[2021] Top 10 Best Plants For Betta Fish Tanks: Live & Fake Betta Plants

When deciding how to set up your tank, choosing which plants to have is a big decision. You have to decide whether you want them to be fake or real. Floating or submerged. Plus, if you’re a beginner you’ll also want to choose a plant that you know you can handle. Don’t worry, after reading this article you will know which are the Best Plants For Betta Fish!

The idea that betta fish can live in small, empty bowls is a sad mistake.

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Java Moss Live Freshwater Aquarium Plants
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Like most Best Plants For Betta Fish are happiest when their aquariums accurately depict their natural environment. So what exactly is the natural environment for Betta fish like?

Did you notice anything surprising? Its natural habitat is not a small pond … in fact, the rice paddies are huge and heavily planted.

So why are pet stores spreading the misconception that betta fish are fine in small bowls?

The answer is sad, but quite simple; sell more fish. Pet stores know they will sell more Betta fish if people think they can just put them in a $ 5 glass container and forget about them.

Because Betta fish are able to breathe air from the surface, they have the unique ability to survive in small ponds for a short time. Pet stores took advantage of this ability and spread the lie that Bettas “thrive in small ponds in the wild” and do well in small bowls. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Betta Fish only live in confined spaces when it is a matter of life and death.

They are actually much happier, healthier, and more comfortable in large spaces with dense vegetation.

In no particular order, we list some of the most popular plants to keep with your bettas. We hope this helps you design the perfect Betta tank.

Is there a problem with the maintenance of the plants?

It is better to keep plants in your aquarium only if you have an aquarium ceiling light, for example an LED or UV. However, there are some plants that will survive without a ceiling light, and these are listed in our list below. A light ensures that most plants can grow optimally. After all, light is very important for the health of a plant; good photosynthesis.

If you don’t have aquarium lighting or don’t plan on adding one to your setup, artificial or fake plants are a good alternative.

Are Live Plants Better?

In terms of aesthetics, that’s up to you. You may prefer fake plants to live ones. Live plants generally enliven an aquarium, make it more vibrant and provide a very natural environment for your fish. In terms of health for your fish, live plants are better; some live plants can even help control water quality. Of course, when it comes to care, artificial plants aren’t even alive, so they don’t need critical water conditions or aquarium ceiling lighting. However, the maintenance aspect of live plants shouldn’t deter you – there are some live aquarium plants that are very easy to care for.

CO2 and fertilizer injection

DO NOT PANIC! We know the title sounds scary, but none of the recommended plants on the list below require CO2 injection and fertilizer. It is only for true aquarium keepers who want to keep sensitive plants. You may come across these things when buying some Best Plants For Betta Fish, but for a beginner or if you just want some easy to maintain standard plants, don’t worry about CO2 injection and fertilizer.

Aquatic plants versus semi-submersible plants

You may have seen some aquarium setups where plants can grow outside of the tank. An aquarium grown this way is usually expertly crafted and is not an aquarium per se, but a water garden. It is popular with some betta fish keepers to grow semi-submerged bamboo in an aquarium. Below you can read more about the risks of growing semi-submerged bamboo.

Where can I buy live aquarium plants?

You should be able to purchase live plants from your local water supply store, or you can purchase them online. We bought our latest Java fern from aquariumgardens.co.uk and were delighted with the quality and service. We have also purchased plants in the past from Swallow Aquatics, a local water sports store that also sells online.


What Plants are Safe for Betta Fish?

Some of the safest plants to choose for your betta fish are non-toxic and easy to care for. A sure plant is the Java Fern. This survives best when anchored to a piece of driftwood.

Another type of living plant that your fish will love is the anacharis. This plant is ideal for first-time pet owners because it is easy to care for. It also removes ammonia from the water and adds oxygen.


Top 10 Best Plants For Your Betta Fish Tanks


Best Plants For Your Betta Fish Tanks Review


1. Betta Fish Balls – Live Marimo Aquarium Plants

Best Plants For Betta Fish

Marimo balls are probably the easiest living plants to pick up for your fish. Technically it is not a plant and is actually algae. Marimo moss balls can live for years and do not require special care.

Marimo balls look great and have all the benefits of other plants with the added benefit of longevity and are hardy in many different tanks.

They look great and go well with many other plants, and the interesting round shape is fun, beautiful and functional.

Your fish will love to rub it or rest in the soft seaweed, and it will provide the water with the necessary nutrients.

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2. Green Pro Java Fern

Best Plants For Betta Fish

Java ferns have long leaves that fish like to swim in. These plants are low maintenance and do not require fertilizers. They thrive in many different environments, especially in low-light freshwater environments.

Java ferns do not require soil or gravel and can be completely or partially submerged. They are good to include to help create a realistic ecosystem for your betta fish, with different layers in which to swim and explore.

You can easily create a new plant by dividing the roots and filling your container with a simple and attractive plant that is durable and beautiful.

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3. Java Moss Live Freshwater Aquarium Plants

Best Plants For Betta Fish

This nutrient-rich moss helps add oxygen to the tank. It is a viable ground cover and creates a stratified aquarium with live plants at all levels. This is very similar to the natural environment of betta fish and helps them lead a happy and healthy life.

Freshwater plant, grows well in average temperatures and has no roots. It covers the bottom of the tank and can grow with little to no maintenance.

It prefers a lot of nitrates and stagnates water due to its delicate structure. Food scraps and fish excrement are the perfect fertilizer for this plant.

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4. SunGrow Beautiful Plastic Aquarium Plant

Best Plants For Betta Fish

The SunGrow Fern has large, glossy leaves that resemble real plants and will help promote a healthy and happy life for your betta fish.

You can use it in any type of tank, temperature or lighting situation and it will last a long time. Betta fish can play hide and seek in the leaves and the leaves are flexible and move for a realistic effect. The plant always looks fresh and radiant without the need to add fertilizers or other nutrients.

Fill the environment of your fish with beautiful green plants. This plastic aquarium plant has about 20 leaves and looks like a natural plant. It gives the fish a shelter and enjoy some privacy.

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5. Betta Plant Amazon Sword

Best Plants For Betta Fish

This plant stands out and is a wonderful addition to any plant or aquarium. The thick sheets look realistic and help fill the tank.

The weighted rock base helps the plastic plant stay safe in your tank. Your betta will love to play with the plant and hide among the leaves.

The colors of this plant are long lasting and don’t require special care like a natural plant would need. The leaves are colored to look realistic and have natural variations that can help the plastic plant blend in with other plants or create a natural looking environment for your plant.

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6. Marina Ecoscaper Hydrocotyle Silk Plant

Best Plants For Betta Fish

This silk plant is made from a natural material that always looks shiny and healthy in the container. The colors of the plant are natural and translucent. Another advantage of the plant is that it is made to flow in water like a real plant.

Your plant looks great in your tank and gives your fish a wonderful place to hide and play. Adding this will fill the mid-range of your tank and make it look real without having to add nutrients or monitor the CO2 levels in the tank.

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7. CNZ Aquarium Fish Tank Green Lifelike Underwater Plastic Plant

Best Plants For Betta Fish

This plastic plant is available in two sizes and will fit any tank. The sheets are multi-colored to make your aquarium visually interesting. This plastic plant also has roots, so everything looks very real.

For a larger tank, the large size will fill the tank and flow into the water. You don’t have to worry about your fish having a place to hide and play as it will give the fish plenty of green foliage to hide and swim in.

This plant resembles a natural plant without having to moderate the CO2 levels, nutrition or care of the plant.

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8. Marina Betta Pink Orchid Aquarium Plastic Plant

Best Plants For Betta Fish

This striking aquarium plant is ideal for display and resembles the rare pink orchids. The bright pink flower bouquet is great for the fish to play with. It even includes roots to attach to the bottom of the tank and look like a real flower.

The vibrant green and pink colors add visual interest to your aquatic landscape and it is easy to keep clean too. This full flower fills the container with beautiful color.

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9. Dwarf Hairgrass Live Aquarium Plants

Best Plants For Betta Fish

Dwarf Hair Grass is an easy to maintain, soft and green plant. It grows in the mid-range segment and is a great addition to creating a realistic ecosystem for fish to swim in. This type of plant is ideal for placing around stone ornaments or on a piece of driftwood.

The best temperature for dwarf hairgrass is 70 to 83 ° F and it grows best in moderate light. Known as a carpet plant, it provides a lush foreground for fish to enjoy. It needs a nutrient rich substrate to survive.

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10. Live Aquarium Plants in Tissue Culture Cup Anubias

Best Plants For Betta Fish

These plants are grown fresh and alive. They are beautiful, fresh, green and non-toxic. Your betta fish will love it.

Your aquarium will look beautiful and will add decoration and interest to the aquarium. Anubias plants are non-toxic and hardy.

Easy to care for, adding Anubias to your tank is simple and easy to do and can help your fish live healthier lives.

It grows in a variety of environments and prefers low-light freshwater tanks. The leaves are heavy and thick, so they provide high-quality coverage for your betta fish to enjoy.

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So…Live or Fake Plants?

The decision to use live or fake Best Plants For Betta Fish tanks is entirely up to you. Here are some of the pros and cons of keeping plants alive:

Benefits of keeping plants alive

  • Visually Appealing – There are not many things more beautiful than a naturally planted aquarium. It’s almost like having a small section of the Amazon River in your home. Adding Best Plants For Betta Fish tank will give it a real, natural look that plastic plants just can’t compete with. Although plastic plants are much more realistic than they were years ago, they still don’t match the beauty and movements of living plants.
  • Better Filtration – Many fish owners become obsessed with their filtration systems, but completely ignore live plants. Live plants are actually one of the best filtration systems you can have.As plants grow, they remove toxins and unwanted compounds (such as nitrate) from the water and use it as fuel for growth. You can’t beat nature’s original filter!
  • Aeration – As plants grow, they remove carbon dioxide from the water and replace it with oxygen. A high concentration of dissolved oxygen helps promote fish health, reduce algae growth and contribute to an overall healthier aquarium. The mutually beneficial relationship between plants and fish is truly astonishing.
  • Reduced Algae Growth: Algae and plants often compete for the same nutrients. Adding Best Plants For Betta Fish tank will drastically reduce the amount of nutrients available for unwanted algae. Algae eaters are another great way to reduce algae growth without harmful chemicals.

Disadvantages of keeping plants alive

  • Maintenance: Fake plants are a kind of “set and forget” type. Live plants, on the other hand, need more work. You need to make sure the plants have adequate lighting and nutrients, trim them every few weeks, and pay more attention to water conditions. Some species can also be difficult to care for and require supplemental aquarium fertilizers and additives.
  • Lighting Requirements: Live plants require light to survive. While most of the plants on our list are easy to care for and don’t require special lighting, not all plants are that easy to care for. Large tanks with more difficult plants can require expensive lighting and CO2 systems.



Unfortunately, the idea that Betta fish can live in small, unfiltered bowls has become a popular hobby misconception. As we learned today, this is not healthy or pleasant for your fish.

That’s why responsible Betta owners should make every effort to provide their fish with a natural and healthy environment. Part of this means giving your Betta plenty of room (at least 5 gallons) and plenty of places to hide / rest (plant).

By following this guide you should be able to put together an impressive naturally planted aquarium and give your Betta fish the best life possible.

Jesse B.
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