[Updated 2021] Top 10 Best Nano Reef Light For Coral Needs to Grow

The lighting in a reef tank is very important. Not only does it create a beautiful environment, but choosing the right type of light is essential for coral health.

Coral depends on zooxanthellae, algae in coral tissue, to survive. Zooxanthellae depend on light. So the zooxanthellae use coral debris and light to feed themselves. In turn, it produces the oxygen the coral needs to grow.

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Without the right kind of light, the coral will not survive. If you’re looking for the Best Nano Reef Light, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s post, I am going to discuss the best LED aquarium lighting for reef tanks. I’ll outline what these systems are best for, what they’re good for, and what they’re not good for, and offer our recommended options. The ultimate goal is to provide the necessary information you need to make an informed decision about the Best Nano Reef Light system for you. Let’s start!

Top 10 Best Nano Reef Lights For Your Nano Reef Tanks

Best Nano Reef  Lights Reviews

1. HIPARGERO LED Aquarium Light For Coral Reef Fish Nano Tank

Best Nano Reef Light

The LEDs in this lamp have been carefully chosen to achieve a perfect balance of blue and white light that mimics the same light as found on the ocean floor. The Cree Royal Blue, White and Blue lights work perfectly together, making your coral color really pop.

It can be dimmed from 100% to 0% using simple touch controls, allowing you to make adjustments based on the type of coral and other aquatic life you have in your tank. There are two fans that work quietly and help disperse the heat to keep this light on for as long as possible.

This lamp comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. They also have excellent customer service and try to answer all questions within 24 hours, so there is no risk in trying this one.

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2. Fluval Sea Marine Nano Bluetooth LED

Best Nano Reef Light

One of the best things about this lamp is its programmable 24-hour light cycle. The light changes automatically during the day and gradually transitions from sunrise to noon to sunset and night.

There are also presets to choose from to create the look and feel of different types of environments, including a deep saw sphere, a burst of color, or a sunny reef. You can also make changes on your own. Everything is controlled with the Fluval app. Just download it to your phone, pair it with the light and you’re good to go.

This lamp is made with an aluminum housing that helps to keep out water and moisture and dissipate heat effectively. That’s not all, it also comes with a 3-year warranty.

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3. KINGBO LED Aquarium Light Nano

Best Nano Reef Light

Next up is this KINGOBO LED light with six-band full spectrum light, including cool white, blue, red and green. The combination of these lights creates an ideal color spectrum for your reef and all the fish in your tank.

This bulb is designed to fit any standard E26 or E27 fitting, so you can use it with many standard bulbs. It features a 90 degree optical lens to ensure the light is focused enough to maximize growth.

An improved aluminum heat sink has improved heat dissipation that keeps the lamp cool even after extended use, extending lamp life. Overall, the design reduces light loss by 30% and improves light output.

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4. MICMOL Smart LED Aquarium Light

Best Nano Reef Light

This lamp from MICMOL has a really cool modern design. It is cut from a single piece of aluminum which is lightweight and super durable. A cool bracket makes it easy to install over the edge of the tank and you can quickly adjust the light to place it exactly where you need it.

The lamp itself has a Full HD spectrum that illuminates your tank perfectly. Contains cool white, royal blue, blue, red, green, warm white and purple to create a variety of lighting effects.

A smart controller with a 78-inch long cable is easy and convenient to use, and there are several settings to play with. The remote itself features a digital clock and is used to adjust brightness and switch between various settings, including manual and automatic modes.

The automatic mode switches between six presets that mimic light all day, from dawn to noon and at night. It goes seamlessly from sunrise to noon to sunset to create a natural-looking environment for your reef.

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5. MarineLand Reef LED Strip Light

Best Nano Reef Light

This lamp has a timer to automatically switch from daylight to night light. This creates a natural light cycle for your reef and reproduces the deep sea light that corals need to thrive.

If you are looking for something that is easy to use and very simple and straightforward to use, this is a great option. It comes with a one year warranty and is available in three different sizes.

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6. EcoTech Radion G5

Best Nano Reef Light

There’s a reason big coral vendors like World Wide Corals and top reef professionals use EcoTech Radion G5 to light up their reef tanks. Two reasons: full spectrum power and manageability.

EcoTech Radion’s controllability is unmatched in the industry. Radion’s LED lights are powered by a cloud-based command center known as EcoSmart Live that runs in a web browser. The software updates the lighting system automatically and several lighting modes are available for many hobbyists.

The separately available Reeflink allows you to connect your Radions via a smartphone instead of the standard USB functionality that comes with the unit. The spectrum of the lights can be changed, the intensity can be adjusted, the lighting schedule can be changed. It really is unlimited flexibility with these units.

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7. Ocean Revive 247-B

Best Nano Reef Light

The Ocean Revive T247-B is a black box in value, but not in appearance. Much cheaper than EcoTech Radions and AI Hydra, this unit can compete with Hydras in strength and what it can grow, as evidenced by the light of choice from Pacific East Aquaculture, a Maryland licensed coral aquaculture facility that has been offering high quality corals to reef keepers since 2000.

Knowing that facilities and even some LFS (to save money but will still try to sell you Radions and Hydras ^ _ ^) use these units says a lot about them. They have the power to breed all kinds of corals, from soft corals and anemones to Acroporas, and the device comes in a sturdy package that doesn’t seem cheap.

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8. Viparspectra LEDs

Viparspectra LED Aquarium Light is their traditional “Chinese black box”, but they have a more trusted brand and recognition in the industry. What I like about these lights is that there are many success stories using these lights on mixed reefs and SPS tanks. The main reason they can work in SPS tanks is how powerful they are.

The PAR output of these LED lights is in Radion territory. So you are getting a cheap light with the power behind that with field proven cases where they have grown and corals are harder to maintain. The price of this LED light is hard to beat!

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9. Current USA Orbit Marine IC Pros

First of all, we have the current US Orbit Marine IC professionals. This light comes with its own controller that can not only power the aquarium LED system itself, but also control the Orbit Marine EFlux Wavemaker and EFlux Return Pump for a fully integrated package. I feel these IC Pros are their best value with their 72″ model as it represents a VERY attractive purchase for those using 6 foot long mixed reef tanks.

The Current USA Orbit Marine controller works with a remote control and is quite easy to use and program. It comes with an up and down ramp function, which is a standard 2 hour up and down ramp. You can adjust the day, sunset and night settings so that your reef tank can adjust the lighting accordingly as the day progresses.

In combination with the Eflux Wavemaker you can adjust the flow and use the spin setting when using 2 wavemakers and even use a flow function that turns off the pumps while feeding. There are other features of the LED aquarium lighting such as a lighting and cloudy weather, but I think they are more for the cool factor than the function.

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10. Hipargergo Aqua Knight LED Aquarium Light

If you are building a nano reef or similar with a reef tank under 40 gallons, the Hipargergo Aqua Knight is a good consideration for your light of choice. It’s a very affordable light, being the cheapest unit on this list, but also very powerful and capable of being used in most mixed reef setups.

It is a small aquarium lamp with a small light spread, making it a perfect lamp for nano reef aquariums under 40 gallons. What I really love about this LED bulb is that the manufacturer stands behind their bulbs with a 30-day money-back guarantee and is happy to answer your questions 24/7. You really can’t go wrong with this light if you have a smaller reef tank. Improper Reefer has even used this light in their 10-gallon nano reef construction.

Hiparergo Aqua Knight LED Insufficient refrigerator The biggest disadvantage of this aquarium lamp is its size. This is a very affordable LED light but only works for nano reef tanks. Touch sensitivity can be annoying because they are not always read properly when you touch them. It’s so bad that sometimes you have to pray for the light to read your touches.

Finally, while it comes with a rim mount, the mount itself may be too long for some nano reef setups. Overall, though, this is the pick if you’re building a nano reef and short on offerings from brands like AI Prime HD and Kessil A80.

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How to Select Right Nano Reef Lighting Option

When choosing a lamp for a nano reef tank, it is important to note that lighting is more than just making the tank look pretty. Coral depends on the right lighting to grow, so you need to make sure you choose the right one.

It is important to give the coral enough light, but not too much. Although corals need light to survive, too much can damage them. In fact, too much light can kill them in just a few days.

That said, you don’t want to surprise them with drastic light changes either, so turning the lights on and off can also be too much.

By using a dimmable lamp, you have more control. Alternatively, you can choose a lamp with an automatic day and night cycle. This creates a more natural environment and a slow transition from day to night that the coral will love.

Also note how the lamp is installed. We have options that snap to the edge of the tank, a clamp on the table that holds the tank and a light that sits over the tank. Each of these designs has its advantages.

Placing the light on the side of the tank is easy and gives you a fair amount of control over where the light source is placed. Some have goosenecks so you can position the light the same way. With others, you can only move the light up and down or side to side.

The lamps that attach to the table top are some of the most versatile. You can place them anywhere around the table and the gooseneck design allows you to change the angle and place them exactly where you need them.

Strip lights are the least customizable, but they can be very effective depending on your settings. They sit on top of the tank and provide the same lighting from one end to the other.

There really is no right or wrong installation, but some may suit your tank better than others. Choose the one that best suits your setup.

One more thing, making sure to choose a waterproof lamp made of aluminum or other durable and lightweight material is also important. The better the material, the longer the light will last.


Best Nano Reef Tank LED Lights FAQs

How many watts of LED lighting do I need for a reef tank?

The amount of watts of LED lighting you need will depend on the size of your marine aquarium and the type of coral you will be keeping. Most LED systems are actually PAR dominated for many corals. It is mainly about the footprint. The vast majority of systems have a 24 x 24 footprint. Measure your PAR at the tank for best results.

Can you grow coral with LED lighting?

Yes, you can grow coral with LED lighting. Many professional aquaculture producers and suppliers now use LED systems to grow corals. This is due to cost savings through lower energy costs.

Which light spectrum is best for corals?

Blue and violet have been shown to be the best light spectrum for corals. Many of these lights in this roundup have the correct spectrum for growing corals. Ensuring that the manufacturer you select has done proper R&D and that field results are available from another hobbyist will instill confidence in your purchase.

What is the best lighting scheme for a reef tank?

For a reef tank, I would recommend 8-10 hours in your lighting schedule to get started. You can adjust from there as you get a feel for your tank. Systems with acceleration and deceleration functions can be switched on for longer as the intensity will be very intense during the day.



When choosing a Best Nano Reef Light, it is important to note that you are looking for something more than just decorative. Coral relies on the right type of light to thrive, so choosing the right one is important.

There are several designs to choose from and the best one is the one that best suits your setup. Some need a more accurate and adjustable light, while others would do well with the same light throughout the tank.

Remember that too much light can be deadly to a reef tank, so it’s also very important to choose one that dims the light or has an automatic day-to-night cycle to create a more natural environment.

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