Top [2023] 10 Best Nano Reef Tank Options For Beginners

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When it comes to iconic environments, saltwater aquariums are king of the water world. However, starting a large reef or sea tank can be a costly investment and requires a lot of space and equipment. If you need a room or prefer to start on a smaller scale, check out the best nano reef tanks!

A large aquarium prominently displayed as a display is an eye-catching addition to any space. But despite what you may have heard, large reef tanks don’t have to be all the fun. A nano aquarium, in comparison, is a relatively small size tank, usually about 20 gallons or less, that packs a punch into a small package.

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Top PerformanceRed Sea Max Nano Aquarium4.3/5.0Check Price
cheapest JBJ 20 Gallon Black Cubey Aquarium4.4/5.0Check Price

The aquarium world offers you a wide range of possibilities. There are many types available today, and which one to choose depends on what you think is best for you.

The nano reef tank is a kind of aquarium that is popular today. One reason for this may be that people are interested in something different from their usual aquariums.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make an aquarium at home this could be it.

That said, how do you find the best nano reef tank on the market right now?

There are currently several options, so it is easy to get confused about which model to choose for your office or home. Don’t worry anymore as we are now helping you through the selection process.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best nano reef tanks for you to choose from.

Let’s get started right away.


What is a Nano Reef Tank?

This is a common question as many people have no idea what a reef tank is all about. Don’t worry anymore because we’ll explain it to you here.

A nano reef tank is a small aquarium with a capacity of less than 30 liters. Even from the nano name, you can tell it must be a small tank.

The nano aquarium is for people who would like to create a reef tank, but have limited space and no room for the larger tanks.

Thanks to its small size, it is possible to place a nano reef tank on your desk or on a shelf where you can easily marvel at the construction of the reef.

It is also possible to get a nano salt water tank for those who want to brighten up their office and make it warm and cozy.


Top 10 Best Nano Reef Tanks to Buy

Best Nano Reef Tank Reviews


1. Coralife Fish Tank LED BioCube Aquarium Starter Kits

The Coralife BioCube Aquarium Kit is a great choice for yourself today if you are looking for a home for saltwater or freshwater marine life.

One thing that a lot of people really like about this model is the design. It comes with the awning on the top, with the back and bottom plate colored black for contrast. The sides and front of the tank are all transparent. This will give you a good idea of ​​the life of the coral once it descends.

Having a hinged design makes some people feel like it looks classy. What’s a benefit to those who need an attractive reef tank? You also get a hood that hides the hoses and cables so they don’t distract from the coveted sleek design.

The operation of a reef tank is highly dependent on the pump. If the pump is good and quiet, that will become a popular tank. You’re in luck if you want this kind of gear. It comes with a submersible pump that works silently. With the built-in filter system, cleaning the aquarium water is no problem.

This aquarium also allows for precise temperature control. This mechanism is important to maintain the correct temperature, so essential for the health and well-being of the fish.

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2. Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium

The Red Sea brand is no stranger to the world of aquarists. It has been around for a long time and understands what people want to see in their aquariums. The brand has made this aquarium good.

The model combines the aspects of contemporary and rimless designs, giving the model a beautiful and elegant look that everyone would want.

The system is self-contained, so it includes everything you need for an attractive aquarium. Based on the images, you can easily be drawn to this model through the design. There is so much diversity that it is packed in one design; There is no doubt that you will enjoy showing it to your friends as a brand new toy that you just got.

You will get the best lighting conditions when it comes to using this aquarium. We all know how important lighting can be for any aquarium. Having light helps to emphasize the best aesthetics of an aquarium. That’s exactly what you get when it comes to this type of aquarium.

The manufacturer has also integrated some superior technological options into this aquarium. You get HD LED lighting that comes with built-in Wi-Fi so you can control the lighting without being there yourself.

You also get excellent filtration and circulation systems built in to provide top performance in this aquarium.

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3. JBJ 20 Gallon Black Cubey Aquarium

This 20 gallon aquarium is very attractive to those who want a large reef aquarium. The design gives you a clear view of the life of the aquarium.

The manufacturer has made the front and sides transparent so that visibility is not a problem. Showing your aquarium to fans is no problem at all.

Many people like the clear glass that comes with this model. It won’t scratch easily, so minor accidents won’t obstruct your view.

Adjustable LED lighting is important to the operation of this aquarium. It is provided by the manufacturer to help simulate different lighting conditions. It can display up to 6 different colors. Most other aquariums have only two varieties. This one comes with 6, proving that you are getting the best for the money spent on this model.

There are up to 7 brightness levels you can use to adjust the light exactly to the look you want. Now you can decide when to dim or brighten and by how much.

Remember, you don’t always have to use full lights in the aquarium. Attenuation is also important.

We must not forget about the filter system that comes with the model. It is a 3 stage filtration process that you will always love. It keeps the water clean at all times. With a speed of 264 liters per hour, filtering the water is no problem at all.

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4. GankPike Saltwater Aquarium Marine Reef Tank

This eight gallon tank is the perfect size for someone who wants a nano reef tank but has very limited space. It’s an 11.8 inch cube and it’s quite small in size, so you can easily make room for it on any counter, desk, or table.

The ultra clear glass and curved corners create a beautiful space for coral and fish inside. There are no lines or angles to obstruct the view. An aluminum alloy LED bulb gives you various lighting options and even has an automatic shut-off timer. Choose from three colors and five brightness levels.

One of the nicest things about this tank is the filtration. The 1.5 gallon rear filtration area is separated from the rest of the tank so visibility is not disturbed by the necessary equipment. Mechanical and biochemical filtration is included, as well as a protein skimmer.

The adjustable pump is ultra quiet and a nozzle and tube are included for quick and easy installation. You also get a 100W heater with an adjustable thermostat and thermometer to make any adjustments safe.

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5. Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquarium

Lifegard Aquatics makes this beautiful 24 gallon aquarium that’s perfect for a nano reef setup if you have a little more space. One of the best things about it is that it’s made of ultra-clear glass with an invisible gasket, so nothing gets in the way.

This tank has a rimless design made of ultra low iron glass that preserves the natural colors of your coral and fish. You are free to make whatever settings you want without worrying about losing the natural beauty due to colored or cloudy glass.

The included rear filter has everything you need to set it up right out of the box, including a submersible pump with bottom drain and adjustable directional flow. You also get filter media. This kit comes with bio balls, a carbon filter and sponge filters.

If you were looking for something small, Lifegard Aquatics also makes smaller versions of this tank that are just as beautiful. Choose from 4.14 or 9.98 liters.

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6. Innovative Marine Fusion 20 Pro

This nano saltwater aquarium tank holds 20 gallons of water and comes in a fully stocked kit containing just about everything your aquarium fish could ever need. The Fusion Nano 20 has enough space to give your fish a fun environment and comes with a water filtration system. It fits perfectly in the back of the tank, well hidden and out of the way, and it works quietly. You are not awakened by noise or hardly notice it.

An additional advantage of this high-quality aquarium kit is that it comes with a magnetic glass cleaner. It’s super easy to use and great for cleaning glass so you don’t have to get wet by scrubbing the tank. It makes it easy to maintain good water quality so you don’t have to waste valuable time. Who also wants to contribute to poor water quality that accidentally damages your aquarium?

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7. Fluval Evo Marine Aquarium Kit

This glass container is ideal for sea fishing. It fits very well in smaller spaces, while still leaving plenty of room for the fish to swim and explore. The glass tank is elegant with a sleek design and is made of aluminum shell. It also comes with a LED lighting system for both day and night. The LED system is just as easy to set up as the rest of the aquarium, so you don’t need to seek help.

The Fluval Evo Marine Aquarium Kit is easy to set up and features a powerful mechanical filter. It is not noisy and will not disturb you during the day or at night, providing your fish with high quality filtered water without discomfort. The 3-stage filtration works day and night without assistance and thus quickly prevents algae growth in your glass container. You will also notice that this tank has an easy feeding door at the top of the tank.

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8. Waterbox Nano Aquarium

Waterbox has really shaken the industry with very precise and stylish glass nano aquariums. The Waterbox Nano Aquarium is a perfect saltwater tank for someone looking for a nano aquarium kit with an all-in-one setup. It comes with all the staged filtration system parts you need to get started and is easy to upgrade with the given space in the all-in-one chamber.

This saltwater tank comes in sizes between 4 gallons and 20 gallons, cube shaped with 5-6mm thick glass. The back is smooth and well covered so you won’t have to look at awkward parts or ugly setup. It comes complete with a built-in water overflow system and also 3-stage filtration system chambers. During the day and night, you will hardly notice the sounds of the three-stage filtration system or the water pump.

The borderless design of this water box aquarium makes it attractive and stylish, and it easily blends into your home decor. There is plenty of space to decorate the aquarium to your liking. It doesn’t have a cover, but as long as it doesn’t have other animals to get into it, that’s fine.

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9. Fiji Cube All In One Kit

This Fiji Bucket Kit is available in sizes ranging from 10 gallons to 40 gallons and up to 75 gallons. Includes an adjustable pipe kit and filter holder. Well built, this reef tank kit has enough room for all the filter media you need.

This all-in-one set can be placed in your aquarium to enhance your aquarium game. As long as you buy the right size kit for your tank, you can decorate your fish house and make your tank look a little more stylish. It has a reliable filter system, submersible pump and other features to enhance your game.

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10. Fluval 10531A1 SEA EVO XII Aquarium Kit

Aquarium owners always want a stylish tank that they can use for their different types of fish. This model has a decorative honeycomb pattern.

This design gives your aquarium an unusual and modern look. It will not be like many other models with designs that are not inspiring at all.

One thing is for sure, you will get a clear view of the aquarium. Only two sides are blackened. These sides carry important filter parts for the aquarium and also the important opening to reach the marine life in the aquarium.

Cleaning the water in your aquarium is not difficult at all. With this model you get a powerful 3-stage filtration system, with which you can easily maintain the purity and clarity of the water. This is why it is often described as the best all-in-one reef nano tank on the market right now.

It comes with an enclosure that makes it easy to view fish and other marine life. It also has key lighting to set the mood, including dawn and night lighting modes.

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What is Needed For a Nano Reef Tank?

When it comes to having a nano reef tank, there aren’t many requirements. The introduction of the nano reef was primarily a way of giving hobbyists a minimalist aquarium.

In most cases, instead of the user having to assemble the reef tank with parts from different brands, the manufacturer offers a complete kit with everything you need.

Having a complete kit is crucial in making sure the model you select is easy to install as all parts are from one manufacturer. The filter system and lighting are also included in a good set. This helps reduce the cost of purchasing all parts separately.

You may need to use live rock or live sand in the reef tank. These two help supplement and promote the natural biological filtration in the tank. They also give invertebrates and fish a nice, cozy place to dig and hide.

Changing the water at least once a week is also good for water quality. It is not necessary to change the water completely, but from 10 to 20%.


How to Set Up a Nano Reef Tank?

Not all nano reefs are the same. Some may be easy to set up, while others require a little tweaking to get started. You need to make sure that the installation is done correctly for the health of the fish in the aquarium.

Depending on the kit you choose, you have everything in one place or you may need to add a few things. Let’s move to the installation process below.

  • The first thing you need to do is pre-mix the water so that it is ready for use in the aquarium. In this case it is necessary to have salt water for the aquarium. It is recommended to prepare the water the night before so that it is ready for use when the aquarium is set up. You may want to add a heater to the water to keep it at the recommended temperature for your reef aquarium.
  • The following is to find a suitable location for the aquarium. Finding the perfect location should be like deciding where to install another type of aquarium. Make sure the location is not in direct sunlight as this can increase the water temperature unnecessarily. Also, the area must be suitable for incidental spills as it is an aquarium.
  • It is important to level the aquarium properly. It is important that the tank remains level, otherwise you risk putting stress on one side of the tank. Some aquariums will even break through surface imperfections, although this is nothing to worry about as it usually occurs in extreme cases.
  • Next is that you need to add cured live rock. Position the stone so that it is stable and looks good through the clear windows. Add sand along with the rock to the bottom of the aquarium. Sand is useful as a playground for fish and invertebrates. The two also aid in natural biological filtration.
  • You can now proceed to configure the additional equipment supplied with the tank. This includes heaters, electric headers, and more. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
  • Time to add the premixed salt water. Add the water to the recommended levels as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Plug in the lights and turn everything on. Your tank should be ready to welcome new residents.


What is Considered a Nano Reef Tank?

The components of the kit

As mentioned above, most nano reef aquariums on the market today come as a kit, making installation faster and easier.

However, don’t buy one just because it’s a kit. You must consider the components included in the kit.

With all the necessary components in place, this is an aquarium that is easy to set up and use. Major components include lighting, filtration, sand and more.

Lighting system

To keep the aquarium looking its best, the lighting system must be considered.

Good light is important to both the appearance and performance of the aquarium. Reef plants or animals need constant light to grow.

The best is when you get a model with an adjustable light intensity. You only need to use additional bulbs when needed.

See also: Best Nano Reef Light: Lighting for Coral Growth

Temperature regulation

Most models come with a heater. This is to keep the water at the temperature necessary for the health and comfort of the aquarium inhabitants.

For this reason it is important that the temperature is controlled. View the options that are offered to you for this.

Some models come with the best available temperature dim controls and fans to maintain the correct temperature, while other models don’t.

Filtration media

Since at some point you may need to filter your water, it is crucial to choose a model that offers quality filtration media.

Most of these reef tanks have a 3-stage filter mechanism. There is no doubt that you will be satisfied with the result: always clean and clear water.



Many people would have liked to have an aquarium, but because of the limited space, they always postpone the project. That doesn’t always have to be the case because now you can get the best nano reef tank and use it instead.

For all the models we reviewed above, they all have the best features to change the look of your office. Small sizes make it easy to store them on your desk or shelf without taking up a lot of space.

Since they stand on their own with the full filtration and lighting system, you will always get a powerful aquarium that you will enjoy too.

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