently sanded, and there is a tendency for algae to accumulate in the upper tower of the castle. Therefore, a thorough and regular cleaning is essential.

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13. Sunyiny Aquarium Decorations Ornament

Here’s another great lock that’s perfect for any tank with a capacity of 5 gallons or more.

This double-sided design can be stored anywhere in your tank and is made of high-quality resin that can be used in salt or fresh water without worrying about color fading.

There are many places where your fish can hide and holes for you to swim. The weighted base keeps it upright where you put it.

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14. Ruins

The ancient ruins are a great addition to the Atlantis / Mermaid motif tanks and serve as perfect places where fish of prey can hide.

When adding ruins of any kind, make sure they are specially built or otherwise quarantined or safely decontaminated before use.

Check Price On Amazon

15. NICREW Aquarium Volcano Ornament Kit

You might be wondering where to buy extra large aquarium decorations and whether they are the ideal option worth buying. This volcanic tank decoration is big enough, but it doesn’t make the aquarium look overloaded.

As soon as you have purchased the kit, it already consists of the airline hose, bubble maker with built-in LED light, power supply and decoration. This consists of harmless resin, which is not a danger to the inhabitants of your aquarium and the environment. It is undemanding to install and works fairly reliably to enhance the artistic appeal of the tank.

It is important to know the negative points associated with the decoration of this tank. These consist of its unreliable durability, as it can be easily damaged and the volcano works. You have to buy an air pump separately.

Check Price On Amazon

16. SLOCME Aquarium Ornaments Resin Castle Decorations

The SLOCME resin lock is made of an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material that does not change the chemistry of the water in your aquarium. It is double-sided, so it can be placed anywhere on your tank in any direction.

You’ll love looking at the little bricks and stairs and the detailed green, and your fish will adore every hiding place and corner you can swim through. This is the perfect size for a 10 gallon tank.

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17. Statues

The human and animal statues look great in aquariums with a marine theme and serve as attractive decorative options that give a standard moor aquarium a creative and unique feel.

The statues can be purchased from many aquatic retailers. When buying larger figures make sure your tank doesn’t get too full and follow the design and style guidelines above.

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18. Miracliy Aquarium Decorations Castle

Sometimes it can take a long time to decide which freshwater or saltwater aquarium decor to choose, keeping in mind that there are countless options in both local and online stores. If you want to narrow down your options, you can find out what this tank decoration has to offer.

Once you have installed this decoration on your tank, your pet fish would open beautifully through the openings. It is designed for dynamic colors and the acrylic lock is made of robust acrylic material. The painting and details of this piece are out of this world. It could certainly make the aquarium look like a great sight that you would love.

Two major flaws that need to be thoroughly checked if you want to get this tank decoration are larger than expected and appear to be crooked as there is a small stain on the bottom of one edge of the decoration that was not completely solid. Before buying, be sure to check the dimensions of your tank.

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Aquarium Decorations Driftwood

19. GEOsystem Fluval Mopani Driftwood

Wood is one of the most natural decorations you can add to your aquarium, and this Mopani floating wood is an amazing choice.

The curves, knots and holes in this wood are fun and give your tank an interesting sculptural element.

This is a natural Mopani root that has been sandblasted to prevent water contamination. It can be used alone or as an anchor for live plants.

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20. Bubble Makers

Bubble boxes, underwater rivers, and air stones not only look attractive, but are often an essential addition to densely populated aquariums.

If you keep one or more highly active fish in a single tank, it is important that they have an adequate supply of oxygen.

Busy fish need more than slower species. Therefore, it is important that you keep oxygen levels high by adding decorations that produce air.

When installing bubble makers in your aquarium, make sure they are not too strong for your fish. If the water flow is too high, the fish will have a hard time swimming and despair, which often leads to disease.

A high flow of water can be compensated by adding dense objects such as floating wood.

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Aquarium Decorations Plants

21. CNZ Fish Tank Decoration Ornament Artificial Plastic Plant Green

The best aquarium decorations are those that look natural, even though they are artificial. Like this ornament, it looks like a real aquatic plant that you can’t even say is made of plastic. It is exciting to buy something good for a very reasonable price.

You will find that the decoration of this tank is a practical element, since it makes the aquarium look more alive and does not endanger the health of your fish. This does a great job when it comes to breaking lines of sight in a larger aquarium. Surprisingly, it would be confusing to determine if it is real due to its natural look and style or not.

The only things that give this tank decor some negative comments are its pale stem, which doesn’t mix well with the rest of the decor, and some leaves warp.

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22. Yizhi Miaow Aquarium Decorations Tree Log/Driftwood

If you prefer to avoid natural wood because you fear it will color the water, this resin float is an excellent alternative.

It has realistic looking artificial plants along the top and some fun nooks for your fish to explore.

The safe and non-toxic resin is ecological and does not change the chemistry of the water. It’s great in an aquarium, but it would also be a great addition to a reptile tank.

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23. Nature’s Ocean Coral Base Rocks for Aquarium

While it is obviously true that these cool aquarium decorations are overpriced, there is no denying that they offer absolute value for money. You could help make the tank look like a natural, oceanic environment that your pet fish will thank you for.

In addition to aquariums, these products are great for many different purposes as they can also be used to grow live corals, develop live stones, and the perfect choice for growing corals. They are also of the highest quality in terms of habitat and have no negative effect on your tank cycle. Note that they must be soaked in deep water to effectively prevent leaks.

These coral beds need to be rinsed desperately as they are laden with sand and dust that must be removed completely to avoid problems once added to the reefs. And it’s expensive, which could surely hurt your budget. These are some of the minor problems that should be considered before making a final purchase decision.

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24. Bonsai Driftwood Aquarium Tree

This floating bonsai wood tree is made from natural wood that has been transformed into a beautiful work of art. This wood is safe for fish and shrimp and nice when mixed with stones, moss, and air plants.

Since this wood contains natural tannic acid, it conditions the water and can lower the pH of your tank.

For best results, the wood should be boiled for 20 minutes to sterilize it before adding it to the tank.

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Aquarium Decorations Caves

Aquarium Decorations Wood


25. Hygger Betta Log Resin Hollow Tree Trunk Ornament

Whether decorating saltwater or freshwater aquariums, this tank decor is a good option so you don’t waste your hard-earned money. This is one of the best picks for small and medium aquariums that need adorable decorations to entertain various species of fish that live in them.

If you look at this log, you will find that there are holes big enough for your pet fish to pass through. You’ll love the view when your water lover explores and enjoys the new cave. When you add this to your tank, you will be amazed at the transformation of the aquarium.

Two factors to consider are the various rough spots on the inside and outside of the tree trunk. The inner part of the tree trunk has very sharp edges and bumps that must be sanded to smooth them out.

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How to choose decorations for an aquarium?

The good news is that there is no right or wrong way to decorate an aquarium. As long as you use high-quality materials that won’t change the water or harm your fish, anything is possible.

When choosing decorations, you must first decide how the overall image should look, and this can actually be very difficult because there are so many options.

Here are some things to think about when deciding which direction to go.

Natural vs Not Natural

The first thing to decide is whether you want a purely natural theme or something fantastic and fun.

What do you like more, driftwood and rocks or magnificent castles and plants that glow in the dark?

Of course, there are no strict rules for decorating aquariums, so you can mix everything if you want. However, choosing whether to stick with a natural underwater scene or create something completely different is a good place to start.

Color scheme

There are two ways of thinking about color.

First, ask yourself if you want to follow a color scheme. Do you prefer a natural interior with lots of browns and greens? Or would you also like to add some bright colors?

Then ask yourself what kind of fish you will keep in the aquarium. If you have a lot of bright and colorful fish, the best way to highlight them is to use a white substrate with natural green plants. If your fish are lighter in color, a dark substrate and dark decorations can really help them stand out.


Live plants in your aquarium have many advantages, but artificial plants are much easier. There is no maintenance at all and some of them look so realistic that you can’t tell the difference.

If you choose live plants, there are many great natural decorations that can help them take root and establish themselves effectively. Adding driftwood can really help.

Design or how to make it look good

You can honestly set up your tank the way you want, but there are some design rules that need to be followed to get a more natural look.

First, choose a primary focus. It is a good idea to choose something with some holes or corners and angles to give the fish a place to hide and play.

Next, consider the height of your decorations. So think about it. Different types of fish prefer different parts of the tank. They have the best swimmers, the bottom residents and those who hang out somewhere in between.

Aquarium owners often spend a lot of time placing plants, stones, wood, or castles at the bottom of the tank, but don’t think much about height.

You must decorate the three areas where the fish like to walk. This may mean that some tall plants reach the top of the tank or a large piece of floating wood that covers the tank from the bottom up. Just be sure to add some height.

Another thing to consider is how many decorations to include. You don’t want to go overboard because your fish still need room to swim. However, the tank should not look too tight.

A good rule of thumb is to fill about 50% of the tank with decoration to ensure there is still ample room for fish to swim. Spread things out in even groups so there is a place for fish who like open spaces and areas where shy fish can hide when they need it.



When it comes to decorating your aquarium, there are no right or wrong answers. As long as you use quality products that do not adversely affect water, you can choose any decoration.

In a way, make the decision to do what you want more difficult. Take a look at the decorations we recommend and make suggestions on how to choose the one that’s right for you. Both you and your fish are the way to a happy and beautiful aquarium.

Top 10 [2023] Best Aquarium Test Kits Help Monitor Water Quality

Top 10 [2023] Best Aquarium Test Kits Help Monitor Water Quality

Whether your aquarium is fresh water with a handful of fish or salt water with blooming coral … Keeping your water healthy and balanced is the only way your aquarium environment can thrive.

Although fresh and salt water tanks have different components to monitor. It is important to test the water weekly and if something appears to be wrong or if your fish start to behave strangely.

Comparison Table

CustomSiteStripe ImageTitleReviewBuy
Top PerformanceAPI Reef Master Test Kit4..5/5.0Check Price
cheapestAPI Individual Aquarium Water Test Kit4.6/5.0Check Price

To ensure that you create the best possible environment, it is important to find the best aquarium test kit for your aquarium needs. The best aquarium test kits are invaluable tools that every aquarist should have. This allows you to accurately measure the condition of your tank and adjust it if necessary.

Without this crucial information, you would not be able to know whether or not your tank is healthy. Meanwhile, your fish may be in pain! All of the most experienced aquarists we know invest in the best water testing kits they can get. If you’d like to follow suit, read this guide to see our recommendations.


What to test in the aquarium water?

Freshwater aquariums

The pH of the water is important in a freshwater tank, because too high or too low a pH can stress the fish. The pH scale ranges from acidic to alkaline and is measured from 0 to 14.

Most fish prefer something neutral that is between 6.6 and 7.8 in the center of the scale. You may need to make adjustments based on what your test results show and the type of fish you have. Some like a more acidic environment than others.

It is also important to know how much ammonia you have, as too much ammonia can kill fish. Ammonia comes from the breakdown of waste and uneaten food. For a healthy tank, the ammonia should always be zero.

It’s also important to check for nitrites and nitrates. Nitrites are the result of beneficial bacteria in the tank that break down ammonia. Nitrates are the result of the breakdown of nitrites. Nitrites are not as harmful as ammonia, but they can still cause a problem if they get too high.

Nitrates are the final stage of what is known as the nitrogen cycle. They are not really harmful and can be seen as a sign that bacteria in your tank are doing their job of breaking down ammonia and nitrites.

Hardness measures dissolved substances in water, in particular calcium and magnesium. Soft water can be a problem because the pH can drop if it is too soft. Alkalinity is an indicator of stability and how well water can maintain its pH. Too low and the pH fluctuates easily and can harm your fish and plants.


Seawater aquariums

For salt water tanks, check everything you would for fresh water, as well as salinity and chlorine.

Reef ranges

For reef tanks, check the same parameters as for salt water tanks, as well as phosphate, calcium and magnesium.

Calcium and magnesium are important for healthy coral growth and too much phosphate can lead to algae growth.

Planted aquariums

Test the same things you would for fresh water, as well as general water hardness (GH) and alkalinity (KH), which are essential for plant growth.


The Best Water Test Kits for Freshwater, Saltwater & Reef Tanks

You need to make sure you are using the correct type of sealant for the type of water your aquarium has. Salt water test kits do not work with fresh water and vice versa.


Aquarium Test Kit Reviews

1. API Freshwater Master Test Kit

To monitor the health of your freshwater aquarium, it is important to remember that many potential problems are invisible. The API Freshwater Master Test Kit should be used once a week and when problems arise.

This freshwater test kit comes with everything you need to test the most important elements in your freshwater aquarium: pH, high pH, ​​ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. These things greatly affect the life of your freshwater fish.

You get an instruction booklet, seven test solution vials, four test tubes, a test tube rack, a holder and color charts that are analyzed with the computer for accurate comparison and laminated so that they can tolerate getting wet during the test.

This kit is a great value as it can run over 800 full tests, meaning it will last a long time.

This kit is accurate enough to determine the basic levels and overall health of your aquarium. It can tell you what things are there that shouldn’t be and give you a rough measurement. This kit is usually sufficient to monitor and maintain a simple tank.

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2. API Reef Master Test Kit

Each type of aquarium requires different tests and the API Reef Master Test Kit gives you the tools you need to verify the safety of the water for your reef inhabitants.

You can perform more than 500 tests with this kit. It includes seven test reagent bottles, four glass test tubes, an instruction booklet and troubleshooting information for any problems you discover, and two laminated color charts so you can compare your result with accurate, computer-calibrated measurements.

This kit tests for calcium, carbonate hardness (KH), phosphate and nitrate, all important for the balance of your aquarium reef. Use it weekly to reveal invisible problems that your reef inhabitants may be facing or when problems arise.

This is a good kit if you are looking for something for general maintenance and you want to keep your water healthy and your plants and animals happy. It will give you a general reading of the levels of different elements in the water, but it won’t be able to give you really accurate readings.

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3. API Individual Aquarium Water Test Kit

These individual API test kits provide you with everything you need to test a specific level in your tank. Choose from kits for ammonia, copper, GH and KH, pH, nitrite and phosphate. This is not an all-in-one set – each set monitors a different water parameter.

While all-in-one kits have advantages, using a kit that proves one thing can be very helpful. For example, if you regularly run tests with an all-in-one kit and find that the pH is not right, a single test kit will only allow you to recheck the pH daily and get a more accurate reading.

Each kit includes two bottles of test solution, a glass test tube with snap-on cap and color charts to accurately interpret fresh and salt water tank results. It is easy to use and will give you results in seconds.

The phosphate kit is especially useful for planted tanks and if you have a problem with copper or can’t control the pH these kits are super accurate and you can focus on one parameter at a time.

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4. API Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Test Strips

These API strips are easy to use and give accurate results for five different parameters: water hardness, pH, nitrite, nitrate and pH.

Dip the strip in the aquarium water and rotate it twice. You can read the results directly by comparing the strip with the supplied table.

It also includes some troubleshooting instructions so you can find out what to do if something with the test doesn’t work. They even go into a little bit about which fish species prefer a different pH and other more specific information than a simple result.

These strips can be used for both fresh and salt water. They come in packs of four, 25 or 100 pieces. They recommend using the strips on a weekly basis, so sets of 25 or 100 strips are ideal.

If you’re setting up just one tank and want to monitor your cycling progress so you know when to safely add fish, the four-strip kit can help, but larger amounts are definitely a better value in the long run.

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5. VANSFUL Smart Water Test Kit


Vansful test strips test 10 different water parameters: pH, Alkalinity, Iron, Copper, Total Hardness, Lead, Fluoride, Free Chlorine, Nitrate and Nitrite. Immerse the strip in the water and wait 45 to 60 seconds for the results to be read.

This is a great option for a reef tank or a heavily planted tank, something you’d like to know more about than just the basics. If you have a fragile tank that requires a lot of care and maintenance, these strips will give you a lot of information.

The side of the bottle features an easy-to-read graph, each marked with the normal range, so you can immediately interpret the results. There are also 500 strips in the package, so you don’t have to worry about getting more strips for a while.

While this kit includes so many strips, the bottle is a good size and easy to transport, so it’s not difficult to take everything in good light to get the results accurately. If you have multiple tanks, it is also easy to switch from one to the other.

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6. Lifegard Aquatics 5 Way Test Strip

This simple test kit from Lifegard Aquatics checks five different parameters: nitrite, nitrate, hardness, pH and alkalinity. They are great for freshwater and saltwater aquariums, but can also be used to control pond water.

There are 25 strips in this kit and they test for alkalinity, water hardness, pH, nitrate and nitrite. The bottle is lined to keep moisture out and has an easy to open flip cap. With a graph on the side you can quickly read the results.

If you’re just setting up a tank and hoping it works, these test strips are a great choice. They are affordable and will tell you what you need to know to make sure your tank is running properly without having to take water samples to the pet store.

This is a good kit if you are looking for something a little simpler. Just test the necessary parameters and it is a good choice for a simple fresh water tank.

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7. API GH & KH Liquid Test Kit (Top Pick)

  • General hardness (GH)
  • Carbonate hardness (KH)

With the API GH & KH Liquid Test Kit you can check the carbonate and general hardness of your tank water.

These work a bit differently from other tests. You put the test solution into the water sample drop by drop, cover and turn the sample to mix it evenly.

Count the drops as you go until the sample turns a specific color. Each drop represents a degree of hardness (it works the same for general hardness or carbonate). So if it takes 3 drops to get the right color, the water has a hardness of 3 degrees.

These tests are very accurate and are the same tests that scientists use to test the hardness of water in the field.

One drawback is that it can be difficult to see the color change. If you are having trouble, look through the open top of the test tube instead of from the side.

It also bothers me that I have to buy these tests separately from the Master Test Kit I think the logic is that many aquarists don’t even pay attention to their GH and KH.

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8. Tetra EasyStrips

  • Chlorine
  • Total ammonia: ammonia (NH4 +) and ammonia (NH3)
  • Nitrite
  • Nitrate
  • General hardness (GH)
  • Carbonate hardness (KH)
  • pH

Okay, I have to admit, I’m generally not a huge fan of most Tetra products, but I think their test strips are pretty good.

They are sold in small batches, which should help prevent spoilage.

I ran the numbers in these tests. They cost about $ 0.68 per test, compared to an average of $ 0.14 per test for liquid kits. That’s about 4.8 times the cost of liquid testing.

This is useful because you are running seven tests at a time. And I’ve found these are quite easy to read when you compare them to the chart.

Still, I recommend that you use common sense when using these (and any other brand of test strips). If something says 0 and it really doesn’t make sense, use a different strip and / or a liquid test kit so you can compare the results.

I also don’t like the fact that the bottle doesn’t tell you whether it’s testing total chlorine or just free chlorine.

There is a big difference.

Total chlorine indicates how much free chlorine (regular chlorine) and combined chlorine (chloramine) is in the water. A test that registers only free chlorine will not detect chloramine in the water.

So you might think that tap water is safe without dechlorination when it actually contains a deadly substance that can kill your fish.

Since the manufacturer doesn’t specify what kind of test it is, they don’t know if chloramine will show up.

Play it safe, add dechlorinator.

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9. Life2O Ultimate Aquarium Water Test Strips

  • Free chlorine
  • Nitrite
  • Nitrate
  • General hardness (GH)
  • Carbonate hardness (KH)
  • pH
  • Total alkalinity
  • Mercury
  • Send
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Buyer
  • Zinc
  • Fluoride

I like that this allows you to test for heavy metals, something that can sometimes contaminate municipal drinking supplies. Fish can be even more sensitive to this than humans, so it is better to know if they are present in tap water.

Using a reverse osmosis (RO) unit to purify some of your replacement water would also be a great way to check how efficiently your membrane is working.

Reverse osmosis membranes wear down over time. So if you used a strip in your RO water periodically, the tests that started showing a positive result would let you know if you need to replace the membrane in your unit.

At $ 0.30 per test, these are quite inexpensive compared to other test strips.

A disadvantage is that these strips show free chlorine, but not total chlorine. This means that they will only show results if your water supply uses pure chlorine.

But nowadays more and more water companies have switched to chloramine, which is chlorine that is bound to ammonia. Chloramine does not appear in a free chlorine test. This could lead some aquarists to believe that their water is safe for fish when it actually contains a deadly substance.

My other complaint is that these strips test for 14 different substances, but ammonia is not one of them! Since ammonia can be an assassin in your tank, it is best to skip something like fluoride (non-toxic to fish) and replace it with ammonia (very toxic to fish).

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10. Sera Aqua-Test Box (+Cl)

  • High range PH
  • Low range PH
  • General hardness (GH)
  • Carbonate hardness (KH)
  • Total ammonia: ammonia (NH4 +) and ammonia (NH3)
  • Nitrite
  • Nitrate
  • Phosphate
  • Iron
  • Chlorine

The Sera Aqua-Test Box (+ Cl) is an excellent complete test kit that includes basic water parameters plus a few extras, such as phosphate and iron, which are great for planted tanks.

You can store everything neatly in the carrying case, so you don’t constantly lose parts or have to keep each individual test in a cardboard box.

Test tubes are much larger than many of the standard liquid tests, which makes them easier to use as you don’t have to constantly worry about them falling out.

I was very impressed with the color comparison chart as it is much larger than most tests, making it easier to read.

Instructions can be difficult, especially for beginners, as English instructions alternate with German and other languages. Some users complain that the printout is small and tight, it’s not something you can scan quickly and get what you need for testing.

It also only tests for total ammonia, there is no separate test that allows you to compare total ammonia (ammonia and ammonia) with free ammonia (ammonia only).

And it doesn’t specify whether it tests for total chlorine or just free chlorine. This is an important distinction, as total chlorine will show you chlorine and chloramine on a regular basis, and free chlorine testing will only register regular chlorine.

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What is the best marine aquarium test kit?

Marine Best Aquarium Test Kits need to be particularly accurate because corals, plants and animals are even more sensitive in these types of environments.

The Salifert Master Reef Combo Test Kit is easy to use and comes with everything you need to test for calcium, nitrate, phosphate, pH, alkalinity and magnesium.


What is the best freshwater aquarium test kit?

If you are looking for the best freshwater aquarium test kit, look no further than the API Freshwater Master Test Kit. It comes with everything you need to ensure that the pH, high pH, ​​ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels are ideal for your tank to thrive.

This kit is amazingly valuable as it contains enough materials to run over 800 full tests. You will receive an instruction booklet, all the testing solutions and the supplies you need.

Plus computer-analyzed laminated maps so you can compare your result with an accurate scale that tells you which things are in safe range and which ones need to be corrected.


What is the best marine aquarium test kit?

The best marine aquarium test kit has to be the API Saltwater Master Test Kit, this kit contains everything you need to keep your marine fish and invertebrates happy.

This is an extremely accurate kit that tests high pH, ​​ammonia, nitrate and nitrite, the things most important to maintain balance in a salt water tank.

Not only does this kit contain everything you need, it also has enough testing supplies to test 550 times! You don’t need to top up this kit for long as it comes with many supplies. Good evidence and great value – how can you go wrong?


How do you use an aquarium test kit?

While there are differences from kit to kit and between different brands, all Best Aquarium Test Kits are used on the same base.

First, collect your materials: test solutions, color chart to compare results, test tubes, syringes, or other methods of obtaining a water sample from your aquarium. Everything you need is normally included in the kit.

Next, it is a good idea to label each tube with what is being tested. For example, write “pH” on one tube and “nitrate” on the other to avoid confusion. Repeat for every part and pipe. If you don’t want to write on the tube, label the holder to see what you put in each tube. This is the only way to make sure you read the results accurately.

Once everything is labeled, fill each test tube with the amount of water recommended in your kit instructions. 5 ml is a common amount, but your kit may vary. Add one of the solutions to each test tube. The number of drops will also vary, so read the specific instructions for your kit. Depending on what you are testing, the drops can vary between three and ten drops.

Prepare one test tube at a time. Add the correct number of drops, replace the cap and shake the tube to mix. Then move on to the next tube, add the correct number of drops, replace the cap and shake. Do this until the pipe tests another part.

Each solution will develop and the water will change color depending on the amount of what is being tested in the water. Compare the result with the table provided with your kit. If everything is within an acceptable range, that’s fine until next week. If anything needs to be adjusted, take appropriate action and retest later in the day.

As mentioned above, the kit you choose may vary slightly so read the instructions carefully. This is a simple explanation, but there are some kits that are a bit more complicated than the ones described here.


Video guide about How To Test Your Aquarium Water



If you have invested a lot of time and money in building the perfect aquarium, it is important that you do everything you can to make it bloom. This includes ensuring that the water is perfectly balanced, so that your fish, plants and other living things live in harmony and keep your aquarium beautiful.

The only way you can check how healthy the water is in your tank is to use an Best Aquarium Test Kits. Keep in mind that salt and freshwater aquariums use different Best Aquarium Test Kits, so make sure you use the right one.

To decide which is the best, it only makes sense to use the best water aquarium test kit. This will ensure you get the most accurate results so you can tune the water to make it the perfect home for your fish, coral and plants.

[Latest] Top 10 Best Aquarium Filter Media For Freshwater, Saltwater, Reef Tank

[Latest] Top 10 Best Aquarium Filter Media For Freshwater, Saltwater, Reef Tank

There are many types of media you can use in your aquarium to create the most welcoming environment for the fish and plants that call it home. Choosing the right type of media can be a bit confusing as there are so many different options.

If you’re looking for the best aquarium filter media available, here’s everything you need to know, as well as reviews of our top six picks. It can be difficult to decide which filter media, whether biological, mechanical or chemical, is best.

Comparison Table

CustomSiteStripe ImageTitleReviewBuy
Top PerformanceFluval Biomax4.8/5.0Check Price
cheapestAqua Flo Aquarium Filter Media4.6/5.0Check Price

Every tank is different, and what works in a 15-gallon tank probably won’t work in a 100-gallon tank. In this article, I’ll walk you through the types of filter media, discuss how to choose them, and review my options for finding the best filter media available.

Do you want bacteria to help you purify the water in your aquarium? Then this article (the best biological media filter for canister filter) is for you. By biomedia we mean biological filtration media. Of the three types of filter media [mechanical, biological and chemical], this is the most natural filtration process to filter toxins from your aquarium.


The 10 Best Filter Media for Your Aquariums

We know that finding the right supplies for an aquarium can be a little overwhelming. If you’re not sure where to start when looking for the best filter media for aquarium, we found a nice variety of products for you to consider.


Aquarium Filter Media Reviews


1. Aquarium Filter Pad – Premium True Dual Density Aquarium Filter Media Roll

Best Aquarium Filter Media

One of the first things you will notice about these Aquatic Experts filter pads is how thick they are.

In fact they have two layers. The top layer has an open grain designed to accommodate large chunks of debris such as food, debris, rotting plant parts and debris. The bottom layer is denser to trap fine particles coming through the first layer.

The great thing about this filter medium is that it comes on a roll. You can adjust it to the perfect size for your filter. It is perfect for fresh or salt water and can be used in a variety of systems.

Check Price On Amazon

2. Fluval Biomax

Best Aquarium Filter Media

Fluval Biomax is made from highly porous ceramic material. It is covered in all kinds of little corners that are perfect for beneficial bacteria.

The hole through the center of the ceramic noodles also allows water to flow through each piece, allowing more oxygen per square inch of medium.

This is a durable medium that will last for years and is small enough to fit many hanging filters. Just put it in a mesh bag and put it in your filter.


  • Lots of surface for biomedia
  • Small enough to hang most filters on your back
  • Sustainable


  • Nothing I can think of!
Check Price On Amazon

3. Aqua Flo Aquarium Filter Media

Best Aquarium Filter Media

Aqua Flo has been making aquarium supplies for over 30 years and this filter medium has served many satisfied customers.

They do not use any chemicals in production which means that it is completely safe for all aquariums, tanks or even fresh and salt water ponds.

This medium has two layers, a thick white layer for catching large particles and a thinner green layer for small things that slip. It is stiffer than its competitors and extremely durable.

Since it comes in a large roll, you can cut it to the perfect size for your filter. The roll is actually 12 x 6 feet, so one roll will last a long time.

Check Price On Amazon

4. EHEIM Substrat Pro

Best Aquarium Filter Media

This medium consists of irregularly sintered glass spheres. You can put this in a mesh filter bag to hang on the back or on the filter canister.

Provides 1,800 square feet of floor space for every gallon of volume, enough room for a thriving bacterial colony.


  • Creates a lot of surface for bacteria
  • Great amount of media for the price


  • I can’t think of any!
Check Price On Amazon

5. MarineLand Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon

Best Aquarium Filter Media

Activated carbon is especially effective as a medium for aquariums. It also works quickly, up to two times faster than other materials.

This Marineland product is specially sized to be as efficient as possible. It comes in small pebbles, but if you find yourself wanting something small for your filter, all you have to do is run it through a coffee grinder and you have a fine powder that is just as effective.

It filters out impurities that mechanical filters just can’t touch, keeping the water crystal clear and the fish as happy as possible.

Check Price On Amazon

6. AquaPapa Sponge Filter

Best Aquarium Filter Media

Sturdy synthetic sponge material that can be cut on any filter.

I love that you can spray this with your hose and use it over and over again.

It’s a medium thickness so you still need finer filter media to catch very small things.


  • Can be cut on any filter
  • Can be cleaned and reused


  • Does not collect really small waste
Check Price On Amazon

7. Fluval External Power Filter Pre-Filter Media

Best Aquarium Filter Media

These Fluval ceramic rings work in two ways. First, the unique hexagonal shape creates a barrier that traps solid debris and helps prevent your filter from clogging.

Second, the ceramic surface provides a perfect environment for large populations of beneficial bacteria to grow, keeping ammonia and nitrite levels under control.

This is the best part. They are reusable.

All you need to do is rinse them every now and then and you can put them back in the filter.

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8. Encompass 50 Micron Polishing Pad

Best Aquarium Filter Media

It is a super fine mechanical medium designed to “polish” water by trapping super fine particles.

Comes in a large 91 x 61 cm (36 x 24 inch) roll. You can cut pieces to fit any filter size or shape. The large roller allows it to cut many pieces, making it much more economical than filter cartridges or pre-cut polishing pads.

It would be a great addition if you are using thicker media such as the AquaPapa sponge.

This will clog up easily as it is a very fine medium and will need to be replaced regularly with a new part. And it is not resistant to reuse, so you have to add a new part every time.


  • Traps super fine particles
  • Cheaper than other polishing pads


  • Cannot be reused
  • Hidden quickly
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9. MarineLand Ammonia Neutralizing Zeolite Blend Aquarium Carbon Media

Best Aquarium Filter Media

This Marineland blend contains zeolite and activated carbon.

Zeolite is a white mineral with an incredibly porous surface and is very effective at removing ammonia from aquarium water. Activated charcoal also works to remove ammonia and chloramines, along with other impurities.

This medium is truly a double threat. It acts fast and lasts a long time, providing clean, sparkling water for fish to thrive.

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10. CNZ Aquarium Filter Media Kits

Best Aquarium Filter Media

Another option is this CNZ media kit that comes with everything you need to keep your aquarium water clean and chemically balanced.

What types of media are included?

One of the materials it contains is activated carbon, which filters ammonia and other invisible impurities. Also included are bio balls, which are 1 inch in diameter and are the perfect environment for colonies of beneficial bacteria to grow.

Finally, it comes with ceramic rings, which act as mechanical filtration to trap larger debris and provide extra surface area for bacterial colonies to grow.

This kit includes all the types of filtration you need to get sparkling, clear water that your fish and plants can thrive on.

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Frequently asked questions about aquarium filter media

1. How to place the aquarium filter media?

There is a science to putting medium in an aquarium filter, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

How to Stack Aquarium Filter Media

The first thing to filter the water is a mechanical means. This removes large particles and debris and stops them before they reach the other layers of the filter. It also makes it easier for you to clean the filter as everything has to collect on the surface.

If you are using something that has a dual purpose, you should go next. Ceramic rings are a good example of a dual surface medium, as they retain large particles and provide a home for bacterial colonies to grow. They act as mechanical and biological filtration, which is why they are known as “dual purpose”.

The following is the biological environment. It is important that this layer does not become clogged. If the water flow stops, the bacteria will not get enough oxygen and the colonies will die. If you put in the mechanical filtration first, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The bottom layer must be a chemical medium. It removes any toxins that are left after the water goes through biological filtration, so it makes sense that this is the final stage. If placed in front of biological media, there is a risk that not enough impurities will remain for bacteria to thrive. By placing these last, each filter layer can do its job more effectively.

2. How often should the filter media in the aquarium be cleaned?

Maintaining the filter is the most important thing you can do to maintain a healthy aquarium. If they don’t work properly, toxic levels of ammonia and nitrate will quickly build up in the water, potentially killing fish.

Cleaning the filter media is essential for it to work properly. A good rule of thumb is that the more fish you have in an aquarium, the more often it needs to be cleaned. Larger tanks may take a little longer between cleanings, but smaller tanks require regular maintenance.

Test your water weekly with test strips. These will tell you the levels of ammonia, nitrate and pH, among other things. If you see a change in the results, it is time to clean your filter. If you notice that the flow rate is slowing down, it is probably because the filter media is blocked, which also means it is time to clean.

It’s difficult to set a clear time frame for when to clean as this varies from tank to tank, but on average once a month is a safe bet. Again, depending on the results of the strip test, you may need to do it more or less often.

Mechanical media, bio balls and ceramic rings should never be cleaned with tap water as chlorine can damage them. The best way to clean these things is to fill a bucket with water from the tank and rinse the medium well into the bucket.

This prevents the death of beneficial bacteria and prevents possible contaminants from entering the water. The easiest time to clean is when you change the water as you are already removing water from the tank. There are some exceptions as some media, such as charcoal, cannot be cleaned.

3. How often should I change the filter media in the aquarium?

The carbon filter media should be changed every 3 weeks to keep it functioning properly. Carbon cannot be cleaned because the chemical properties required for filtration slowly deteriorate over time. It’s not as easy as rubbing it well.

As for the other types of media, it depends.

Mechanical means can be used until they essentially fall apart. Since this medium’s job is to filter out large chunks of debris, it will continue to work even if not in perfect condition. Check your filter every day to make sure it is running smoothly. When you see particles going that should have been mechanically stopped, it’s time to replace them with new ones.

If you are using ceramic bio balls or rings, you should only replace about â…“ at a time and only if they fall apart. Remember that colonies of beneficial bacteria grow on this medium, so replacing them all at once will kill any good colonies that take time to grow back.



All of the filters we’ve reviewed are great, but it’s hard to pick the best one because they all work in different ways. If you are just starting out and need something to meet all your needs, get started with CNZ Aquarium Filter Media Kits.

Since it comes with mechanical, biological and chemical means, it gives you everything you need to start a healthy aquarium.