[Complete Guide] Amazon Sword Plant: Care, Planting, Propagation & More

Amazon Sword Plant

Amazon Sword Plants are rosette-type plants that are extremely popular with novices and experienced aquarium hobbyists. They tend to be pale to dark green with many large blunt leafy tufts with pointed tips. Some of the more common aquarium plants can reach 20 inches in height when adequately managed. The sword plant is an amphibious plant that can grow either partially or fully submerged. Sword plants are amphibious plants that can be either partially submerged or in total growth during the aquarium. Their color ranges from pale to dark green and can grow 29″ tall and 20″ thick. The plant is an aquarium hobbyist.

About Amazon Sword Plant

The Amazon Sword Plant, Echinodorus sp., is originated from the Amazon river basin. It is often found in aquariums worldwide, mainly because of its strength and ability to support a broad range of temperatures. This plant isn’t costly. Most of them will be between $5 and $7 per plant. Price always depends on the size of the plant. Some Retailers provide an additional-large plant for $10. Some other species are also found in the USA, Cuba, and Colombia.

Amazon Sword Plant

Buying Amazon Sword Plant

Amazon Sword Plant is a common aquarium plant species, thus its widespread availability in aquarium shops. You can get a small pot of this fantastic plant species for $5-$10. Of course, larger specimens can cost more (up to $20). When getting this plant, look for those with healthy green leaves. Be aware of any drop of leaves at the tank. There is no room for adjustment. Sometimes it takes some weeks to mature up new plants. Buy plants characterized by robust root structures will help ensure their survival over the long term.

Amazon Sword Care

Amazon Sword Plants are very versatile to provide you with dramatic effects in a freshwater aquarium environment without a lot of effort. If you meet the following necessities, it shouldn’t have the problem of thriving! These Amazon swords, as a low-tech plant, do not require much care and can be grown immersed or immersed. Amazon Swords are used to enriching and beautifying the environment in a freshwater aquarium.

Amazon Sword Plant Care Guide – Planting, Growing, and Propagation

Amazon Sword Plants (Echinodorus genus) is a versatile and hardy freshwater aquarium. It is viral among hobbyists due to its very extended longevity, hardiness, and ability to withstand a wide assortment of water conditions/parameters. It requires minimal care and can survive in various tanks (low-tech tanks down to high-tech tanks); it’s suited for beginners. Continue reading for more information on a general maintenance guide and how you can plant it in your tank.

Amazon Sword Plant Guide Care Lighting Planting Propagation

Amazon Sword Plants are a unique aquarium plant with low maintenance and will proliferate in most water conditions. These are ideal for beginners. Read this article to understand how you can set up a fantastic Amazon Sword aquarium. This guide will show you exactly how to care for your new Amazon Sword Plant and answer questions about these species. I hope you enjoy it.

Origin of Amazon Sword Plant

Some species of the genus Echinodorus are popularly called Amazon Swords. At this stage, over 30 species exist from the Echinodorus genus. This plant can be scientifically classified as Kingdom Plantae; Alismatales Order: Alismaticales.

Trimming and Pruning

The principal priority of Amazon swords is space. If the plant can live in plenty of space, then the pruning process will not be required. It’s also good to remove any leaf diseased as amazon swords can succumb to illness. You can trim up old roots as you grow the plants. Cutting back the old foliage may make it harder to produce more new leaves. Just allow the plants to develop by themselves. Avoid overcrowding to reduce excessive overproduction on plants, so plants stay clean.

How do I propagate an Amazon sword plant?

Sword plants develop long mother stems on which plantlets are visible. These little seedlets will develop their root system with a few leaves. As long as both the root and branch are intact, the plantlets can be removed and planted elsewhere. Place the shoots in other tanks is also possible, though make sure the substrate is similar – smaller nodes can struggle to adapt to an entirely new environment. Do not panic if plantlets are a little more yellowish. It’s pretty standard in young plants. It helps to have the CO2 injection to help them grow and develop for a longer time.

How do I plant Amazon swords?

The Amazon Sword Plant should be put in the center of the tank. Put it in the center of the tank will give more room for them to grow and achieve their maximum height. As the plant has become very bushy, it will provide great hiding spots for many aquarium residents. Although you are free to choose any substrate, we suggest using fine-granular sand. For growth, the plant needs a steady foundation.

Are Amazon swords suitable for aquariums?

Amazon Sword Plants are sturdy and aren’t prone to much damage. Experienced tank keepers will also love seeing these beautiful plants prosper in their aquariums. Dirty and polluted water means that your plants will eventually deteriorate and die. Its acidity is equally of great importance. Overall the plant is a great choice that will suit almost any tank set up with plenty of different species of fish – they’ll look fantastic when used in the background. A vital starting point will also provide everyone who wants an excellent introduction to a green landscaped aquarium.


Amazon Sword Plants are rosette-type plants with a bushy appearance and thin stems from a central root crown. The name derives from the leaves, which have the shape of a sword. The leaf extends around its base before gradually turning at a point. Some cultivars can exhibit deep or thin leaves. A bunch of strains has crinkled edges and clearly defined waves! A healthy plant will have dark green leafy stems. Any red patches or brown marks show the plants lack nutrients. The plants are healthy and will need excellent condition.

Benefits of having it in your tank

These plants will offer loads of nourishment to tank dwellers. Most aquarists plant it in the background. Amazon’s swords have a positive effect on waters. It absorbs carbon dioxide in water and creates oxygen for your fish. These plants may help to control nitrogenate levels and to reduce ammonia levels. They are used by fauna as a place to explore, hide and even reproduce. The plants can also be used as a focal point or background plants to create a dense jungle of vegetation.

Problems associated with Amazon Sword Plant

Leaves of the Amazon Sword Plant are highly susceptible to algae growth, especially if there is excessive light and adverse water conditions. Leaves forming yellow are symptomatic of an iron deficiency in plants. Algae-eating species like Amano shrimp, nerite snail, and Otocinclus catfish are great additions to the tank. When these parts of vegetation rise above the surface, the plants can become reddish-gray. There needs plenty of moisture. Cover tanks and plant a well to prevent drying.

Tank Mates

Amazon Sword Plants are unheard of any fish cutting plants or consuming leaves. Those fish more prone to attack it are chinchins, plecos, and goldfish. Choose a peaceful tank mate that will not cause plant harm. Larger fish are usually easier to use because they prefer to use the plant as shelter instead of food. Small creatures like shrimps and snails are suitable for these types, along with smaller fish. Some good amazon tank mates are snails, shrimp, and snails. An Amazon Sword can withstand many environments, but hungry fishes will be another case.

Water and Tank Parameters

Amazon Sword Plants are amphibious species that are growing underwater in one or both conditions. For best results, a loose substrate and iron-rich fertilizers should be used. The plants need at least 2 Watts per gallon of full-spectrum lighting (5000-67000K2). The temperatures in the aquarium should be about 72° – 82°F, with Alkali levels of a maximum of 7.5. Sword plants can make great points of interest when used together. If used in group settings, the flowers interest the background when growing them with other aquarium plants. Estimated shipping sizes: Regular: 6″ x 9″.

Size & Growth Rate

Amazon Sword Plants are found in a well-established aquarium. New growth occurs continuously and makes the plant more straightforward to maintain than others aquarium plants species. Leaves typically range in length over twelve inches in diameter. Amazon swords are designed to grow beyond 20 inches within a large freshwater tank. If you don’t trim the blade, an Amazonsail can overgrow over smaller tanks easily. It is very vulnerable if it becomes too big for larger tanks. The Amazon’s sword can reach about 19 inches in a larger freshwater tank.

Tank Size

Amazon Sword Plants can grow into small 12-gallon buckets. An aquarium of this site is not enough to give the plant its full power. In addition, we recommend using Amazon swords in tanks that hold about 20 gallons or more. Larger freshwater tanks provide more excellent vertical room for leaf growth. If the space is smaller, your plant will require periodic trimming. A large aquarium can hold more space for growing without overcrowded all the inhabitants in the tank. It can grow partially submerged so that you can limit it to extend outside the size of your standard tanks.


The Amazon Sword Plants require zero CO2 for healthy growth. Supplementation should keep an attractive green color and maintain a healthy leaf structure. Fertilizer applications also depend on the tank layout. Even if the substrate is rich in nutrients, this can provide sufficient nutrition. In some cases, the plant won’t perform well in a tank without fertilization. So, you’ll have to add some from time to time to maintain a regular growth rate and overall good health. A high CO2 and copper concentration (most fertilizers contain copper concentrations) are extremely dangerous for shrimp. If you keep shrimp in the Amazon Sword water tank, I highly recommend reading our other articles.


Amazon Sword Plant grows best on a loosely packed substrate or a suitable alternative like aquarium gravel. The selected submerged substrates should have depths of 6-8 cm at the base of the tank. Amazon Sword Plant is a heavy feeder. Sometimes plants can out-compete them and choke them out. Sometimes they put the pot into decorations to prevent the plant from actually taking all the tank. If you have gravel or sand, there’s still a way to keep Amazon swords. However, using root screws will not ensure proper nutrition for plants.

Tank requirements

This species comes in a highly diverse bioregion in the Amazon River basin. The tropical habitat provided an excellent nutrient-rich substrate for growth. The ideal range of temperature is 80-78 °F. Acidity is neutral, and pH should not exceed 7.5. The substrate is probably some of the most significant considerations for Amazon Sword Plants (as mentioned in the substrate section above) – ensure that it’s at least 2.5 inches thick. Water hardness 8 to 12 dGH is perfect.


Choose full-spectrum light that provides roughly one watt or more watts for a gallon of water. It’s one way of trying to give just the appropriate light for Amazon swords. Too much will cause the algae to grow on the leaves, but too little could cause health problems. Insufficient light could cause discolorations due to the lack of photosynthesis. Follow a standard day/night cycle and refined the lighting schedule for finding the specific parameters. Pay attention to the health and color of the plant and make adjustments to make the best of the light.

Water parameters

Amazon swords originating from Amazon rivers come from diverse environments. The search for suitable water parameters for your plant is not difficult. Amazon swords are adaptable in all circumstances and let you concentrate on the inhabitants without disturbing the plants. Although this is a hardy plant, it can be helpful to keep an eye out for water parameters. Make it a habit to use a good quality testing product to see if the tank is healthy and stable.

Amazon Sword Plants

The Amazon Sword Plants are beautiful and easy to care. There’ll also be a forest effect on your tank. It is an excellent choice for beginners and professionals aquarists. This plant can reproduce in a tank that you can share with friends and diversify other tanks with your other aquatic plants.