Top 10 Best LED Lights for Planted Aquarium – (2023 Reviews & Guide )

Top 10 Best LED Lights for Planted Aquarium – (2023 Reviews & Guide )

Best LED Lights for Planted Aquarium: When you enter a room with a lighted aquarium, you will immediately be drawn to its beauty and want to look at it longer.

Therefore, it is important that you choose the best light for your aquarium.

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The best LED lights for planted tanks

When you buy the light, it’s not just about choosing one that works well and provides enough light for plants in the aquarium. This requires finding the best LED light for planted tanks.

The correct light spectrum helps a lot with photosynthesis. Let’s learn more about these types of lights and how to choose the right one.

Planted freshwater aquariums can be incredibly beautiful when done correctly. They require a little more technical knowledge than beginner aquariums, but they are worth the extra effort.

One of the most important aspects of operating a planted aquarium is the selection of a high quality LED light.

In this all-inclusive guide, we will review the top six LED lights for planted tanks and help you make the best decision possible.


The 10 Best LED Lights for Planted Aquariums


How to Choose the Best LED Lights for a Planted Tank?

1. Choose the correct brand

If you want to get the best LED light for your aquarium, you should always consider the brand. Choosing the correct brand is important because the models of different brands are different.

When comparing models, make sure the model you choose is from a reputable brand, not a generic or inexpensive brand. You can get more information about each model by reading the product description.

2. Consider the light spectrum

The light spectrum is an important factor in achieving adequate performance for plant growth.

The correct spectrum should contain as many colors as possible. This ensures that the plant receives light that promotes the best possible photosynthesis process.

3. Consider the functions and control modes

One of the great features of some models is the different modes that are now available. They may have lights that can simulate sunrise, sunset, and even night.

With these modes, you can switch between them at any time to optimally use the aquarium light, so that the room looks good and takes care of your flora.

For the control functions you need a model that is easy to control. You don’t need a complex model that makes it difficult to find the right combination for your planted tank.

4. Easy installation

The installation process is always important to the user. You can have a lot of trouble installing the aquarium lamp if you get one with a complex installation process.

You should make sure to buy a model with simple steps. It is possible to find a model that comes with an adjustable frame and legs so that fixing to the tank takes less time.

Read what others have to say about the model before buying it yourself. Based on test reports, you can see if the model is easy to install or not.

5. The durability of LEDs

You don’t want to end up with a model that doesn’t offer consistent performance over time. You must ensure that the model you selected has the best possible durability.

Durability depends on the material the device was made from and the type of LEDs used. Some LEDs may work very well at first, but will go out soon.

6. Great ventilation and splash protection

Model ventilation is another factor to consider. LEDs generate heat that builds up over time of operation. Therefore, it is important that this heat can be easily dissipated.

LED lights should also be prevented from coming into contact with water. Your model needs a splash guard to keep the water out. Take a look at various models to find one with such important functions.

7. The Kelvin rating

This is one of the most important functions that you should always keep in mind. You must ensure that the model you selected has the correct Kelvin or Lumen rating.

These two units are important for measuring the different output of LED lights in terms of color temperature and total visible light.

For most planted aquariums, it should be ideal to operate the light around 6500K to 7000K for plants to grow well. This would also help the device to act as a natural light source.


Best LED Lighting for Planted Aquarium Reviews


1. Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED Klc Aquarium LED Light


With this product, you should be able to easily simulate sunrise and sunset in the aquarium. This is something that many people are still looking for aquarium plants to grow like those exposed to the natural environment.

The sunset sunrise function begins with a fresh and bright sunrise in the aquarium that then turns into a warm sunrise morning. There is a time when it offers rich, flamboyant color to simulate midday and a red sun for sunset. The cycle will repeat easily without the need for someone to control it.

The manufacturer provides the user with a remote control which should facilitate the selection and adjustment of functionality. You can switch from one mode to another using the remote control. The remote comes with four memory card slots that you can use to save your settings and easily load them whenever you want.

This model is built with clear legs that slide easily in for mounting in a shorter aquarium. Even for aquariums without rim, you can easily screw it on with the screws provided by the manufacturer. It is made of a solid material that gives it a good appearance over time.

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2. Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for Aquarium


You always want a model that delivers the performance you need so that your aquarium plants have the ability to grow the way you want them to. It is possible to achieve all this by getting this model.

It is designed to be among the first LED devices optimized for freshwater. The model features 6500K super bright white LEDs combined with full-spectrum RGB LEDs. With such a combination, you can have all the colors in the sun that come from this accessory.

The model is fully controllable using the IR remote control and the ramp timer. You can easily choose the color you want to display even from a distance, and this light will also make the room more beautiful. This model is made with a thin and elegant aluminum case. This makes it easily portable and yet durable for various uses.

It does not require any particular type of configuration, because it is simply “plug and play”. It comes with an internal memory that allows you to save your settings so you can load it later. The brackets are easily adjustable so you can fit the model in different types of aquariums. It also operates at low voltage, which helps reduce energy bills.

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3. Beamswork DA 6500k LED Light

Another great LED light for planted tanks is the Beamswork DA 6500K. While not the most powerful option on our list, it is certainly an efficient and inexpensive option for those who care for less demanding species.

Let me say this … I love this Beamswork attachment – it’s affordable, reliable, and capable of supporting low to medium level plants. That said, this is probably not the best option if you plan on maintaining extremely demanding plants. However, for 90% of planted aquarium owners, this device is a great choice (especially for beginners looking to save a little money!).

In addition to its affordable price, the Beamswork DA 6500K also includes a built-in programmable timer. I must say that at first I was a little surprised; timers are generally reserved for more expensive accessories. The timer allows you to set the time for your lights to turn on and off automatically, essentially causing this device to “set and forgetâ€.

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4. COODIA Aquarium Hood Lighting Color Changing


For those with large aquariums, this could be the light for you. Indeed, it is longer and can easily provide the ideal amount of light for your planted aquarium. Many users prefer this large light thanks to the many colors and multiple lighting modes.

These colors make this model suitable for a wide variety of aquariums. By using this light in your aquarium, your plants will grow better now, today. This light would be beneficial for many types of aquarium plants available today.

The model allows you to adjust its size, thanks to the expandable support. The bracket allows you to adjust the length to fit 28 inch to 36 inch tanks. The setting allows you to easily use your light to cover every part of the aquarium.

This light comes with a professional and dedicated power design. The purpose of this function is to make the model more energy efficient. There is no doubt that it offers the best possible durability for this model. With over 10,000 hours of life, it should appeal to many.

It’s easy to use. Plug it in and get started. It’s as simple as that.

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5. Finnex FugeRay

It’s no secret that Finnex makes amazing LED freshwater lights. If you remember, we covered another Finnex accessory earlier in this article. Because many features of Ray2 and FugeRay are similar, we’ll tell you how the two differ.

Firstly, the Finnex FugeRay contains red and blue LEDs, unlike the Ray2. The absence of red and blue bulbs on the Ray2 sometimes gives a “faded” or dull appearance; With the FugeRay, this is definitely not a problem. FugeRay’s use of red and blue LEDs helps the plant colors stand out and appear more vivid, especially among red plants in particular. Aquarists who favor color over growth will probably appreciate FugeRay more than Ray2.

Despite the use of additional red and blue LED bulbs by FugeRays, it looks a bit darker than the Ray2 (not surprisingly however, as we mentioned before, the Ray2 is extremely bright). Depending on your preferences and the types of plants you plan to keep, this can be good or bad.

In general, if you grow low-light plants with lots of colors, opt for FugeRay. If you grow more demanding species, opt for Ray2

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6. Beamworks DA 6500K LED Pent Aquarium Light

You will always get the best lighting available in your aquarium if you get the best aquarium light from this brand. This company is known for making high quality accessories that last a long time.

This model is much better than double tube fluorescent lamps. It is important to choose the right type of light to benefit and promote plant growth.

The manufacturer has equipped this model with 6500K spectrum LEDs which will always keep the brightest light in the plants. The light you get from this model will keep the freshwater plants in the aquarium growing for as long as you want.

The LEDs in this model are equipped with a solid material which should make it run longer. Due to its design, it will always fit into different types of aquariums that you may have.

Long-lasting LEDs are a great advantage for the user, since they do not have to replace the bulbs. With its ability to work with the optimal timer module, you can easily program it to give you the look you are looking for.

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7. Nicrew LED Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Light with Extendable Brackets

The light you get from an aquarium lamp is important in ensuring that the plants in your aquarium have what they need to grow well. All enthusiasts would like to see their plants look healthy, and there is no better way to do this than choosing this model.

The model comes with the appropriate lighting necessary to ensure the proper photosynthesis process to give your plants a beautiful appearance. Lighting is also important to influence the behavior of fish in the aquarium.

For this model it was designed to produce light so that the fish feel comfortable while benefiting the plants.

The manufacturer went even further and made the model adjustable so that it could adapt to several different types of aquariums. You can easily adapt this model to aquariums from 37 to 45 inches. This makes the model a great choice for people who want to use it in different aquariums of different sizes.

An interesting feature of day mode is important in providing a clean, balanced natural color for lighting. When you switch to night mode, it is designed to provide dark actinic blue light. This is a big change from the boring night modes offered by other models.

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8. Koval Aquarium Lighting Fish Tank Light Hood

People who want a bright LED aquarium light will appreciate the Koval light aquarium hood. It has five different colors and the LEDs are very bright. In addition, it is a full spectrum system, which makes the phycophyta more alive.

This product comes with an extendable stand, which helps the LED light to adapt to different sizes of aquariums. Of course, it is better to choose the most suitable size. They come in ranges, such as 24-30 inches, 36-43 inches, and 45-50 inches.

Depending on the size of the product you choose, you will get between 78 and 156 LED lights in the system. Whatever their size, these lamps can be used for at least 50,000 hours. Although it depends on how you use it, you might get more than that.

One of the main advantages of this system is that the other LED lights work even if one of them has been turned off. Other brand of LED light may not work. It could also prevent other users of the panel from working.

The goal of any lighting system is to be very efficient. This product serves this purpose. It can also help you save money and have low power dissipation.

This means that you can leave your lights on all the time without consuming too much electricity. You can save money by doing this, but it will also extend the life of the LED lights.

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9. BeamWork DA FSPEC LED Freshwater Aquarium Light

The BeamWork DA FSPEC LED Freshwater Aquarium Light is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 20 inch to 72 inch. As such, lumens (light output) range from 2,800 to 8,000 depending on the size.

Of course, this also means that the number of LED lights will vary, from 40 to 182, all at 0.50 watts.

This product has a variety of lights, with four different colors, including green, red, blue, and yellow. Lighting can be available in a variety of options and is not designed to create a particular pattern.

However, you may not notice the different color options as they will mix in one direction in the water.

You will find that this light has a timer, which allows you to turn it on and off when you need it. Consider turning it on at night while you sleep and turning it off during the day while you are at work.

You can also use it manually if you are at home when the lights need to be on / off.

If you are like most people, you can have an aquarium in your child’s room or in your room. This product has two modes (day and night). You can dim the lights a bit while you sleep and brighten the aquarium more during the day.

Such light is ideal for any freshwater aquarium containing plants and cichlids. In addition, the device is pre-wired, so you need to set it up, plug it in and have lighting.

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10. NICREW Deluxe LED Aquarium Light

For those looking for something elegant and secluded, the NICREW Deluxe LED aquarium lamp is ideal. The aluminum housing is of high quality. This will cool the lights and extend the life of the bulbs.

These LED lights have a higher efficiency than the others. Therefore, it is suitable for freshwater fish. It is also ideal for plants with low or high light requirements.

You may not notice it at first, but this system has adjustable mounting feet. That means it is very flexible. Can be used in aquariums between 20 and 24 inches wide.

The size of the device is 16.4 inches long by 2.5 inches wide. It measures less than an inch, which means it doesn’t take up much space. In addition, the light is designed to fit walls ½ inch thick or less.

Although your plants / pets may need more or less, it is recommended that you use the light for up to 10 hours per day. This product does not come with a timer, but you may want to purchase one separately. In this way, the lights automatically turn off to prevent overheating and burnout.

These lights are designed to be brighter than a fluorescent tube and use less energy. This means that you don’t spend as much money and that one lighting system will be enough to provide complete lighting.

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