[2021] Top 13 Best Artificial Aquarium Plants: Realistic-looking & Safe For Fish

If you have an aquarium, you know how adding a few plants can change the look. With the option of choosing real or artificial plants, they often opt for artificial plants.

This is because the maintenance that real plants entail can often be too much. In addition, the best artificial aquarium plants look just as good as real plants.

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Today we analyze some of the best models available on the market. At the end of the guide, you should be able to choose the one that suits you.

Planted tanks are great, but not everyone has green fingers. Or the time it takes to check the water level and properly maintain a planted tank. For those who fall into that category, there are some great alternatives. So keep reading, we’ll explore the artificial option and show you some of the best silk plants out there.

Maintaining an aquarium with live plants can be challenging. If you want the look of a planted tank without the fuss, consider adding artificial aquarium plants.

Few things are as beautiful as a lushly planted aquarium. A flowering tank full of greenery is certainly a sight to behold, but maintaining it is quite a challenge. Live plants need certain nutrients in addition to plenty of light to thrive, leading some aquarium enthusiasts to wonder if it’s worth it. If you like the look of a planted tank but don’t feel like putting the effort into it, consider using artificial plants to decorate your tank.

In this article, we’ll talk about using plants to decorate your aquarium and learn about our top picks for considering the best artificial aquarium plants.


Top 13 Best Artificial Plants For Your Aquariums Decorations


Best Artificial Aquarium Plants Review

1. Smarlin Aquarium Plants Decoration, Artificial Plants for Fish Tank

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

If you need the best plants that won’t poison your fish, this is what you get. The plant is made to be gentle and non-toxic at the same time. Your fish will certainly be safe in the aquarium.

Another thing you’ll love about it is the different sizes and heights of the blades available. For most people, they consider it good for most betta fish. They can always rest on these aquarium plants.

The blades are also easy to move to give that realistic look. Everyone would love the green color added to the tank too. It just makes everything look natural.

The presence of a heavy base helps keep the plant in place. Even if the water moves a little, the base will prevent the plant from moving through the aquarium.

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2. CNZ Aquarium Fish Tank Green Lifelike Underwater Plastic Plant

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

Coming from a leading brand, we expect this plant to be excellent. Well, the brand does not disappoint as the model offers good looks and overall durability.

Most find it easy to clean thanks to the materials used to make it. Yes, you may need to clean it from time to time. Just know that the process is simple and fast.

Having the ceramic base gives you the stability you need to stay strong. It will generally work very well for many.

Some find it an excellent hiding place for fish. Other than that, it should make a nice decoration for the aquarium.

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3. CNZ Aquarium Decor Fish Tank Decoration Ornament Artificial Plastic Plant

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

This is another artificial aquarium plant that has that natural look. Even if it is placed in the aquarium, it is not easy to distinguish it from the real thing. It’s that good.

To make it even better, the manufacturer has made it with vibrant green colors. It will certainly add life to the aquarium.

The best thing about this plant is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. With just a little bit of maintenance, such as cleaning, it should look good for longer.

The base is made of ceramic material. It is heavy enough to keep the plant from moving in the aquarium. Since it is safe for fish you will love it.

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4. Jardin Plastic Aquarium Tank Plants Grass Decoration

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

If you feel that the tank is no longer looking good, this is the best day to replace it. Having these plants in the aquarium is sure to make it look good. The best part is that the green color does not fade easily.

Size-wise, these plants are ideal for most aquariums. Setting up is easy as they also come with a heavy duty base. The purpose of this base is to prevent the plants from swinging around the aquarium.

You get a lot of plants for the money. They should be enough to decorate the entire aquarium. You will also love the fact that these plants provide resting places for your fish in the aquarium.

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5. Tacobear Artificial Aquatic Plastic Plant

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

These plants are also popular due to their resemblance to real plants. Plants give you the best aquarium look with half the maintenance needs. For many, this is the best choice to choose today.

The plant gives the aquarium the best rest without adding toxins. It’s also soft so it won’t harm the fish. For many, this is the best option to choose.

The manufacturer uses high-quality materials in combination with a ceramic base. The material is good for flexibility, which gives you a realistic influence in the water.

The deep green color can make many people think about it. That said, it is also fade resistant. This makes it good for your aquarium for years to come.

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6. Pietypet Artificial Aquatic Plants

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

Are you looking for a set with more variety, then this is what you are going for. The set comes with 7 pieces, each offering something different. You will also notice that they are at different heights to make it even better.

All plants give you bright colors. These colors include purple, pink and green. With such vibrant and vibrant colors, the aquarium should look absolutely amazing.

By using plastic material you don’t have to worry about maintenance. It should be done with a little regular cleaning. In addition, the plants are rust and rot free compared to other alternatives.

The plants are also supplied with a pedestal. It is placed on the bottom of the aquarium to hold the plant tightly.

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7. Marina Naturals Foreground Silk Plant

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

This model is all about providing the best quality plants and a great aquarium makeover. Once you put it in place, the bright colors make it all worthwhile.

The best part is that the colors don’t fade. You don’t have to buy a new plant every few months. Even maintenance is no problem as you can clean it in no time.

It gives the aquarium that natural look you have always wanted. Setup is quick and easy. Having a weighted base will always prevent it from swinging in the aquarium.

Due to its size, many consider it good for aquariums of many sizes. You can try it today.

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8. biOrb Easy Plant Sets

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

Every time you buy this model you will get up to 12 pieces of aquarium decoration. It is enough to decorate the entire aquarium and make it look great. The model also has sculptures to give the aquarium a different look.

Another thing you will love about the model is the colors. Vivid colors always make it better. You will always have more visitors wondering how you got to the decorations.

Because the decoration is made of high-quality materials, durability is always guaranteed. The materials are still safe for the fish to play with.

The best part is that the model is safe for saltwater, freshwater or tropical aquariums. There should be more reason to buy it today.

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9. Ecoscaper Lobelia Silk Plant

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

This Lobelia art has all the good points for an artificial aquarium plant. It is relatively inexpensive, has a good foundation and is very similar to real business. As a bonus, it has a touch more color than many other realistic fakes.

In aquatic landscapes it can be used as an alternative to plants such as Cryptocroyne sp. to create relatively dense foliage. The stems tend to be a bit drooping, but the use of hot water seems to reset the thermoplastic material used in their construction to counteract this. Just heat, dip and straighten.

There are some complaints about quality control on all Marina artificial plants. However, the vast majority of the plants seem to look and look great in the tank.

This Lobelia art is an excellent example of a realistic silk plant. The whole brand is worth checking out if that’s your bag.

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10. MyLifeUNIT Artificial Seaweed Water Plants

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

Realistic plants are not limited to silk versions. These soft PVC artificial seaweed plants are a great addition to most tanks. You can use the entire set to dense part of your tank, with the same uses as plants of the genus Vallisneria.

They look happy and cheerful when you buy them in green, but there are a few other color variations too if you want to get psychedelic. The fish can move between the leaves, so it does not deny them the use of any part of the tank.

As with all plastic plants, the shipping climate is important. A quick dip in hot water will help resolve any warping that occurs during hot weather shipping.

Other than that, these are a great way to get a tall, grassy look in the tank.

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11. MyLifeUNIT Artificial Aquariums Plants Plastic Fish Tank Plants

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

Individually, these plants are not much to look at. They are made of cheap plastic, but relatively soft. I would skip them for a Betta tank, but they are an excellent candidate for a peaceful community tank.

The good point here is that they are not expensive and you get a ton of them. Due to the low price, they are in many cases particularly attractive as a temporary decoration. Gives the impression of a busy water landscape without breaking the bank.

Unfortunately, they don’t look realistic. I would also take a look at the edges where they broke from the mold.

But they are the cheapest way to populate the water landscape from a large tank, and some of the “ground covers” are elegant. Take a good look!

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12. Fluval Anubias Plant

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

Fluval is mainly known for its aquarium equipment. The cool thing is that they also make some of the most realistic artificial plants you’ll find anywhere.

The Anubias variation is a great one, closely resembling an undefined Anubias species. It’s also a great move since even real Anubias can look like plastic when they’re completely clean.

Some people disagree with the plant’s assessment as looking real, but it’s really in the eye of the beholder. The truth is that if you look too closely at any artificial plant, you’ll find out that it’s not completely real.

For a realistic look, Fluval delivers with this simple Anubias.

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13. SunGrow Plastic Leaf Plant for Freshwater

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

This fake plant from SunGrow embodies the greatest showpieces you can find. It’s over 10 ″ tall, making it too big for small aquariums, but perfect for those with a larger tank.

It doesn’t look much like a plant. Instead, it looks like a composite of many of the plants available for use in aquariums. It also stands out on its own. That makes it a good choice for nurseries.

The downside is … well, it’s big and doesn’t seem to closely mimic any existing plant.

As a centerpiece, however, plants like these are a great centerpiece in your aquarium.

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Aquarium Plants Artificial vs. Real: Which Is Better?

It is common to find aquarium owners who have some difficulty in choosing between artificial and real plants. This is because both provide good results, but can take different approaches. So which one is better?

Let’s start by looking at the actual plants. Many people who have real plants are always proud of how they took care of the plants and kept them looking good. Real plants can grow easily, making the aquarium bigger to make it look even better.

Real plants do great things for the tank in addition to looking good. This is because real plants would absorb the carbon dioxide produced by the plants. This greatly helps to purify the water.

These real plants also release oxygen which is important for fish. This is a symbiotic relationship that cannot be experienced with artificial plants. In addition, these plants can reduce algae growth in the tank.

However, they are not all advantages, there are also some disadvantages. You will notice that the plants require a lot of maintenance. You have to make sure they are getting the right nutrients to grow better. A little pruning may also be required to keep them in shape.

Also, cleaning the tank is not easy with real plants. You must be mindful of your substrate or else you risk disrupting overall growth.

If you find that real plants have many drawbacks, the alternative is aquarium artificial plants. These plants do not require major maintenance. This is because they are made of plastic. You just need to remove them for a quick clean and that’s it.

Cleaning the tank is also quick and easy. It will not handle a substrate. The best part is that they look just as realistic as real plants.

While they don’t remove carbon dioxide from the water, it is a scam that many people want to overlook.

So which one is the best? It all comes down to personal preference. For those people who may not have enough time to care for the tank, it is better to use artificial plants. Make sure to get one that is made of safe materials to keep your fish safe.


How do you decorate the aquarium with artificial plants?

First, you need to get the best artificial plants for aquariums. This means that you choose the right plant shape, size, color and type. You can get several if you want to give your aquarium a dynamic look.

Once you have the plants, you will need to mark the design on the aquarium. You need to arrange the plants in an order that will keep them looking good after installation. This is especially for those who may need to use multiple artificial plants.

Now is the time to place the plant in the bottom of the aquarium. Most would come on a weighted basis. Such a base makes it possible to put the plants on the bottom and keep them there. Place the plant carefully on the bottom.

Some add pebbles around the plants as a way to keep it low. Now you can add the fish and let it enjoy the new environment.

How do you clean artificial aquarium plants?

It is common for algae to accumulate around artificial plants. It is worthwhile to clean these plants more often to keep algae formation low. First, you should rinse the artificial plant under running hot water.

The hot water quickly removes algae and other dirt. The next thing is to whiten the plant to further remove any debris from the plants. Don’t worry about bleach as the plants have a protective coating to prevent discoloration.

Always wear gloves and eye protection when using bleach. Rinse the plants in hot water again before placing them back in the aquarium.


Frequently asked questions about artificial and silk aquarium plants

Are silk plants different from artificial plants?

  • A little. You see, all silk plants are artificial, but not all artificial plants are considered silk plants. Silk plants are plants that move with the flow of a tank, unlike standard artificial plants that tend to get stuck in water. They are usually made of plastic or silicone cloth.


Are silk aquarium plants made from silk?

  • In most cases no. Artificial plants of all kinds were originally made from silk. In the modern world it is much cheaper and easier to use plastic. As long as the plastic is correctly woven, there is no difference in the properties of the plant. Construction is often a property secret, but you can watch how artificial flowers are made to learn more.


Can I combine artificial and real plants?

  • Absolutely. It is usually done by those who want an aquarium to look “finished” when they first put their flora in the aquarium. Combining them can also be done long term, allowing the hobbyist to focus on easy plants such as Echinodorous sp. while still creating a lush water landscape.


Can I place silk plants with aggressive fish?

  • This is also one of the most common uses for them. Cichlids, for example, are smart, get bored quickly and powerfully, making them plant killers. Well-made plants can withstand punishment, giving you the illusion of an aquarium planted with very aggressive fish.


How does aquatic landscaping with silk plants differ from living plants?

  • For the most part, silk plant tanks are unlikely to be as densely “planted” as most planted tanks. They have bases that can make it difficult to stick together in groups, for example. It is also difficult to achieve the same effect as some living plants, such as the ever-popular Glossostigma with a replica. On the other hand, no additional maintenance is required, which attracts many people.


What can I do with the spikes on an artificial aquarium plant?

  • I don’t recommend buying hard plastic plants, especially for fish that like to rub. If you do and you can’t get rid of it, you can often file the problem area with a steel needle file. However, they are best avoided, especially with the many great options currently available to anglers.


What if my fish keep moving my artificial plants?

  • It happens from time to time. You may want to stick with tough landscaping items for these fish. Those like African cichlids don’t really need plants. On the other hand, you can use solid wood elements to secure the base. Make sure to use stone instead of driftwood, most fish are surprisingly strong.


Can I use silk plants in a sea or salt water tank?

  • The plastic used to make artificial plants is relatively inert and should be fine in most systems. If you’re careful … don’t risk it. I have not yet heard of any harm other than accidental (or deliberate) ingestion of plants. Hypothetically, you could take an expensive risk by putting fake plants in a saltwater tank.


What is the best material for artificial aquarium plants?

  • Silicone is the high-quality material used today. Creates a safe and rubbery texture on plants and lasts a long time, although more difficult to clean if algae gets into pores. Plastic “cloth” is also a good idea because it flows naturally in water and looks great. Hard plastic is the cheapest, but it can still be used, you just need to check before putting it in the tank to avoid sharp edges.



Best Artificial Aquarium Plants are often preferred over real plants for the many benefits they offer. It is easy for you to transform your aquarium with good quality aquarium plants in an instant without having to wait for them to grow. That is the limitation you have with real plants.

With many options available, it is possible to choose what works best for your aquarium. Check out the different models we reviewed above to find one that’s compatible with your tank. If you choose the best plant, it will certainly look its best thanks to the vibrant colors that are widely used.

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