60+ Betta Fish Names (Unique, Funny, Clever) Find One Today!

Betta Fish Names

Betta fish, also known as Siamese Fighting Fish, are great pets for beginner fish-keepers. They are clearly distinguished by their beautiful, long fins ranging from bright reds to deep blues. If you’re looking for some ideas to name your elegant fish, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Betta Fish Names that we could find to give you some inspiration.

Betta Fish

The Betta is called Siamese Fighting Fish due to its aggressive nature and territorial features. Usually known as the Siamese fighter fish (Betta), it is scientifically named Betta splendens.

There are over 70 species of betta fish in the world, and many believe that the genus names of betta come from a Malay expression for a local military tribe.

Betta’s are quite intelligent and showcase their vibrant colors, beautiful fins and evocative personalities. We recommend choosing names that are unique and memorable for your personal Siamese Fighting Fish.


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How to Choose a Name for My Betta Fish?

Your best bet for choosing the perfect name is drawing inspiration from your betta fish’s gender, color, personalityCanvas Prints Abstract Animal Betta Fish Poster Wall Art Painting Pictures Living Room Bedroom Apartment hotel Home Decor-50x70cmx3 Frameless and traits. Also deciding if you’d like a cute, tough, elegant or generic name to match your pet can help you filter out all the names you know you don’t want.

Keeping reading to see if any of the names we’ve suggested might be a catch for you.

Betta Fish Names

We have names for Betta fish with all the different colors and personalities.

Unisex Names for Betta Fish

  • Alex: a Greek name meaning “protection”
  • Avery: an “intelligent person”
  • Harley: meaning a “meadow” or “woods”
  • Jamie: of Scottish Origin meaning “supplant”
  • Jordan: of Hebrew Origin
  • Riley: of English origin meaning “descended”
  • Suki: a Japanese name meaning “the one who is loved”
  • Willow: meaning “graceful”
  • Yuri: another Japanese name referring to a “lily”

Betta Fish Names

Names for Male Betta Fish

Here are some of our favourite strong names for male betta fish.

  • Ares: the name of the God of War, meaning “bane”
  • Astor: of English origin meaning “the hawk”
  • Caspian: a romantic male name taken from the Caspian Sea
  • Darius: of Persian origin, “maintains possessions well”
  • Denzel: is a powerful name, which means “from a high stronghold”
  • Xander: a Greek name meaning “defender for men”
  • Bear: another strong name for betta males with hunching backs
  • Chester: of Old English and Latin origin
  • Finn: a classic and ironic name for a fish

Names for Female Betta Fish

Our favourite female betta names are listed here.

  • Ariel: meaning “lion of God or heaven”
  • Aurora: of Latin origin meaning “dawm”
  • Coral: a form of sea life
  • Daisy: a type of flower
  • Wendy: a sweet name meaning “a friend”
  • Elsa: has an old German meaning of “noble”
  • Zelda: means “blessed” in Yiddish


Betta Fish Names

Names for Betta Fish Colors

Suggesting your fish’s color through their name is another idea to keep them unique and have people thinking about their beauty.

Blue bettas may appear in an assortment of hues from royal to indigo. The color blue symbolizes all things peace, purity and freedom. Their perfect names could include;

  • Azul: Spanish origin
  • Beryl: “sea green”
  • Indigo: “deep blue color”
  • Topaz: also meaning “jewel”

Bettas of the color white could have names like;

  • Opal: a type of jewel
  • Pearl: meaning “precious”
  • Snowy: the state of have lots of frozen rain
  • Dove: a “bird of peace”
  • Jasmine: a type of flower also holding the meaning of “a gift from God”

Red or warm colored bettas may have more firey or stand out names;

  • Sol: a Spanish name meaning “sun”
  • Gleam: for a betta with particularly eye-catching or shiny scales
  • Big Red: great for an aggressive male betta
  • Vulcan: refers to the Roman God of Fire
  • Aka: a Japanese name meaning “red”

Betta fish with a dark or black color may have stronger names;

  • Coal: of English origin
  • Ash: can mean “happy” or “ash tree”
  • Gandalf: of German origin meaning “wand or cane”
  • Haze: meaning “cloudy or obscure”
  • Sully: meaning “south meadow”
  • Amaya: of Japanese origin meaning “night rain”
  • Black Beauty: originally the name of a horse from a classic novel
  • Jet: a “beautiful gemstone of the color black”

Betta Fish Names


Funny Betta Fish Names

  • Gillbert: humour in its spelling!
  • Spongebob Bettapants
  • Sushi: some dark humour there

Personality-Based Betta Fish Names

Most of these names are self and personality explanatory. These are especially great for your betta fish that tend to be a little more feisty in nature.

  • Rowdy
  • Sassy
  • Betty
  • Slick
  • Strength

Greek Betta Fish Names

  • Bartholomew: meaning “having many furrows”
  • Corfu: refers to the prettiest beach in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Pandora: a “mythical box of secrets”
  • Zeus: the Greek God of Gods

Royal names for Betta Fish

Siamese fighting fish tend to hold a royal energy about them. So here a few names that might tie into their formal persona well:

  • Akbar
  • Alexanger
  • Augustus
  • Caligula
  • Julius Tut

Final Thoughts

Betta is a distinguished fish that deserves a name that can highlight all of its unique qualities. Our collection of the Best Names for Betta Fish can hopefully make the process of you choosing a name a little easier, or at least provide a bit of inspiration.