Top [2023] 10 Best Betta Tank Heater For Your Fish Stay Healthy & Safety

Top [2023] 10 Best Betta Tank Heater For Your Fish Stay Healthy & Safety

Having betta fish can easily change the look of your aquarium. This is due to its colorful character. To keep them cute, you should consider providing your fish with the right habitat.

When it comes to the best environment, we look for clean water, sufficient food, beautiful decorations and also hot water. To keep the water at the right temperature, you need to get the best betta tank heater.

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Getting the right stove shouldn’t be a problem as there are so many available today. In this guide, we will learn more about such stoves and their general benefits.

A tank heater is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need to keep your betta fish healthy.

Bettas are adapted to tropical waters, which are usually slightly warmer than room temperature in your home.

You see, the temperature in your home is not as stable as the temperature in the natural environment of Betta; it fluctuates up and down depending on how hot or cold it is outside.

A tank heater can compensate for those differences by keeping your aquarium at a constant warm temperature.

But choosing the right heater for your betta fish can be challenging, especially since many inexpensive heaters in the market don’t perform as well as advertised. Today we’ll take a look at the features to consider in a betta fish warmer and discuss five of the best Tank Heater for your betta fish.

Talking about one of the most important devices you need to create a favorable environment for your betta fish and keep them healthy, the stove is a perfect example of this “important equipment”. In this piece, we’ll be sharing with you the 10 best Betta Tank Heater available today!


Does a Betta Fish Need a Heater?

To help answer this question, you must first know the importance of a heater. Well, the main reason is that fish can be a delicate species. By having the water at the right temperature, you can be sure they are safe.

It is not just about the right temperature, but also about a constant temperature. The fish does not have to be in water whose temperature continues to fluctuate.

In most cases the water temperature is affected by the air around the tank. Sometimes this can lead to fluctuating temperatures. To find out, you need to find the right betta tank heater.

Studies show that every time the water gets too cold, it affects the betta fish. They tend to remain inactive. In such a scenario you will see that they have trouble eating, swimming and that some may even die.

That said, you can also expect them to have some health complications if the water is too hot. That’s why you need to keep the water at the right temperature.


Ideal Water Temperature for Betta Fish Tank

So what’s the right temperature? For betta fish, it would be ideal to keep the water between 74 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (23-28 degrees C). It is often recommended to buy heaters that do not overheat beyond this range to protect your fish.

It will be great if you also have a thermometer. This is because some boilers do not have a current temperature display. Having a thermometer is great for keeping an eye on the heat of the water.

Some also look at the boiler manufacturer’s rating. This helps a lot so you know what temperature the model can operate in before buying.


Top 10 Best Heaters for Your Betta Fish Tank


Best Betta Tank Heater Reviews

1. SZELAM Smart Mini Aquarium Betta Fish Tank Heater

To make it stand out, the SZELAM Aquarium Heater comes with a smart circuit board. The plate helps to integrate an accurate temperature sensor plate and a constant heating system. You no longer need a thermometer to know the temperature of the water.

Unlike the other heaters, it continues to perform very well within the set temperature. You do not need to manually adjust the temperature. This also makes it energy efficient for those who think that all stoves use a lot of energy.

It’s easy to use right out of the box. The heater has an automatic temperature controller that remains reliable. It will work easily even in areas with strong water flow. The manual provided should help with the installation process.

You will like that it is made of high quality material. This includes the heat resistant ABS shell, the ceramic heating system and the sandy quartz filling. All these materials indicate a stove with great durability and functionality.


  1. The stove is easy to use, especially the set-up.
  2. The use of quality materials for the construction improves durability.
  3. The size allows the heater to be fully submerged for best performance.
  4. The stove is energy efficient to keep energy bills low.


  1. Some complaints about the slow change in temperature over time.
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2. SunGrow Halfmoon Betta Heater

For a Betta tank heater to be great, it must be fully submersible. That’s what you get with this heater, because it is waterproof. The components will continue to function very well even when submerged in water.

So what about the size of the aquarium? The manufacturer recommended this heater for the 1.5 liter aquarium. Its exterior design makes it even stronger than glass. This will certainly improve the stove’s durability.

Another advantage of the heater is that it keeps the water temperature within a good range. The temperature can be maintained between 75 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit for the best comfort and growth of your fish.

The model also includes the suction cups. These allow for easy installation of the heating. You only need to place the cups in the tank.


  1. The model will automatically reach the preset temperature and keep it there.
  2. It comes with suction cups ideal for quick installation.
  3. It comes with waterproof elements so that it can be completely submerged in water.


  1. There is no display to show the current water temperature.
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3. GOOBAT Mini Betta Heater for Aquariums

If you are looking for a heater for larger tanks this is what you need. It is designed to work very well in aquariums up to 10 gallons. It is amazing how it can reach the preset temperature in a short time.

The model works very well when it comes to reaching and maintaining a certain temperature. Manual adjustments are no longer necessary. Just set it up and turn it on. You may need a separate thermometer to measure the water temperature.

Durable PPC plastic for its housing promises the best durability. It should be able to continue to perform very well in the coming years. In addition, the design and use of such material keeps it stronger than glass sleeve heating elements.

There is also a red light indicator that helps you know that the heater is working. As for the installation, you can use the included suction cup for a quick installation process.


  1. The model has a strong construction which is important for durability.
  2. Using a suction cup makes for a quick and easy installation process.
  3. Being fully submersible helps create ideal water conditions for your fish.


  1. If you want to measure the water temperature, you will need to purchase a separate thermometer.
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4. Marina Compact Heater


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on Betta tank heaters if they are available. Thanks to its compact nature, it should work even for small tanks. Users also love that it is easy to set up in a pinch.

It is a multipurpose heater as it can work for both fresh and salt water aquariums. As of today, you no longer need to purchase separate heaters. To make it even better, you will find that it is made from a durable polymer. This further improves the durability of the heater.

With its 2 year warranty, it is better than what you get with the other models. You should also appreciate the reliable performance.

The best part is that it can keep the water temperature at 78 degrees Fahrenheit all the time. No more worries about overheating.


  1. The water heater is within the affordable range to buy for many.
  2. It is made from a durable polymer to increase durability.
  3. The model promises to deliver more reliable performance than its competitors.


  1. The water is heated slowly when it is first used
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5. EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater (2nd Pick)

The EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater offers the same versatility as the Fluval E Heater, with a few key differences.

Most notably, this heater can withstand colder temperatures of up to 65 degrees, which is ideal if you live in a warmer environment where the purpose of the heater is primarily to keep the water temperature constant.

Like the Fluval E, the 300 watt version of this heater is suitable for tanks up to 100 gallons.

Note that this heater is significantly longer, at 20 inches, so your tank should be shaped to allow the heater to remain fully submerged. EHEIM also makes smaller versions of this tank heater up to 25 watts, which is suitable for small 5 gallon tanks.

The temperature control on this stove is easy to read and turn as it is located on the top of the unit. The temperature can be changed in 0.5 degree increments at a time for precise temperature control.

The stove has a simple light to indicate whether the stove is working or not. But unlike the Fluval E heater, there is no digital display of the current temperature in the tank. Therefore, you should keep a thermometer in the tank to monitor the temperature and check the tank for deviations from the set temperature.

However, when it comes to safety, this stove stands out. The heater will switch off automatically if the water in the tank becomes too low and a safety check prevents the heater from running dry.

The stove is also built shock-resistant and unbreakable. A supplied mounting bracket and a set of suction cups make it easy to place this heater anywhere in your aquarium.

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6. Fluval M Submersible Heater

  • Available watts: 50-200
  • Tank size: 15-65 gallon
  • Temperature range: 66-86 degrees
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

This fully submersible heater from Fluval is a cheaper alternative to the E heater, although it loses many of the advanced features of the E heater, such as the LCD temperature display.

The stove has a limited temperature range of 66-86 degrees, so you may have to choose a more powerful stove if your house is often cold. The temperature can easily be changed in steps of 1 degree using the rotary knob on the top of the heater.

The stove is relatively easy to install. The heater comes with a simple mounting bracket with which you can place the heater anywhere and you can remove the heater from the tank without removing the bracket.

Better yet, Fluval has designed the heater to be completely shock resistant and while there is little protection from the hot center, your beta fish cannot make full contact with the heating elements.

Note that although this stove is relatively small, it is still 11 inches long. That means it doesn’t really fit many of Fluval tanks under 15 gallons, such as the EVO Reef 13.5 or the 9.5 gallon Flex tank. Therefore, you will need a relatively tall tank to use this heater and keep it completely submerged.

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7. Aqueon Pro Heaters (Best Budget Option)

  • Available watts: 50-300
  • Tank size: 5-90 gallon
  • Temperature range: 68-88 degrees
  • Automatic shutdown: yes

This sleek and efficient stove from Aqueon is designed for simplicity. The knob on the top of the stove is very easy to access and the temperature dial is large enough to read.

While you can only change the temperature from 68 to 88 degrees in 1 degree increments, that should be more than enough versatility for most betta tanks. The stove does not have a temperature reading, but there is an LED light to indicate when the stove is on.

The heating element in this stove is well protected so that it doesn’t endanger your betta fish, and the stove itself is designed to be nearly indestructible. The stove also has an automatic shut-off to turn it off in case it overheats, and it will automatically turn back on after it cools down.

A set of suction cups makes it easy to install this heater horizontally or vertically, but keep in mind that the 19-inch length of the heater requires you to have enough space in the tank.

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8. Hygger Betta Tank Heater.


The next name on the list of the 7 best heaters for betta fish is the Hygger Betta tank heater. Of course, you can be sure that this is a heater you can rely on to heat your water tank effectively.

The Hygger Betta Tank Heater is available in three different wattages. From 300, 100, up to 50 watts. It is made of durable milky quartz and has an indicator light on one side of the stove.

Apart from these features, it is a true immersion heater with an external temperature controller designed to adjust the water temperature by simply turning a dial.

Why is it on our list of the 10 best Betta Tank Heater? The answer is in the security features. For example, to make sure your betta fish is safe, the heater has the option to turn off automatically when it exceeds the level.

The body is covered with a black housing that protects it from rust. Two suction cups in the package.

The Hygger tank heater does its job effectively without leaving a stain. According to some of the reviews we have, people choose this stove simply because it is so reliable and accurate with its measurements.

In addition, the heating thermostat design is excellent from an aesthetic point of view. It’s safe to say buyers appreciate the protective cover and milky quartz.


  1. The Hygger Betta tank heater is remarkably waterproof.
  2. It is easy to configure
  3. Aesthetically, the design is great.
  4. It is adjustable
  5. Most importantly, it is affordable.


  1. The two suction cups are of poor quality.
  2. It does not come with a display screen that can assist in reading the temperature.
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9. FreeSea Aquarium Heater.

The last heater on the list of the 7 best heaters for betta fish is the FreeSea Aquarium Heater. One of the ideal 1 to 10 gallon Betta aquarium warmers. Although there are larger alternatives that work for larger tanks.

This is a handy little stove that we should all have. The FreeSea Aquarium Heater is known to heat betta aquariums between 59 degrees and 94 degrees Fahrenheit, which should of course be sufficient for all betta fish owners.

It is a comfortable heater because of its automatic temperature capability. With this function, it helps to maintain a fixed temperature and turns on when the temperature drops below the desired temperature. All you need to do is plug it in, set the temperature and then put it in the tank.

It is fully submersible and comes with a one year warranty. In terms of safety, the stove has a high rating, so you don’t have to worry about frying the fish.

In addition, the Freesea Aquarium Heater is available in different wattages. From 50W, 75W, 100W to 200W. You can choose the one that suits your tank.

Choosing the best power depends on the size of your tank. Consider that and you will know which one is the best rating that suits you.

Unlike the previous heater we talked about, the FreeSea heater has a modern digital display that allows users to get an accurate temperature reading.

You can also change the settings based on the tank temperature. When it’s warm enough for your tank, all you have to do is adjust the temperature settings.

To ensure that the stove works properly and does not overheat, it has an automatically constant temperature. In addition, you get user-friendly controls, a touch button and a cyclist that helps to set the temperature to the right level. The security features are top class.


  1. Like most of the stoves on our list, the FreeSea stove is easy to use.
  2. The security features are top class; This means that your betta fish’s life is safe.
  3. The after-sales service is impressive.


  1. The main problem with this stove is that it comes with a short cord, which means you have to keep the tank close to a suitable outlet.
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10. Cobalt Aquatics Mini – Therm Heater.


Unlike most other heaters that are made of rubber, the Cobalt Aquatics Mini-Therm heater is made exclusively of glass material.

The stove made our list of the 7 best stoves for betta fish, not for its durability, but for its features and unbreakable power.

Speaking of sustainability, it’s a concern for many buyers, but you don’t have to worry about that. Why? Simply because the stove is designed with unbreakable power.

With this unbreakable effect, it will be difficult for the stove to break, making it very durable. In addition, the internal part of the stove is kept compact to ensure that it is not exposed to water.

An added benefit of keeping it compact is that your betta is protected against any kind of electrocution.

Speaking of size, the design has a compact shape and a small body that allows it to fit into the smallest of tanks. To describe more, it is round in shape with a tubular body, just like most heaters out there.

Time and again, being compact and small, it can be installed in tanks without worrying about the heater taking up space unnecessarily. You can use the heater in salt water and fresh water tanks even if you cannot adjust the temperature.


  1. The Cobalt Aquatics Mini Heated Heater is very easy to use.
  2. Save a lot of space in the tank.
  3. Aesthetically, the design is unbreakable.
  4. It works perfectly with fresh and salt water.
  5. All you have to do with the stove is plug it in and go.


  1. Users cannot adjust the temperature.
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How to Add a Heater to a Betta Tank?

The first step is to be the first to get the best stove. The best part is we’ve reviewed some of the best old models. Well, it should be easy to get one for yourself now.

It is recommended to purchase one that is an underwater water heater. The immersion heater is known for being easy to install and also heats more liters of water faster. Read the description to make sure it is an immersion heater.

You must inspect the stove before you can install it. Sometimes it can crack or break during transportation. We all know that water and electricity will not work very well. Make sure there are no exposed wires before you can install it.

After the stove has been inspected and is in good condition, you can proceed to the installation section. First of all, find a suitable place for installation. It can even be behind plant decorations to keep it out of sight.

Use the suction cups that come with the water heater to attach it to the surface of the tank. If the heater does not have a suction cup, the manufacturer often supplies a mounting bracket. Use the bracket as shown to set up the stove.

You must therefore have the stove ready for use.


How to Use Betta Fish Heater?

Just because the stove is in the water, you don’t have to turn it on right away. It is recommended to let it rest in the aquarium water for about 20 minutes.

So why is this the case? The goal is to adapt the housing to the temperature change. This is especially important for the glass case that prevents it from breaking. As for ABS plastic, some of them can be turned on immediately. To be on the safe side, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

You can continue to turn on the heater once it has settled into the aquarium. Most would come with a dial to help adjust to the correct operating temperature for the aquarium. Since this is your first time working with the stove, you should keep checking it for the next 24 hours to make sure it is working properly.

If the stove is working properly after 24 hours, you must be sure that you have made the right decision to purchase it.


Frequently Asked Questions About The best Betta Tank Heater


-What’s the best betta heater?

The Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostatic heater

The winner is the Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater. We highlight its features and explain clearly why we think this is our best option. Available wattage ranges from 25 to 300. Tank capacity is up to 100 gallons. Time and time again, the stove is packed with some of the best features you can find.


-Can you put a heater in a Betta container?

One of the many questions betta fish owners often ask is whether it is possible to put a heater in a betta fish container. Yes! you can. But this must be considered holistically. A betta bowl can be a 5 gallon tank, it can also be a 2 gallon tank.

You need a big tank anyway. We recommend purchasing a 5 gallon tank. That way, you don’t have to worry about putting a heater in a betta fish container. Also make sure the tank has filtration and better lighting as well.


– Do I have to service my 5 gallon tank heater, if I have one?

Tank heaters, especially small ones, don’t really need deep maintenance. Of course, always make sure that the outside of the stove is regularly kept clean. To be factual. It is very impossible to maintain the inside of these tools. It is best to make sure that the outside is properly cleaned.

Aside from all these, we don’t recommend using a regular bowl for any type of fish, including betta fish. We also believe that aquarium shops should be banned from selling such tanks as they are not ideal for any type of fish.


-What is the best way to place a heater in a betta aquarium?

There are several ways to fix a stove, it all depends on the specific stove. The design of a stove determines whether it is placed vertically, horizontally, in both directions in the tank. You don’t have to worry about this as the manufacturer clearly states this on the packaging.

You just need to know that unlike filters, heaters can only stay in the tank. They must be completely submerged in the tank. You don’t have to worry about this part.


-How do you use a betta aquarium heater?

Being in the water doesn’t necessarily mean turning it on immediately. We recommend that you leave it in the tank for about 20 minutes. Why? The main reason for this is that the heaters housing can adapt well to the change in tank temperature. This is the key! For glass-enclosed stoves, it helps prevent cracking. To be on the safe side, you should read the instruction manual before working with the stove.

Once the stove has finally settled down, turn it on. Most stoves come with rotary knobs that allow you to set the stove to the correct operating temperature.



From the various models listed above, it is now easy to know which one is the best Betta Tank Heater. Well, your choice may be different from another customer’s. The goal is to get a model that suits your needs. At least you would know it was well spent.

Also buy a model that will not overheat the water in the tank. Check the ratings to make sure the model is keeping the water temperature within the recommended range. If you have the right model, you should watch your betta fish grow and thrive.