[Latest 2023] Top 7 Best Aquarium Light Timer – Automatically Turns Lights ON/OFF

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When setting up a new tank, an aquarium lighting timer may be the last thing on your list of things to buy. However, lighting is one of the most important aspects of planted aquarium and reef systems, and many organisms cannot survive without lighting. Here we have discussed the 7 Best Aquarium Light Timer with Automatically Turns Lights ON/OFF.

Many of today’s LED aquarium lights to come with lighting programs that turn on/off automatically and mimic sunrise and sunset.

Comparison Table

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Top PerformanceTimer Module For Beamswork Or EVO Quad LED Aquarium Light Fixture4.4/5.0Check Price
cheapestNICREW Single LED Lighting Timer4.0/5.0Check Price

We live in today’s world where automation seems to be the best choice. It would be a good idea if you could bring this automation to aquarium lighting as well. Well, it looks like it’s already happened. This is due to the use of aquarium lighting timers available on the market.

If you haven’t used one before, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We present you with the best aquarium light timers you can buy today. Check them out below to make an informed decision.

What is an aquarium lighting timer?

An aquarium lighting timer works the same way as normal lighting timers: you set the desired amount of time for the light to be on; The best aquarium lighting timers even let you set the exact times to turn on and off, and even switch between light modes.

Top 7 Best Light Timers For Your Aquarium Types

Best Aquarium Light Timer Reviews

1. Zoo Med AquaSun Aquarium Timer

Best Aquarium Light Timer

This is one of the simplest aquarium timers you can get today for better use of your aquarium light. The manufacturer provided it with a setting and that should be the custom setting.

This type of setting allows you to set the time quite easily. Anyone who has never used a timer will still find it easy to set it up. Keep in mind that each black tab represents an increment of 15 minutes. You should now be able to set the time to your liking.

When setting the time, keep in mind that the clock is in the 24-hour system. Make sure you always read the correct current time so that the timer can ring accurately.

In case of problems, you can always consult the manufacturer’s manual. You should have an easy time using it all the time.

The timer has a grounded socket with 3 pins. This type of connection is important to eliminate scenarios such as electrocution. Due to its size you should easily find it 2 exit areas. This may be inconvenient for some people as they cannot use the other outlet. However, it is worth using.

Provide an outlet near the aquarium so that you can easily set the timer. It’s also because the timer can’t be plugged into an extension cord.

It comes with a manual override feature. This can be used when you need to turn the light on and off during the programmed period. The LED lamp indicator becomes brighter when the light is turned on.

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2. Timer Module for Beamswork or EVO Quad LED Aquarium Light Fixture

Best Aquarium Light Timer

This is another high performance timer you can get today. It comes from one of the best brands, so we can expect it to always perform. Rest assured that it will always help you achieve the best timing options for your aquarium light.

From the overall design, the idea is that the model is easy to configure and use. It’s not like one of those timers that you get lost in the way you use it. This is simple. You only get two buttons to configure it.

As for the settings, you can change the time to the minute you want the light to turn on or off. You can always refer to the manual if the model is difficult to use. This may not always be necessary as the process is simple.

Its small size shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. It can always be easy to install it anywhere and plug it in to make it work. Well, you should find it a convenient way to control your aquarium light. You will not always be there to make such changes.

Works with a wide range of accessories. They include the Beamswork and EVO Quad fixtures. With such versatility, there is no doubt that you will see more people opting for this type of model. There is an exception for the Beamswork ET series. You may need to choose a different timer for the series.

You will also be pleased with the fact that the model is affordable. Yes, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to access the performance features that this timer offers.

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3. NICREW Single LED Lighting Timer

Best Aquarium Light Timer

Nicrew is a leading brand, so we don’t expect to have many problems using this type of timer. It comes with a number of key features that make it easily one of the best to use right now. There is no doubt that having a timer is great for anyone looking to automate aquarium lighting.

You will love the fact that it can simulate sunrise and sunset. This is an important characteristic when it comes to fish health. The gradual introduction of lighting helps to reduce stress on the fish.

This is better than when the light suddenly shines brightly. Even people tend to get disoriented when this happens.

You’ll find that it comes with a 24-hour digital timer that you can easily set. As much as there is a guide you can use, we doubt you can use it. This is because the model is easy to program as desired.

Since it comes with 8 separate timer programs, there is no doubt that it will be versatile for most users. It is always easy for them to set the timer the way they want.

Manual override is still possible. This should help you change the brightness to your liking, even if the device is already programmed.

Installation with your lamp is very easy. It shouldn’t be a problem to do it every time.

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4. Current USA Single Ramp Timer for Aquarium

Best Aquarium Light Timer

When it comes to this model, it will change the way your aquarium lights and for the better too. The model will simulate a gradual sunrise and sunset for the aquarium inhabitants with ease. This can even help eliminate stress as compared to models that just start working with no gradual lighting.

It is fully programmable. This means that you can set it to work just as you want. It will turn on and off the light, making it suitable for various aquarium lighting conditions.

As for the application, you should find this model being great for both freshwater and marine aquariums. You can be sure that it will deliver on the performance always. You should find that it is also easy to use. You can easily acclimate it to the various animals in the aquarium with ease.

The use of the slow acclimation process will help in reducing the stress that is often caused by the sudden change in light intensity. In the end, you should now have a rhythmic day and night light cycle that the animals are used to.

As for the installation part, you will always find it being easy. The process is clearly explained in the manual so that you can have an easy time setting it up. Nevertheless, it involves plunging the light fixture to the power source and then connect to the time. With both circuits on, you can now go ahead to program the timer.

You can still opt for the manual override so that you can turn on or off the light whenever you feel like.

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5. DEWENWILS Outdoor Outlet Timer

You don’t need a special aquarium timer to turn your aquarium lighting on and off. The Dewenwills timer is a simple rotary timer that operates on a 24 hour cycle.

Simply set the on and off period by pressing the tabs that correspond to the hours you want the light to turn on and off.

The timer works in 30 minute increments. This means that you can set the duration of day and night to 30 minutes during any 24-hour period.

This timer has a grounded socket. The grounded power cord is 24 inches long. This gives you the freedom to place the timer where you want it.

The timer mechanism is encased in a splash-proof housing. This is a nice safety feature if you are prone to accidental splashes when working on your tank.

The grounded power cord is UL Listed. If the power goes out, you will need to reset the timer to match the current time.

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6. BN-LINK Compact Outdoor Mechanical Timer

This mechanical rotary timer comes with a 6-inch grounded power cord. The manufacturer says that the protective shell is “waterproof”, but this is incorrect. The housing is waterproof.

It cannot be moistened with water, but every now and then a splash will drip from the lid.

The timer runs on a 24-hour cycle. The rotary timing device is set by pressing a pin when you want the light to turn on and the pin corresponding to when you want the light to turn off.

Don’t forget to push all the pins down between cycling on and off.

The BN-LINK has two grounded outputs. The maximum load is 15 amps divided between the two outputs. Both outputs are controlled by the timer.

It also has a manual ON and OFF button. If the power goes out, you will need to reset the timer to match the current time.

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7. myTouchSmart Indoor/Outdoor Plug-in Digital Timer

The myTouch timer can be used to design the sky and bomb small fountains. But it will also work well for a basic aquarium lighting program.

A versatile between a mechanical rotary timer, a myTouchSmart unit and a digital timer.

No hay moving wheels or pins to adjust. Simply set the actual time you want the single output to turn on and then when you want it to turn off.

But hay more. You can create a second photoperiod, where the light turns on and off at different intervals.

The LCD screen facilitates the program in the visualization of the actual day and the program of the program. The timer has an internal backup battery which saves time of day and programming in the event of a power outage or if you need to disconnect the time.

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How to Set Aquarium Light Timer?

Setting the aquarium light timer should be relatively easy. As much as the process may vary from model to model, you will never have a problem doing it. This is the typical process you can follow.

1. Buy a reliable light timer from one of the best brands

2. Plug the aquarium lighting timer into the wall outlet if it needs to be turned on.

3. Connect it to the aquarium lamp so that you can program the lighting.

4. Depending on what is in the aquarium, you can decide for yourself what time you turn the light on and off.

5. When everything is ready, the timer should do its job by automating the lighting conditions.



When it comes to aquarium lighting, you always want the best product. That’s what you get if you also have the best light timer. Based on the models discussed above, it should be easy to make a decision now. You can always choose the best timer that suits your lamp.

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