Your Guide to the Best Silk Aquarium Plants [2023]

artificial plants for an aquarium

To help hobbyists create a vibrant underwater world, we present a curated selection of the best silk aquarium plants, carefully chosen to enhance the look of your underwater garden.

The joys of having fish in an aquarium are plentiful. You can see them swimming and enjoying their beauty. Owning an aquarium means taking care of the items inside, including the plants.

Despite being a fan of live plants, I still think there are a lot of great uses for silk aquarium plants. Everyone knows that live plants provide oxygen and they help reduce fish waste, while fake plants do not. It looks like you’re giving up a good thing, isn’t it? What do best silk aquarium plants offer?

Many fish owners prefer to use silk plants because they look realistic. They are also easier to maintain.

Planted tanks are great, but not everyone has a green thumb. Or the time it takes to check the water level and properly maintain a planted tank. For those who fall into that category, there are some great alternatives. So keep reading, we’ll explore the artificial option and show you some of the best silk plants available.

It is important to understand the differences between plastic and silk plants. You can learn about each option to make an informed decision. This way your fish are safely stored and the aquarium looks decorated.

Comparison table- best silk aquarium plants

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The 15 Best silk aquarium plants reviewed

1. Marina Ecoscaper Hydrocotyle Silk Plant

Best silk aquarium plants

The first is the 8-inch Marina Ecoscaper silk plant. The translucent colors of the plant do not fade. It also provides easy and secure placement.
The plant has many stems at the base with leaves projecting past them. It allows for a more complete plant function and does not take up much space. The colors also change from dark green to light green.

The silk plant undulates with the currents of the aquarium. It is realistic without living, so it is easy to maintain.
One problem with this plant is that it is not strong. There is no stated weight for the product and it seems very light. Many customers have complained that the base does not have enough weight to hold it in the water.

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2. Marina Naturals Pennywort Silk Plant

Marina Naturals Pennywort artificial plant for the aquarium

Marina Naturals Pennywort’s oversized silk plant is suitable for larger tanks. It stands up to 14 inches tall and has vibrant colors.
The Pennywort decoration is designed for aquariums. It has a natural looking translucent color that does not fade in water. It is easy to place in the tank and provides a safe location.

The silk material used allows it to ripple with the flow and move freely.

The only problem with this product is that the base is quite small compared to the plant, which is tall and wide. That’s why you need to anchor it in the water by adding some pebbles over the base to keep it safe.
The product comforts aquatic animals, including fish. It is safe for any aquarium and fish.

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3. BiOrb Easy Plant Sets

Best silk aquarium plants

The biOrb Easy plant sets are beautiful and add a touch of dimension to aquariums. They are ideal for delicate fish such as Betta fish and goldfish. These fish have elongated or flowing fins that cannot get stuck in the leaves.

You can use this plant set for saltwater, freshwater and tropical aquariums.

Three sizes are available including large, medium and small. You can also buy a four-piece basket containing four different plants. If you choose a set, you will get a purple and a green plant.

The design is exciting and unique. The plant stands on a bulbous base, which allows the plant to move and straighten easily. The silk sheets also move and change with the current.


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4. Blue Ribbon Vibran-Sea Flowering Cluster Assortment

Best silk aquarium plants

The Blue Ribbon Vibran-Sea Flower Cluster Assortment has three plants in each set. There are five games available:
Amazon broadleaf
so american
wide blade
The African version has differently shaped leaves and single flowers. It is all one color (light green).
The Amazon version includes green and blue leaves in different shapes. The broadleaf Amazon has purple and light green leaves that are similar in shape.

The Broad Leaf variety includes several shades of green. It also has dark blue flowers and multi-shaped leaves.
The So American version has light and dark green/blue leaves. It also has flowers and leaves of multiple shapes.
Whichever group you choose, you will get three different plants. The leaves are soft and silky, which is perfect for swinging in the current. Resin bases are heavy and have no metal stems.
Some plant sets are smaller and some contain larger varieties. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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5. Marina Ecoscaper Lobelia Silk Plant

Best silk aquarium plants

The silk plant Marina Ecoscaper Lobelia is 20 cm high and has a sturdy base. The base resembles a rock and gives the aquarium a natural flair.

At the base you get three stems with a variety of green leaves of different heights. The product is lush and full in the middle. Fish can easily swim through the leaves, hide or rest.

The silk plant decoration has a natural look. Color does not fade with time or cleaning. Silk plants move and ripple with currents of water, giving it a natural look.

The base, although wide, is not weighted. You may need to bury the base in the pebbles at the bottom of your tank for safety. Many customers claim that it floats to the bottom and does not fall over.

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6. Red Anubias Leaf Betta Plant

Best silk aquarium plants

Anubias Red Leaf Betta Plant can help you create a beautiful aquarium. It is suitable for any tank or bowl and it is safe for Betta fish and other delicate fish.

This plant contains a weighted rock and resin base so it will stay in place no matter how fast the fish swim. You can place it in a variety of ways to create a shelter for your pet or let it explore.

Your Betta can explore the entire plant for your enjoyment. This product works well with the Blue Spotted Amazon Sword plant and other Betta plants.

A small disadvantage of the plant is that it is only two centimeters tall. However, it works well with other plants to create a habitat for your Betta.

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7. Amazon Sword Blue Spotted Betta Plant, Great for Betta Fish

Best silk aquarium plants

The blue-spotted Betta plant, Amazon Sword, is suitable for any bowl and tank. The resin weighted base looks like a rock and will stay firmly in place in your tank. It has broad stems from the base that reach large, broad green leaves.

Bettas can easily swim through leaves, hide or rest on leaves. Silk sheets are suitable for Bettas because there are no sharp edges to scratch a delicate fish.

This product works well with Blue Spotted Betta Log and many other Betta fish products.

Although the base of the product is plastic, it contains no sharp parts or metal. The leaves are made of silk fabric and will not harm the Betta. Because the sheets are made of fabric, they wrinkle in the water, giving them a realistic look.

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8. Ecoscaper Lobelia Silk Plant

Ecoscaper Lobelia artificial fish tank plant

This artificial Lobelia has all the good points for an artificial aquarium plant. It’s relatively cheap, has a good foundation and looks a lot like real business. As a bonus, it has a touch more color than many other realistic fakes.

In aquatic landscaping, it can be used as an alternative to plants such as Cryptocroyne sp. to create a relatively dense foliage. The stems tend to be a little droopy, but using hot water seems to reset the thermoplastic used in their construction to counteract this. Just heat, dip and straighten.

There are some complaints about quality control on all Marina artificial plants. However, the vast majority of plants seem to look great in the tank.

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9. MyLifeUNIT Artificial Seaweed Water Plants

Best silk aquarium plants

Realistic plants are not limited to silk versions. These soft PVC artificial seaweed plants are a great addition to most tanks. You can use the whole set to densely plant part of your tank, similar to plants of the genus Vallisneria.

They look cheerful and cheerful if you buy them in green, but there are also a few other color variations if you want to go psychedelic. The fish can move between the leaves, so don’t deny them use of any part of the tank.

Like all plastic plants, the shipping climate is important. A quick dip in hot water will help dissolve warping that occurs during hot weather shipping.

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10. Smarlin Aquarium Plants Decoration, Artificial Plants for Fish Tank

Best silk aquarium plants

Smarlin makes solid and relatively inexpensive artificial plants for aquariums. Of these, my favorite is this one, which vaguely resembles an Anubias spear and comes with “grass” around the base. Even better? Those stems are movable.

These plants are mainly sold as a “base” for smaller Betta tanks. The top sheets provide them with some shelter, similar to the acclaimed “Betta beds” you may find for sale.

Overall, it’s a solid plant, but there seem to have been some weird issues with the sharp point. Feel the grass under the largest leaves before placing it in your tank.

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11. Smarlin Artificial Aquarium Plants

Best silk aquarium plants

Another one from Smarlin, this brush-like artificial plant is a great addition for filling the back of your tank’s overall exhaust. Despite their sturdy appearance, the leaves spread in a semi-translucent fan when placed in water.

When placed with peaceful fish, this is a great way to give them extra cover. They also come in a pack of three, making it relatively easy to fill the back of the tank without spending too much money.

Here’s a caveat: They’re too picky for a cichlid tank. When “playing with” large, aggressive fish, there have been reports of leaves falling off and being drawn into the fan of HOB filters. That’s a huge pain, and if left unchecked, it can also cause the pump to fail.

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12. Fluval Anubias Plant

Fluval Anubias artificial plant

Fluval is best known for its aquarium equipment. The good thing is that they also make some of the most realistic artificial plants you can find anywhere.

The Anubias variety is excellent, it closely resembles an undefined Anubias species. It’s also a great move because even real Anubias can look like plastic when completely clean.

Some people disagree that the plant rating looks real, but it is real in the eyes of the beholder. The truth is that if you look too closely at an artificial plant, you will discover that it is not quite real.

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13. CNZ Aquarium Aquascape Artificial Plastic Plant

Best silk aquarium plants

I quite like artificial plants with a water landscape look. Whether it’s the fake plant attached to a stick or just a small formation like this…it’s a good way to go.

This one has a grassy appearance on the taller plants, with something similar to Glosso on the bottom. It is a winning look and is ideal for creating a diverse water landscape in combination with the right decorations.

My only complaint is that it doesn’t have the ability to actually “flow” into the water. The grass area in particular is a bit stiff, despite the look.

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14. SunGrow Plastic Leaf Plant for Freshwater

plastic leaf plant for the aquarium

This fake plant from SunGrow embodies the largest centerpieces you can find. It stands a whopping 10 high, making it too big for small aquariums, but perfect for those with a larger tank.

It doesn’t look like any plant. Instead, it looks like a compound of many of the plants available for use in aquariums. It also stands on its own. That makes it a good choice for nurseries.

The downside is… well, it’s large and doesn’t seem to closely replicate any of the existing plants.

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15. OrgMemory Artificial Aquarium Plants

artificial aquarium plants

You are not limited to finding plants of the right color if you want to go for a cheap set. This has no less than 29 pieces, so you can decorate a whole box with plants for a lower price.

The beauty of this one is in the package. It will not compete with more expensive plants in terms of realism or quality. However, they are still fine for most people’s tanks.

Low? They are cheap thermoplastics. You may need to reset them if they arrive distorted with hot water and are not as durable as some options.

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Silk Aquarium Plants vs. Plastic: Which Is Better?

Although it is a personal preference, Best silk aquarium plants have advantages over plastic. Plastic plants can harm fish if fish swim directly over them. If the fish rubs against the plastic, it can be scratched or cut.

A good way to determine if the plant is dangerous is to put a cheap pair of tights over it. Check the tights to see if they are torn or jammed. If so, you should not put that plant in the aquarium.

Silk plants can also look nicer than plastic ones. The lightweight material allows the plant to move in the water. This is like a living plant.

Plastic plants are hard and cannot be bent. They can’t move with water, making them look out of place. Also, they don’t look natural in the aquarium environment.

Silk plants look more natural. They are still artificial, but create the illusion of living plants.

Both plastic and silk plants cannot produce food for fish. Fish can nibble on it, but they don’t get food. Plastic plants can harm fish if they try to pinch the plant.

Both plastic and silk plants do not produce debris and waste that pollutes the water. They do not require any care or trimming as they do not grow. So you don’t have to work on the aquarium after installation.


Why Are My Silk Aquarium Plants Turning Brown?

If you notice that the plants in your silk tank are turning brown, it is because of the algae. Nitrates are too high in the water. So you have organic matter somewhere in the tank that is breaking down.

The first step is to make sure you filter your aquarium properly. You also need to make sure that you don’t have too many fish for the size of the aquarium.

If you do everything right, the nitrates can come from natural elements in your tank. You may also have a colony of beneficial bacteria that is not suitable for the number of fish.

To remove algae, vacuum the gravel weekly and change the filter monthly. This can prevent the formation of algae or make them green to make them more attractive.


How to Clean Silk Aquarium Plants?

Once you have the Best silk aquarium plants you like, you need to know how to clean them. The first step is to remove them from the aquarium and rinse with hot water to remove the algae.

Pour 1/2 cup of the non-iodized salt into a small bowl. Make a paste by adding lemon juice. Use a toothbrush with some paste and scrub the plants to remove dirt and algae.

Rinse your silk plants one more time with hot water. Remove excess water and pat dry if you prefer. You can also put them back in the tank. If you have an excessive buildup of algae, consider adding a new Plecostomus at this stage.


Artificial and Silk Aquarium Plant FAQs

Are silk plants different from artificial plants?

A little. You see, all silk plants are artificial, but not all artificial plants are considered silk plants. Silk plants are plants that move with the flow of a tank, unlike standard artificial plants that tend to stick to water. They are usually made of plastic or silicone cloth.

Are silk aquarium plants made of silk?

Not in most cases. All kinds of artificial plants were originally made of silk. In the modern world it is much cheaper and easier to use plastic. As long as the plastic is well woven, there is no difference in the properties of the plant. Construction is often a proprietary secret, but you can see how artificial flowers are made to learn more.

Can I combine artificial and real plants?

Absolutely. It is usually done by those who want a tank to look “off” when they first place their flora in the tank. Combining them can also be done long term, allowing the hobbyist to focus on easy plants like Echinodorous sp. while still creating a lush waterscape.

Can I put silk plants with aggressive fish?

This is also one of the most common uses for them. Cichlids, for example, are smart, easily bored and powerful, making them plant killers. Well-crafted plants can withstand punishment, allowing you to maintain the illusion of an aquarium planted with highly aggressive fish.

What should I do if my fish keep moving my artificial plants?

It happens from time to time. You may want to stick to hard items for these fish. Those like African cichlids don’t really need plants. On the other hand, you can use hardwood elements to snap the base into place. Just make sure to use rock instead of driftwood, most fish are surprisingly strong.

Can I use silk plants in a sea or salt water tank?

The plastic used to make artificial plants is relatively inert and should be fine in most systems. If you’re careful… don’t risk it. I haven’t heard of any harm other than accidental (or intentional) ingestion of plants. Hypothetically, you could be taking a costly risk by putting fake plants in a saltwater tank.


Final Thoughts – Best silk aquarium plants

Using best silk aquarium plants is the best way to keep your aquarium looking vibrant and exciting. They can also protect your fish from cuts and scrapes.

You can reduce the risk of killing live plants or being eaten by your fish. It can also add color, depth and excitement to the aquarium. Fish also have something to play with.

With the many types of fake plants out there, you have many options. You can choose plastic plants, but they can be dangerous for some delicate fish. Silk plants work well because they look more natural.