What Fish Can Live With Goldfish? – 10 Best Goldfish Tank Mates List

What Fish Can Live With Goldfish? – 10 Best Goldfish Tank Mates List

What Fish Can Live With Goldfish?: Finding a suitable aquarium companion for a goldfish is possible, but you can’t just add a species!

There are some very important things to consider.

First, any fish added to the tank must thrive in the same environment as the goldfish, especially at water temperatures of 65ºF to 75ºF.

It is equally important that the fish get along with each other. What does that mean exactly?

A few things: The new fish will not harm the gold fish, the gold fish cannot eat the new fish, and the goldfish still has the space it needs to grow.

Each type of fish has different needs. For example, some fish like warm water, others like cold water, others like salty water, others do not. Since you want all of your fish to be healthy and happy, it is important to choose tankmates who like similar conditions.


What Fish Can Live With Goldfish?

10 Best Goldfish Tank Mates List


1. Other Goldfish

Adding another gold fish of the same size and type is one of the easiest ways to add another fish to your fish tank.

Keep in mind that goldfish are omnivores and can be predators. It is important that the tank mates are coordinated uniformly.

Be very careful with the size. Large goldfish eat smaller ones, so they must be the same size.

Also, fancy goldfish tend to move slower than common ones and are unlikely to compete for food.


2. Bristlenose Pleco

Bristlenose’s plecos are much smaller than common plecos, which can grow up to 15 inches. Therefore, the bristle plecos fall into a useful sweet spot that is small enough to fit in many goldfish aquariums without being so small that the goldfish can eat them.

Choosing a pleco that lives with your goldfish also has a great advantage: the plecos like to eat seaweed so that your tank stays nice and clean!

And while some plecos are known to suck on goldfish scales, which often leads to serious injury, this problem is rarely reported with Bristlenose Pleco.


3. White Cloud Mountain Minnows

The main reason White Cloud Mountain Minnows goes well with goldfish is that they are cold-water fish that perform well in the same environment as goldfish.

They pick fish and they don’t do well on their own, so you should add at least 3, although 6 is better.

White Cloud Mountain Minnows are also very fast and can generally flood gold fish, making them less likely to hunt.


4. Black Skirt Tetra

Advantages of keeping Black Rock Tetras with goldfish:

Black Skirt Tetras are robust and easy to care for.

They are fast and can reach goldfish if necessary.

Like the Platy, Black Skirt Tetras are usually too big for goldfish to try to eat.

Disadvantages of storing Black Rock Tetras with goldfish:

You need space in your goldfish tank for a school with six or more black rock tetras.

They are not always the most alive fish.

There is a certain risk that Black Skirt Tetra’s gold fish fins may get caught.


5. Rosy Barbs

Pink spikes like the same type of water as goldfish. They also become 4-6 inches long, so they also fit the size well.

They are not aggressive fish and leave their gold fish alone. They are too big for you to eat your gold fish.

Remember that pink spikes train fish and are very stressed when alone or in small groups. They must be kept in groups of at least 6.


6. Bloodfin Tetra

Advantages of storing Bloodfin Tetras with goldfish:

Bloodfin tetras are robust, very good for beginners.

They are also fast and can beat goldfish if need be.

Disadvantages of keeping Bloodfin Tetras with goldfish:

You need enough space in your fish tank for a school with at least 5 Bloodfin Tetras.

There is a certain risk that Bloodfin Tetras will suffocate goldfish.

At just over 5 cm, the Bloodfin Tetras are large enough to live safely with goldfish.


7. Rubbernose and Bristlenose Plecos

Both the rubber tip and bristle tip make excellent tankmates for a goldfish. Plecos are calm fish that generally leave your gold fish alone.

You spend most of the day eating rock and grass algae, which also helps keep your tank clean.


8. Checker Barb

Benefits of keeping tabs with gold fish:

The spikes are a calm fish that pairs well with community tanks.

They are fast, so elegant goldfish that tend to be slow swimmers can overflow.

Disadvantages of keeping concealer picks with goldfish:

Checkered spikes are big enough to live safely with goldfish. Therefore, there is a certain risk that larger goldfish will try to eat spikes.

You not only need space for one, but also for a Checker Barbs school.


9. Weather or Dojo Loaches

Weather loaches or dojo loaches are another great option as they are cold water fish that thrive in the same environment.

These loaches should be kept in groups of 3 or more and enjoy building. Therefore, make sure that they are covered with fine gravel or sand substrate.

The loaches also take up a lot of space by themselves, so you’ll need a fairly large tank to house them with goldfish.


10. Corydoras Catfish

Benefits of keeping Corydoras catfish with goldfish:

Corydoras chases food debris down the tank and eats it instead of letting it rot, which helps keep the tank clean

They are very peaceful and will certainly not cause any problems for your goldfish. The opposite does not necessarily have to be the case.

Disadvantages of keeping Corydoras catfish with goldfish:

Since your corydoras live at the bottom of the tank, you may have a hard time feeding them without your goldfish searching for food first.

Corydoras are school fish, so you need space to keep a small group.

As with other smaller fish on this list, there is a chance that goldfish will try to eat them.


How many fish can I add to a goldfish bowl?

So once you have a tank big enough for your goldfish, you’re probably ready to add your tankmates.

Overcrowding has many serious health effects. The more fish you have, the faster the water quality will decrease. Fish also become aggressive when overcrowded, causing injury and possible infection.

The amount of fish you can add to a goldfish tank depends on the type of fish. It’s best to spend time examining the fish you want to add to determine how much space they need.

It is a good idea to follow the rule of how much space your goldfish needs and then add additional gallons to accommodate the additional fish. Why?

Since the goldfish is quite a messy fish, overcrowding quickly leads to dirty water.

Carefully research the type of fish you want to add and make sure they have the space they need. If you choose a school fish, be sure to add enough to make it happy in your new home.



Building a community tank around a gold fish is not easy, but with careful planning, you can. A carefully planned combination of fish in the right environment can lead to a successful aquarium that is fun to watch.

The most important thing is that you use a tank that is big enough for all your fish to thrive. Remember that goldfish need a lot of space for them. If you keep them in a tank that is too small, they will hamper their growth and shorten their life.